Effective natural home remedies to get rid of lice fast

Home remedies to get rid of lice fast , effective and naturally. These are all natural remedies with no side effects. Some being using a wet comb

Every single notion has a positive as well as a negative tinge to it. So, when women decide to keep long hair, the very obvious positive is that long hair looks pretty, and has a shine to it. However, there is also a negative side waiting to be explored. That being – hello to lice and nits! And hence, the topic to be emphasized today is – home remedies to get rid of lice fast

Many women, especially girl children are not able to manage long hair, and thus lice appear. These especially occur during rainy seasons, when the hair is wet and one keeps them tied. The very obvious thing that one should do – is to open your hair and let them dry, other than keeping them in a ponytail or a plat.


When one is greeted by these little nits, the only thing that the prey is concerned with – what is the best lice treatment? How to get rid of lice permanently? And the very effective head lice treatment. Some say that essential oils for lice prevention is very useful. Moreover, before we go ahead let us take a sneak peek into what are lice and nits

What is lice

Head lice can be termed as parasitic insects that reside in one’s hair. They can be contagious and are very difficult to get away from. Thus, head lice is a condition which will take long to do away with. Moreover, it is important that you don’t mingle with people who have this parasite in their hair, sucking blood off them.

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Symptoms of Lices

The main symptom to be looked out for is incessant itching of the hair. Apart from that a feeling that something is moving in your hair, difficulty sleeping due to the itchiness, development of soars in the head due to the continuous scratching and many more


Therefore, As soon as one comes across these symptoms, home remedies should be applied.

What are the main causes of Lice ?

The one most common way for lice to occur is through contact. If someone has lice, and you go very close to them, then these parasitic insects can crawl from one head to another

One can also get lice by sharing objects. For example, if you end up using the same towel as the woman/man with lice.

Thus, the above two are the main ways of getting lice, and in addition to that – ways by which lice travels from one head to another!

Home remedies to get rid of lice fast Naturally & Fast

Wet combing

wet combing

There is a special comb for nits. This comb can be used once the hair is washed and wet. Wet combing helps to find the lice fast, and as soon as they are found one should kill them by crushing them. This comb is quite useful, as its brushes are small and can highlight lice very fast. However, make sure that the lice doesn’t  travel from the infected person’s hair to yours. Thus, be careful!

Variety of essential oils

essential oils

Some research and studies have proven that certain oils cause the death of lice, and hence they should be given a try and applied on one’s infected scalp. These oils are better known as – tea tree oil, anise oil, nerolidol, and the very popular lavender oil.

Hence, these oils are said to be very effective. Thus, if one wants to do away with these blood-sucking parasites then try applying the oils listed above



If an adult or a child is infested with lice, then do use vinegar. This compound is very beneficial to kill head lice, and helping one do away with these parasites. Apply the vinegar gently on to the hair. After leaving it for some amount of time, wash hair thoroughly with water. Once the lice and nits are dead, put some coconut oil on the hair. Moreover, this process is applicable not only to children but adults as well!

Put olive oil

One of the home remedies to get rid of lice fast is by applying olive oil. Once the oil is applied on the hair, the head lice and nits are not able to breathe, and they die after a matter of fifteen to twenty minutes. Use a wet comb to then take out the dead lice. However, this process should be repeated a couple of times, till one is safely out of the danger of lice and nits!



Like many humans, lice also tend to hate garlic and find it too strong a compound to resist. Hence, one needs to just grind some garlic and make a thick paste with lime juice. Once this paste is made, apply it on the hair that is infected by lice. In only a matter of thirty minutes will the lice die out. However, to make sure the lice have died, repeat this process a few times every day. Only then will one be free of all the lice and nits.

Onion Juice

onion juice

Even though the smell is strong and one can’t usually take it – onion juice is very good to kill lice and nits. Make a mix of onion juice and apply it to one’s hair. One should ideally leave it for around three to four hours. After that use a nit comb to take and spot out all the dead lice. Repeat this process a couple of times, as to rid one of the lice in just one session is not an easy task. Hence, this is a good home remedy to get rid of lice fast.

When should one visit a doctor?

There may come a time when the above home remedies do not comply, and one’s hair is infested with many lice. In that case, visiting your doctor is the best option. Although home remedies work and are very effective, their results are not that instant as compared to those of the medicines prescribed by a doctor. So, if you’re having a severe case of head lice – don’t think twice, visit your doctor immediately!


Thus, we hope the above article has come to use and allowed you to be enlightened as to why head lice occurs, the various home remedies to get rid of lice fast.

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