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Home remedies for dry hair and instant ways of removing the frizziness

Home remedies for dry hair and instant ways of removing the frizziness

home remedies for dry frizzy hair
home remedies for dry frizzy hair
home remedies for dry frizzy hair

All beings like to take care of how they look and the most crucial expertise is the hair. Hair has the ability to change how a person looks and how they are perceived. Thus, one can keep changing their looks by growing their hair, chopping them off, or simply by going bald. However, having dry and frizzy hair can be a challenge and there are various ways to cope with them. We are going to lay down some home remedies for dry hair.

Before we deep further let us understand why one falls victim to frizzy hair. The change in weather conditions and humidity can be a major reason behind frizzy hair. Nonetheless, hot water and lack of moisture in the hair can also cause frizziness. There are a couple of other reasons as well such as not brushing the hair before washing them when one applies too much shampoo, also one’s comb and brush also makes a difference as to how frizzy the hair can get.

Home remedies for dry , damaged and frizzy hair

We are going to lay down some home remedies for dry damaged hair. And in that process, we hope the remedies help to make your hair more manageable and easy to handle

Oil your hair regularly

oil hair

One of the home remedies for dry hair is to oil them regularly. This is especially good for people who have dry and frizzy hair as oil provides nourishment and helps to further promote growth of hair. Thus, if you are a prey to frizzy hair, then you should oil it at least twice a week and leave it on for some hours. Once this habit will become regular – you will notice the change yourself!

Avocado hair mask for dry hair

This mask is made up of avocados, and one can apply after the hair has been oiled. This mask is beneficial as it tends to add on moisture and makes the hair nourishing and avoids it from being frizzy.

Get a trim on hair ends

hair trim

If one has frizzy hair and a lot of split ends then they should cut their hair often. We all know frizzy hair becomes challenging to tame, and hence one should either keep getting them trimmed or just go for a short cut altogether. Whatever said or done, frizzy hair being cut again and again tends to improve the quality of the hair

Do not wash your hairs too often

We all know that washing hair removes the dirt and the oil, however, washing them very often can actually be bad for the hair. This is so because shampoo deprives your hair of sebum. What is sebum? Well, it is the natural oil in the hair which makes the hair shiny and manageable.

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Thus, one should not wash their hair every day. However, if you have no option but to do so then try using a shampoo that is mild and made especially for dry hair.

Try not using heat on your hair

no heat on hair

Too much heat in the hair in order to straighten it or style it in another form can be harmful for the hair. This is so because it takes out all the moisture from the hair and leaves it dry and frizzy. Thus, one should avoid styling there hair very often – in fact, the best thing to do is oils the hair and let them naturally dry. One will find instant improvement and will  be able to tame their hair!

Shower your hair with cold water

There has been research and study that has shown that washing hair with cold water is better as compared to washing hair with hot water. Cold water tends to promote growth, tends to moisturize hair better and finally makes it less frizzy and easier to tame.

Herbal shampoo for dry hair

One of the home remedies for dry hair is to use the herbal shampoos that are out it the market. These are good because they are natural, mild and don’t really come along with any side-effects. Thus if you are a person with very frizzy hair then you should totally use an herbal shampoo.

Best oil for dry hair

coconut oil

Home remedies for dry hair include using an excellent oil in the head. When one thinks of good and beneficial oil then nothing better comes to the mind except for coconut oil! Coconut oil is basically a healer and repairs all hair that has been damaged.  This oil will with no doubt make your hair appear shiny, bright and way less dry and frizzy. Thus, apply this oil at least twice in a week and wash it off with a good shampoo meant for dry and frizzy hair. One will find instant results if they continue on this process.

Wear a hat

Some of the very good home remedies for dry hair is to wear a hat! Ultraviolet rays have the ability to damage the hair as well as the skin. And hence to get rid of these rays one should wear a hat when it is too sunny or hot. If you have exposed your hair to too much sun then one should apply an aloe vera gel on it. This will prevent one’s hair from getting damaged.


Thus, above have been laid down various home remedies that will come to use for dry and frizzy hair. Make sure to use a good shampoo and keep applying oil. Also, one very important thing – try not exposing your hair to direct sunlight.

If your hair is very dry, frizzy and just can’t be maintained, then one can either keep getting them trimmed or cute them short. Cutting them short will make them very easy to manage plus the hair will become smoother as well. The above home remedies are very helpful, however since they are natural with no side –effects they take time to bring about results. We hope this article helped one in learning about home remedies for dry hair! Have good hair days!

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