Home remedies for mouth sores and their instant results

mouth sores

Today there is just no way of preventing one from getting any infection and diseases. With the way human lives are going one may not be surprised that the immune system becomes worse and weaker opening us to any kind of infections that surmounts and envelops this world. Our primary concern as of now is on the mouth and the ulcers and sores that emerge within the mouth which makes it difficult for one to eat or consume anything. We are going to lay down home remedies for mouth sores

Before we go further let us define what mouth sores are:

These are termed as emergence of small ulcers and sores in one’s mouth. These can certainly hamper one’s routine as they disrupt one’s eating, brushing and even talking abilities!  

Reasons behind mouth sores and blister in mouth causes

There are many reasons as to why mouth sores appear. Some simpler causes being dentures that do not fit properly, a broken tooth, having braces, due to a mouth burn, tobacco products.

Mouth sores can also occur due to medications, acidic food, and hormonal changes during pregnancy, and stress.

mouth sores

Apart from the above, there are some serious medical conditions that can be responsible for mouth sores. Thus we are going to lay emphasis on home remedies for mouth sores.

Home remedies for mouth sores and ulcers

Many people ask about mouth sore cures at home and thus we are going to lay down some ways and home remedies for mouth sores.

Rinse with salt water

Salt water is good and one of the perfect home remedies for mouth sores. When one forsees sores in the mouth then they should not wait any longer and immediately rinse it off with salt water. Apart from pain relief, it also helps and aids in healing fast,

Use fenugreek leaves

fenugreek leaves

These leaves are good home remedies for mouth sores as they have many benefits. Research has proven that these leaves may be very good for natural dentistry. Fenugreek leaves can also boost one’s immunity. Thus, if one wants to get rid of the sores and ulcers in the mouth then they should eat fenugreek leaves in their everyday diet. This will work 100%

Eat Basil

basil leaves

Hence, Basil is very good for the sores, and like fenugreek leaves it should be added to the everyday diet. It has antimicrobial properties and can help to do away with infections. One can add the leaves to their food or just chew on them. One can also use them as a mouth wash – Basil will surely and certainly help to rid one of the sores. This is one of the adequate home remedies for mouth sores

Rinse with baking soda

Baking soda does wonders for sores in the mouth. It not only reduces the sores but does away with all kinds of bacteria in the mouth. In terms of how to use it mix baking soda with water and rinse with this mixture everyday

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

If there are mouth sores on gums then one should utilize apple cider vinegar as the remedy. This, as we all know, is a remedy that is suggested for various ailments and infections! It also helps to do away with bacteria in the mouth, thus reducing the sores and ulcers naturally. There are various ways of including apple cider vinegar in the diet. One can put it in the foods, dressings, salads, and also make a mouthwash out of it!

Drink chamomile tea

chamomile tea

Thus, in order to get rid of the red blister inside mouth one should drink lots and lots of chamomile tea. This tea is not only good for digestion but also helps the mouth and the sores to heal. In fact it contains antiseptic properties. Thus, one should drink this tea every day and make it a routine to do so if one wants to do away with the sores urgently.

 Apply honey


We all know that honey contains properties that are good for many ailments and one of these being ulcers and sores in the mouth. It helps to heal the mouth fast and removes all sorts of bacteria and infection prevalent in the mouth. Apart from all the above, honey has been recommended as it reduces the irritation and swelling in the mouth. Thus, this is one of the good home remedies for mouth sores.

Coconut oil

Altogether, many people question how coconut oil is good for sores and ulcers. This is so because it contains antimicrobial components. Apart from that coconut oil also has many healing properties which make the mouth bacteria free and reduces the swelling and inflammation caused by the sores.

Apply toothpaste

Toothpaste has a cooling effect to it, and hence they are good for not only sores, but rashes, burns and even acne! Applying it directly on the ulcer will help heal and provide cooling to it. However, one should be warned that this remedy will sting a little and hence aloe vera gel should be applied straight afterward.

Orange juice

Ofcourse, this works wonders because it gives one a lot of Vitamin C. There has been research and science that has proven that lack of vitamin C can cause many ulcers in the mouth. Apart from just that many people are also explored to the notion that Vitamin C helps to enhance the immune system – thus, keeping away all forms of bacteria and infections! Thus, drink orange juice everyday and see the change!


Thus, we have listed down many home remedies for mouth sores, and the above usually work wonders and take a few days to show their effect. Mouth sores can be very painful and they end up disrupting the entire routine of one person – be it eating, brushing or even just as a simple thing as talking.

The above remedies as we can see are easily available anywhere and anywhere, they are cost productive and are not something out of the blue. These remedies can be applied every day, and by doing so – one will see instant results

When to go to a doctor

In addition, there may come a time when the sores are not being able to be treated by the above remedies. In such cases, one should go to the doctor and take the prescribed medication that has been suggested.

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