Successful home remedies to reduce lethargy from everyday life

In today’s stressful times, many people are lethargic and get tired very easily. Everyone is in a rush, there is no time to stop and think even for a second. Hence, people get tired and lethargic. Lethargy and body aches go hand in hand – but before we indulge further in home remedies to reduce lethargy, we are going to delve into what is lethargy, lethargy symptoms, and lethargy causes. Our focus – Home remedies to reduce lethargy!

What is lethargy?

Lethargy is a feeling of tiredness, and being devoid from any form of enthusiasm. Such people are always tired and need rest all the time. There are many symptoms, some being – fatigue, low energy, change in mood, and decreased ability to think. Apart from the symptoms, there are many reasons as to why people become lethargic – dehydration, fever, thyroid, kidney failure, poor nutrition and many more!

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Now that we have defined lethargy and its causes and symptoms we are going to elaborate on treatment for lethargy and remedies for lethargy.

We are going to stress on home remedies to reduce lethargy:

Eat a good breakfast

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One of the very popular home remedies to reduce lethargy is by eating a good wholesome breakfast. It has been shown that people who do not eat breakfast are way more lethargic as compared to people who do. Foods like – oatmeal, multi-grains, and protein are very useful to not feel tired. These are healthy foods that will make you full for a longer time, and help keep one active!


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One may find themselves extremely tired to take out time to exercise. But when one does exercise they feel way more refreshed than what they were feeling earlier. Be it the gym, or even better – yoga! A certain amount of exercise every day reduces the lethargic nature from the being and brings him happiness and a good body!

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Drink lots of water

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Drinking ample water is also considered one of the very good home remedies to reduce lethargy. When one is feeling tired, pour yourself a glass of water and drink it. This will lead to instant energy and one may feel very refreshed. Ideally, one should intake at least eight glasses of water every day! Keeping oneself dehydrated is very essential.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep is the very first factor that helps do away with lethargy and exhaustion. One should be able to sleep properly and at least try to get nine hours of sleep every day. If one does not get a good sleep then they will be exhausted and will suffer from lethargy. Hence, it is important to change one’s lifestyle habits. Get good sleep, wake up early to exercise and finally eat healthy. A good night sleep will surely help remove lethargy!

Lose weight

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Successful home remedies to reduce lethargy also include losing that extra weight. When people are fat and obese they are way more lethargic. So, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, and by losing good amounts of weight one can become way more active – which will make the person happier, cheerful and more energetic.

Binge eating

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Feeling hungry can make one tired and lethargic. So the best way to avoid this is by eating small amounts throughout the day! When one is hungry their blood sugar drops, and they are not able to think properly. At this point of time, do not eat sweet but rather high fibre food that are nutritious and contain protein.  Eating a banana or an apple is very much recommended!


Dates provide instant energy. They can be considered the best home remedies to reduce lethargy. How to eat them? Soak some dates at night, crush the pulp and drink this mixture a couple of times a week. This will lead one to become way more energetic and will remove any form of tiredness from the person. One can also eat dates like the way they are with a glass of milk. This is a very good energy booster. Do make sure the milk is not spoiled


Fish contains rich amount of proteins and if one includes this diet in their daily lives then they are less likely to feel tired and fatigued. This is said to boost energy levels and also make one’s mental alertness level high. If one doesn’t like fish, then they can have fish capsules – these are also said to increase one’s level of energy and remove lethargy.

Essential oils

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One of the very good home remedies to reduce lethargy is essential oils. These will give you energy in one go, and remove all lethargy and tiredness from your body. One can inhale the oil whenever they are feeling tired and lazy. The two very good oils for removing lethargy are basil and peppermint oils. Both these oils help to relax, increase energy and decrease stress and depression. Peppermint oil is especially good to remove any form of fatigue – both mental and physical

Green tea

Green tea is highly popular now, and many people drink it to feel energized and refreshed. It is suggested that wherever one feels tired or undergo fatigue, then drink a cup of green tea. This will boost one’s energy levels, and has no form of fat in it!


Above have been mention various home remedies to reduce lethargy. One way to not feel lethargic is by enjoying what you do. Lethargy also comes when one is bored, and not liking and having a passion for what they are doing in life. Hence, the various above remedies, like eating nutritious food, exercising and being healthy are important to keep a check on. One’s health and their lifestyle is a very important reason behind one feeling lethargic and tired. Hence, wake up early, go to the gym or do yoga, eat a good breakfast, and keep binge eating. Also, don’t forget to have green tea on and off

Go to a doctor if

However, it is not certain that the above home remedies will energize you and remove fatigue. In that case, if your situation is very serious – then we recommend you to visit a doctor and take prescribed medicines.

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