Indian home remedies for dry cough and its instant results

picture showing dry cough

Dry cough is a natural illness, and it’s highly troublesome because of the irritation it causes in one’s throat. Today we are going to talk about the various home remedies for dry cough. Although people can visit the doctor, the home remedies for dry cough listed below may do more wonders, and work more effectively than the prescribed medicines. Hence, give this article a read and devour the information given below:

What is a dry cough?

Before we talk about home remedies for dry cough, let us understand what a dry cough is. In this sort of a cough, no phlegm or mucus is produced. This cough is highly irritating and produces a tickle in the throat. It is usually caused due to cold and flu. Sometimes, some form of allergies can also lead to a dry cough. Nevertheless, taking precautions is very important.

picture showing dry cough

Indian home remedies for dry cough

Take steam

taking steam

If one wants to get rid of a dry cough, then taking steam is the best remedy. Steam should be taken not just once, but three to four times a day. Mix steam with a few drops of Vicks. Steam is a very good home remedy for dry cough, as it moistens the airways and helps clean the phlegm, making the throat less irritable. Hence, make steam your new best friend!


picture showing someone gargling

Apart from taking steam, it has also been suggested to gargle with salt water. Many people are under the impression that gargling with salt water will end up soothing the throat and providing relief from the irritation.

Keep drinking water

picture showing water

It is very important to keep oneself hydrated. Liquids are very important to secure one from any type of illness, even it being a dry cough. This is regarded as one of the finest home remedies for dry cough. When one drinks liquids and hydrates themselves, the throat becomes moist – which ultimately leads to a reduction of the irritation in the throat.

No smoking

no smoking

If one wants to rid themselves of a dry cough and the irritation it causes, then learn to make a change in your lifestyle. One should not smoke. Even passive smoking is bad for the throat. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to not smoke, and don’t smoke themselves as well. This will show instant results.

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Honey and ginger


Honey and ginger are considered one of the most popular home remedies for a dry cough. Not only does it help with dry cough, but many other health issues as well. A mixture of honey with ginger helps to soothe the throat and removes any form of irritation.

Marshmallow root

marshmallow root

One of the very popular home remedies for dry cough is marshmallow root. This is a herb that is used to do away with sore throats and coughs. It contains high mucilage content, hence reducing the irritation in the throat.

Apart from the above home remedies for dry cough, we would also like to point out some tips that will help you avoid getting a cough and a cold.

Some being –  do not interact with people who are sick, wash your hands regularly and keep clean, keep drinking lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated, do not take too much stress and sleep properly, apart from this take supplements that help you to boost immunity.

Visit a doctor if

We hope the above home remedies for a dry cough comes to use. However, if your dry cough is just not going away, and becoming worse as days go by – then, the best thing to do is visit your doctor. His prescribed medicines may work better than the home remedies for dry cough above!

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