Several home remedies for itching skin and the results

Imagine experiencing being in a scenario where you cannot stop thinking about itching your skin. Itching becomes like this habitual routine which you cannot stop indulging in even for a matter of just sometime. Apart from just being very irritating, it also tends to hamper your everyday functions and communication with other people. For example, you’re at a meeting with your boss, and all you can think about is itching. It just doesn’t go away! Your need to itch becomes so strong that you can’t keep your hands away – be it from your back, your legs, your hands or any other part of your body. This definitely will not leave a good impression. Thus, we have decided to make your life easier and provide one with certain home remedies for itching skin.

Itching can be a psychological condition that can be controlled by the brain. It is irresistible, and when one’s skin itches – they cannot prevent themselves from touching and scratching that area. This is an irritation of skin which requires instant relief, which basically comes through itching it.

itching skin

Itching all over body is a common phenomenon, and people from all over undergo it. Now that we have understood the intensity of this topic let us figure out certain things like itching allergies, itchy skin causes and more importantly remedy for itchy skin at night

Symptoms of itchy skin

If one is scratching all the time, then definitely they are suffering from an itchy skin. Apart from that, there is certain redness in the skin and sometimes bumps and blisters also appear. One of the other symptoms are when people start witnessing dry cracked and scaly skin

Hence if a person finds themselves under any one of the above conditions then they should take care and seek certain home remedies for itching skin that we are going to lay down later

itchy skin

Causes of itchy skin

There can be several reasons behind an itchy skin – some being dry skin, Eczema, allergies or even bug bites. As mentioned above itching can also be a psychological condition that cannot be resisted. A person feels that something is crawling on their skin, even though the skin is bare and there is nothing on it.

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Hence, in order to do away with such a condition, we are going to lay down some effective home remedies for itching skin

Remedies for itching skin

Moisturize your skin

One of the perfect ways to do away with an itchy skin is to moisturize it. Keep your skin clean, and put cream on it whenever it feels itchy. This is very helpful and is regarded as one of the very effective home remedies for itchy skin

Anti-itch cream

One is also suggested to apply anti-itch cream. These are mainly known as nonprescription hydrocortisone cream. Applying this on an itchy skin will give instant relief. This cream is easily available at stores or can be bought online as well.

Using the right chemicals

It is also necessary to use the right chemicals. One is suggested to apply not a very strong soap but a mild one since it has lesser side effects on the skin and prevents itching. Apart from just the soap also keep a look out on not using very strong perfumes and laundry detergent to wash your clothing. There are products for sensitive skin, and one can seek and find them online very easily.

Do not wear artificial jewellery

artificial jewelley

One is also asked not to wear artificial things, especially if their skin is sensitive and can itch very fast. Artificial jewellery can cause many allergic reactions, and hence to keep away from itching try avoiding them. Pure gold or pure silver is suggested for people with very sensitive skin

Apply menthol

One of the very good home remedies for itchy skin is to apply menthol. Menthol has a mint tinge to it, which helps in cooling and providing instant relief. Menthol is found in plants belonging to the mint family. We all know that mint has healing and refreshing properties, and hence is very good to apply on an itchy skin

Put a cold compressor

cold pad

It has been proven and seen by many people that putting a cold and a cooling pressure on to the itchy skin helps in relieving the skin of the itch. One starts to feel better, and their need to itch just decreases on its own. Cooling also helps to remove the redness and any particular inflammation in the skin

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is considered as one of the best home remedies for itchy skin. This vinegar is used for various ailments and infections, hence making it a very credible remedy. It is also used as a disinfectant and an antiseptic. Hence, if your skin is feeling itchy, dip some of this vinegar in a cotton ball and apply it. However, this can cause a lot of burning on open wounds. Hence, people with bleeding skin should avoid applying vinegar

Baking soda

Baking soda is considered one of the very good home remedies for itchy skin. It contains antifungal properties and can treat various fungal skin conditions which end up resulting mainly in itching. Hence, baking soda can be your new ally. Apply this often and see the results for yourself! You will be astonished.


Hence, itching is not something that should be taken lightly. We definitely well the need to open our audience to several effective and constructive home remedies for itchy skin. As mentioned, for many people it’s a psychological condition which they cannot keep a control of. For example, they’ll feel that something is crawling on the skin even though there isn’t anything there. The above remedies have worked wonders for people, in providing them peace and doing away with the constant irritation. Itchy skin should not be taken lightly, it can be very troublesome and hamper one’s everyday routine

Go to a doctor if

However, there may come a situation where the above remedies, even though being highly effective may not end up working. This may be because the itching may have crossed a line to severity. In such cases we suggest you to see a dermatologist immediately!

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