Several effective home remedies for insomnia treatment


Home remedies for insomnia treatment by natural treatment which include doing yoga, exercising,meditation and keeping your mind calm

There is no question as to whether we are living in a stress full and competitive environment – of course, we are. And being the inhabitants of such a palace one needs to get a good nights sleep and get ample rest. Those who can’t get enough rest can definitely not cope with the requirements laid down by our society today. In the short run, yes they may be able to walk the line, but when it comes to the long run – lack of sleep contributes to them coming last. Moreover, One such sleep disorder which prevents one from falling off to sleep, or just doesn’t allow one to get ample rest is insomnia. Our topic and the winner for the day is – home remedies for insomnia treatment. Thus, be attentive while giving this a read!

When we speak of this sleeping disorder several questions come to mind, some being how bad is it to have insomnia? Are there any home remedies to fall asleep quickly? Can one please suggest natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety? Although these questions arise out of curiosity – they need an answer!


The above are questions laid down by laymen who may suffer or know people who are undergoing insomnia. To answer one’s question we are going to lay bare home remedies for deep sleep along with some good and effective remedies to sleep well at night. In addition to this, we need to open our mindset and dig deeper into what insomnia is

However, before we delve deeper into the topic let us first throw light on what insomnia really is

Insomnia, in short, is basically a sleeping disorder where one finds it difficult to fall off to sleep, and even when the person does manage to fall off to sleep, they are not able to for a long while. People with insomnia manage to basically get around two to three hours of sleep every night. This, obviously is not a good thing as it tends to hamper and have adverse effects on their everyday life functioning.


Thus, people with insomnia need a good amount of rest, the only thing is that their body does not allow them to seek rest and hence they are the targets of anxiety and restlessness as well! We are going to throw light on home remedies for insomnia treatment.

Symptoms of insomnia

A very relevant topic that we need to unearth is the symptoms of insomnia. One of the very basic symptoms include not being able to rest and sleep properly, waking up in the middle of the night and then not being able to sleep again, never getting that feeling of being rested and away from drowsiness, Always being irritated and tired throughout the day, depression and anxiety are also one of the symptoms.


Hence, if one is always tired and cannot function properly during the day, then they are a prey to this very common sleeping disorder which we know as insomnia. So, if one feels that these symptoms apply to them, then do read the home remedies for insomnia treatment that will be mentioned in this article

Causes behind insomnia

The very common causes behind insomnia are depression, anxiety and a lot of stress. If people are suffering from these, then their sleep is also affected. In fact, one’s stress and anxiety only gets enhanced because of not being able to get a good amount of rest.

When living with stress and anxiety, one’s sleep pattern is affected to such an extent that sleep doesn’t come at all, in fact, people then are endowed to the sleeping disorder called insomnia.


One needs to calm their mind and relax, only then will sleep and rest take place.

Home remedies for insomnia treatment

One obviously desires to bring these sleepless nights to an end and we are going to provide one with natural and effective ways in doing so. Do remember these ways are easy, cost-effective and hold no side effects



One of the very good home remedies to do away with this sleep disorder is to meditate. Before trying to fall off the sleep, take a deep breath, calm your thoughts and meditate. This ends up relaxing one and slows down all the thoughts that are always rushing in one’s mind. Hence, if one wants to free themselves of insomnia then learn to relax, meditate and be at peace. One can fall off to sleep only when the thought process is controlled and the mind is at ease. Meditation helps one in achieving that state of mind, and providing one with good sleep and rest!

Practice yoga


Apart from just meditation, yoga is considered a very good home remedy for insomnia treatment. This allows one to focus and relax. Apart from helping one to sleep, it also aids in distressing and alleviating anxiety and depression.  Yoga energizes one and keeps one’s body functioning. Hence, do yoga every morning!

It is suggested that one should focus on the breathing and follow slow controlled poses, as this helps one to watch their mind and keep their thoughts in control.

Hence, in order to escape from insomnia, one should indulge in yoga and keep a check on their breathing and thought process



A good massage is said to help in terms of people falling off to sleep and fighting insomnia. One doesn’t necessarily need to go for a professional massage; a self-massage can also have the same impact. Not only does a massage help in falling to sleep, but also removes feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression

Hence, massages are a great way to feel relaxed and being able to cope with the stress of the world! One will surely feel more relaxed and be able to sleep better

Lavender oil

lavender oils

Lavender is a very good remedy to improve one’s sleeping. In fact, it is considered one of the best home remedies for insomnia treatment. These capsules help improve one’s sleep patterns, and also help in getting rid of thoughts that are depressive and stressful.  Taking lavender capsules also portrayed that people with anxiety did better on them.

Thus, lavender oil is a very good home remedy to get out of the clutches of insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety!


Hence, we hope that the above home remedies are useful. Nevertheless, they are definitely cost-effective and can be followed with ease and no difficulty.

visit a doctor

However, there may come a point when none of the above have an effect. In such a scenario one should visit their doctor and take his advice. There may come a time when they are suggested to intake prescribed medication. In such cases, the doctor is your best friend

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