Home remedies to increase hemoglobin and their results

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Natural ways to increase low hemoglobin is a very interesting article. Home remedy is to eat iron rich foods to overcome anemia.

There is a necessity for one to maintain a good hemoglobin count. However, having low hemoglobin counts is not always a worrying situation. For example, women who are pregnant usually have a low count. The count suggests that one is lacking red blood cells, or even iron and has anemia. Thus, our main topic for today is – home remedies to increase hemoglobin. But before we do that let us delve into what low hemoglobin is and why does it occur

What is the function of hemoglobin

Hemoglobin plays a role in carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues. And while doing this, it also returns carbon dioxide from the tissues back to the lungs.


Thus, a low count in hemoglobin may be associated with anemia and lack of blood cells in the body. Hence, the situation may or may not be too troublesome – however, action should definitely be taken. Therefore we have chosen to throw light upon home remedies to increase hemoglobin.

Causes behind low hemoglobin

As mentioned before low hemoglobin can indicate anemia. The various causes for this may be laid down below

If one suffers from blood loss due to an injury or anything related to that. One can be prey to low hemoglobin counts due to nutritional deficiency. Bone marrow problems and Kidney failure can also be a reason behind anemia! And hence, we are going to lay stress on home remedies to increase hemoglobin

Symptoms of low hemoglobin

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A person suffering from low hemoglobin and anemia will undergo certain traits. These include –  a fast and a rapidly moving heartbeat, one will have shortness of breath, a person may also have trouble breathing when indulging in activities like walking, climbing stairs and sometimes even in just talking to another person. One will also be dizzy occasionally and go through chest pain with swelling in the hands or even the feet. Thus, if you find yourself under these symptoms – do realize you are anemic and need to increase your hemoglobin urgently!

Home remedies to increase hemoglobin in body

Below are going to be laid down ways to how to increase hemoglobin in blood naturally and the various tips to increase hemoglobin.

What to eat to increase hemoglobin

Watching one’s diet and keeping a track on what to what and what not to consume is very important. If one wishes to increase their hemoglobin levels, then they should intake iron-rich foods. A  low amount of iron is a very plausible reason behind anemia, and hence who should eat foods such as green vegetables like spinach. Apart from that foods like chicken, eggs and tofu are also very good.

Increase Vitamin C intake

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A lot of people question how to increase HB count in blood. To which a simple answer be consume Vitamin C. Many doctors have suggested that a right combination of both iron and Vitamin C is essential. This is because Vitamin C can be used for better absorption of iron. Thus, one should eat food like oranges, lemon, papaya, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. One is suggested to not overdo with broccoli as it can cause stomach pain!

Fruits to increase hemoglobin


One of the essential home remedies to increase hemoglobin is to eat the right kind of fruits. These include – dates, dried apricots, prunes, watermelons, pomegranate, and raisins! Thus these can be described as good hemoglobin food sources.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is one of the excellent home remedies to increase hemoglobin. This is regarded as necessary because it is rich in iron, Vitamin C and can help one to improve the hemoglobin levels. To consume nettle tea –put it in hot water and add a pinch of honey! There are lots of benefits of hot water to lose weight

Avoid iron blockers

Many question how to increase hemoglobin level quickly, to which the answer lies in avoid iron blockers!  One of the essential home remedies to increase hemoglobin. Avoid blockers in short means – Do not eat foods that block the body’s capacity to absorb iron. These mainly include coffee, tea, cola, drinks, wine, beer and many more!

Exercise regularly


Essential home remedies to increase hemoglobin include exercising regularly. Exercising is a good way of increasing hemoglobin levels. Hence, one should exercise regularly.

Eat beetroots

Beetroots work perfectly to increase hemoglobin levels. This is done so because it is high in iron, folic acid, fibre, and even potassium. It is very essential to increase the blood count. One can chew on them directly or mix it up in a salad. Either way, beetroot is very good! Thus, make sure to follow a good diet and eat large amounts of salad and beetroots


Thus, we have listed down many home remedies to increase hemoglobin. Even though we can say that the above remedies are very useful and will work for sure, there may be situations when visiting the doctor may be the best scenario. This is especially in cases where the severity of the condition is intense, and no home remedy can help increase the hemoglobin levels!

Diabetic patients can also have low hemoglobin levels, and hence they are required to eat iron-rich foods, and keep a track on what they consume and not consume. Anemia attached to another disease can be way more troublesome than having anemia and low blood counts alone.


Thus, apart from watching the diet one could also change their lifestyle habits – like stop smoking and drinking, and exercise at least half an hour daily. With exercising the need for oxygen increases, and hence the hemoglobin levels rise naturally. Any form of exercise is helpful – be it yoga, walking, jogging, a particular dance or even going to the gym!

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