Several effective home remedies for joint pain in knees

knee pain

As one grows older, they face several health issues. These cannot be avoided as with age comes various weaknesses. Today our topic of discussion is joint pains, and thus we are going to shine a light on home remedies for joint pain in knees. As mentioned, this usually affects people who are old – but this may not always be true! Some young teens can also face joint pain in knees due to weak bones and lack of calcium in their bodies! Hence, read on with care

Moving on

Thus, before we unearth home remedies for joint pain in knees – let us understand what joint pain in knees is. Knee pain can be caused due to injuries, or even due to taking a lot of load on oneself. A prevalent reason for joint pain can be arthritis.

Symptoms of joint pain in knees

There are various symptoms that can help indicate that one is undergoing this pain. These may include acute swelling and stiffness in the joint. One may also feel weak on the knees. If the knees end up making crunching noises and mainly if one has trouble in fully straightening the knee.

knee pain

Thus, if one falls under such a category, then they can understand that their knees are weak and that they are undergoing joint pain in knees

Knee pain reasons

There can be various reasons as to why joint pain in knees occurs. One of the causes being if someone experiences an injury, if one is suffering from arthritis, and finally these pains tend to happen when one grows old! Thus, the need to stress on home remedies for joint pain in knees

Natural remedies for knee pain and knee pain treatment

There are various things to be done for knee swelling and pain home remedies. Thus, below we are going to stress on knee pain home remedies

Lose weight
lose weight

It has been proven that people who are overweight or even obese suffer from acute knee pain. Thus, one is required to exercise and follow a proper diet to lose weight and keep that extra weight off the knees. Some of the ways to reduce weight is to watch the diet – eat many fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of carbohydrates!


As we all know, massages are a very effective way to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Hence, in order to do away with the pain in the knee, one should massage it or get it massaged. However, make sure the pressure is not too much – since the bones around that area are weak and may not be able to handle too much strength.  This is one of the good home remedies for joint pain in knees.

Knee pain home remedies oil
oils for knee pain

Aromatherapy and applying oils are considered one of the good home remedies for joint pain in knees. These oils are very helpful in reducing pain. A study has proved that massaging with oils containing ginger and orange helped in the functioning of the knees. Thus, one should purchase essential oils including those made of cinnamon, orange and ginger

Apply heat and cold

A very effective home remedy to reduce joint pain is to apply heat and cold. This is good because heat helps to relax muscles; thus at the end of it, heat reduces any form of stiffness. In order to apply heat – one should use a hot water bottle or a warm pad.

Apart from that ice is also very good. Ice can help to reduce pain and lower the inflammation and swelling.

Thus, a mixture of heat and cold can be seen as a very good home remedy to reduce pain in the joints!


One of the good home remedies for joint pain in knees is to practice acupuncture on the body that is affected with pain. Acupuncture deals with needles and good pressure points can help one to do away with the pain in the knees and joints.

In addition to this, a study has proven that people who underwent acupuncture for joint and knee pain came out very happy as the result was good!

Apple Cider Vinegar

The vinegar is good for not just knee pains but various other ailments as well. Hence, this is considered very good home remedies for joint pain in knee.  The vinegar is so effective because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Hence, apple cider is a perfect remedy to cure the pain away

Tai Chi

In addition, this is considered an ancient Chinese form of exercise. This is very helpful in improving balance and flexibility. It has been proven by a study that practicing Tai Chi is especially good for people with pain in the joints and weak bones. In fact, discipline properties of Tai Chi can help to cope with pain. This is an excellent way to deal with home remedies for knee pain in old age

Yoga for knee pain

Yoga is a very good remedy for knee pain and there are various poses that will help reduce knee pain. Some of the very renowned poses are big toe pose, bound angle pose, bridge pose, extended triangle pose and finally garland pose. There are other poses as well, however, the above mentioned are one of the many good ones.

Exercises for knee pain

There are several exercises that are good for the knee pain. These being – straight leg raises, hamstring curls, prone straight leg raises, wall squats, calf raises, step –ups, side leg raises, leg presses and many more. The exercises above are good for knee pain and will help one to improve the health of their bones and joints.


Thus, above have been laid down several home remedies for how to reduce knee pain. These may be effective, yet there are situations when they may not apply. In such scenarios, one is suggested to visit their doctor. Even though we can rely on the above home remedies and be confident that are helpful – the severity of the situation may lead one to visit their doctor. Thus, we hope the article has been of use and comes to o

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