Home remedies of Camphor for Skin & Hair Care + Side Effects & Dosage

Camphor is white solid and candy size thing used for various utilities. So here I am talking about some of the home remedies of camphor. 

What is Camphor

Camphor is small sour tasted & fragrance creating thing. It is obtained from bark of tree called camphora. When this tree grows up to 50 years old, it produces a waxy substance from its bark which is collected to make the camphor what we see here. 

Origin of Camphor

Camphor tree are said to be found first in forests of japan. Soon it has been realized for its medicinal values and used in various regions across Asia. 

What is Brown, Yellow & White Camphor

Camphor is available in three forms and is known as

  • White Camphor
  • Brown Camphor &
  • Yellow camphor

White camphor is the only one used for domestic purposes. Other form of camphor like brown & yellow contains high amount of safrole. Both of them are toxic and causes cancer. All Camphor products are based on white camphor.

Home Remedies of Camphor

Camphor has a lot of uses. It is used in many medicines to reduce itching inflammation & various lung infections too. Also helps in pests & insects control in domestic uses. It keeps away the cockroaches & moths from the wardrobes. In India it is used in various religious prayers (Pooja). 

This article will provide a broader perspective in usage of camphor. So we will be providing all the details on how a camphor can be used in various ways. 

Camphor is a Pain reliever & helps in swelling too 

Camphor is helpful in skin irritation & swelling due to various wounds and scratches. It causes sensation slower to the nerve ends and in result helps in relieving pain & inflammation. 

Menthol & Camphor are used in relieving the pain from moderate to mild. A spray made of camphor, menthol, and essential oils of clove and eucalyptus is seen effective in pain relief. This spray can be used on joints, shoulder & lower back to reduce pain. Recommended is using it 2-3 times can provide maximum results. 

Alleviates Skin Rashes

Skin rashes is one of the common problems faced by people. Camphor can helps in reducing rashes & redness caused in warm weather by using camphor gels. 

 A homemade camphor get can be made by adding camphor & water until it dissolves. After that apply on the affected area for a few days to get relief. 

Camphor Treats Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is also a very eww disease. This shows us an untidy nails to people which destroys our impression to the people we meet. A camphor based vaporub can be used for cleaning nails and clearing the fungus around nails. 

Good for Eczema

Camphor is helpful in many skin problems. And one of them is eczema. Eczema is a common problem in kids and adults. Camphor helps decreasing the pain & inflammation caused by eczema. Many lotions which people buy to cure eczema can be made with a base ingredient of camphor.  

A study has found that camphor can helps in various skin problems. These are like treating wounds, UV indices wrinkles & in reducing signs of aging. It basically helps in increasing skin elasticity & collagen production. So using camphor or camphor based cosmetics helps in skin health. 

Helps Induce Sleep

Camphor’s fragrance shows good effect on the mind & helps us to calm and sleep. This can be done in a very simple way. 

If you put a few drops of camphor on your pillow, then the fragrance will let you calm and help you in better sleep. 

Relieves Cold & Cough

Camphor Oil is used in many cold medicines. It is a main ingredient from vaporub & decongestants. Camphor is a good replacement of Vaporubs that can treat cold & cough

Hair care with camphor

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you can care for your hairs using camphor. Hair fall is based on so many other factors which are improper hair care & chemical based cosmetics. Camphor Oil is a good solution for the same. Use of camphor Oil results in soft hairs & denser hairs. Camphor oil also prevents the adverse effects of chemical based cosmetics. 

How to Apply 
  1. Mix camphor Oil in your regular Oil & apply on your scalp, 
  2. Using camphor Oil helps in increased blood flow & helps in faster hair growth

Head Lice

Camphor Oil is not just helpful in hair care, it also prevents lices from head. Head Lice is also known as Pediculosis capitis. Camphor powder kills the lice in few hours & helps you to remove them after a hair wash. 

How to use Camphor Oil 
  • Mix Camphor Oil with Coconut Oil & apply on your scalp before going to bed. 
  • Wash your hair in the morning & your head lice will be gone.


Camphor is very useful in muscle rub. The spasms, cramps & stiffness caused in muscles can be removed by using camphor. If you have any cramp or stiffness on your muscles , then you can use a camphor to help yourself. 

How to use 

Rub the affected muscle area like doing massage and you can remove the soreness through it. 

Heals burns

Camphor has good skin application & healing burn wound is the best one of them. Camphor can help you in healing burn wounds & even second degree burns. A heal burn bam or cream is made up of camphor & sesame oil. This combination has helped many burn wounds and is much more effective than using a vaseline.  

Apply once a day to the affected skin area to get speed recovery. 

Good For Digestion

Camphor helps in digestion and regulates the process of digestion. Basically it helps in secreting digestive juices & enzymes for digestion to happen it smoothly. The problem of digestion happens because of gas formation in stomach. Camphor also helps in such bad digestion symptoms. If you are suffering from problems like diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, then using camphor can be very useful. 

Improves Sexual Performance

Camphor oil helps in various sexual problems in the body. It regulates the brain in order to help the sexual urges & abilities. Camphor oil is also useful in erectile dysfunction. Mainly it helps in blood circulation & provides better blood flow & helps in better functioning. 

Side-Effects & Allergies of Camphor

Camphor has so many medicinal qualities as well as cosmetics uses. But if you are using it in some bad ways, then you won’t be getting any benefits. And that’s how side effects started to be seen. 

Side Effects of Camphor 

  1. Camphor should be used in moderate quantities to stay safe. 
  2. Do not apply it on the portion where the skin is gaping or any open wounds. This may cause poisoning. 
  3. Camphor is inhaled , but is done more than limit can cause burning of the mouth, throat & even cause nausea & vomiting. 
  4. If camphor is inhaled more than suggested, then it can even cause death to the person. 
  5. Children must not use camphor for anything without adult guidance.
  6. Pregnant women & those are doing breast feeding should not consume camphor. 

Final Words: Camphor Home remedies can be used at home but you must check all the precautions given in the last of this article. If you are still not sure, then you must be consulting a physician before using any of these remedies. Thanks for reading.

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