Beneficial and Easy Home Remedies for Sinus Sufferers

steam for sinus

Of late growing pollution is one of the major issues which has given birth to many diseases. Sinus or Sinusitis is such problem which is very common among people of any age group. It happens due to viruses or bacteria present in the environment. In some cases, even the antibiotics fail to help this problem. Therefore, home remedies for sinus come in picture and they are effective too.

Drink liquids:

fresh juices

One needs to keep hydrating when suffering from sinus, otherwise it could be exaggerated.

  1. One must drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  2. When we talk about drinking liquids, it could be anything except caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.
  3. Fresh Juices are always must for a rich diet.

Turmeric and Ginger Root:

Turmeric root has many benefits over sinus and it is one of the most common spices available in Indian kitchen. Moreover, It does not only contains natural anti-inflammatory properties but is also rich in antioxidants. Also, you can take both turmeric and ginger root in a brewed tea and you can see the amazing effects. Overall, this is one of the best home remedies for sinus.

Chicken Soups:

If you are a non-vegetarian, then we have a good news for you that by having chicken soup you can reduce inflammation in sinus congestion. Although it’s yet not clear what ingredient exactly soothes sinus, but it could be because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Taking steam is another way to get relief from sinus problem because It moisturizes the passageways of your sinus. You can do it in many ways which are as follows:

  1. The simplest and most effective one by boiling water in a pot. Then you can take the pot off heat and use a towel over your head to inhale the heat from the pot of hot water. While doing this, you need to be on a suitable distance from the water and you have to keep your eyes closed. You can do this for 5-10 minutes till the water starts cooling.
  2. You can do the same thing by standing in the shower or you can choose to even sit in the bathroom when the shower is running.
  3. One another way is by using a warmed washcloth over your nose and cheeks while you lie on your bed.


Yoga is helpful in many ways as it keeps one fit and healthy. It can even cure many major ailments and it also relieves from sinus problem with time. There are many exercises which can do for getting help with sinus problem no matter how severe it is. We are giving you one exercise plan below which can be done at your ease.

  1. Place a pillow or folded blanket under your back and lie on floor.
  2. Bend your knees backward by bringing both the soles of your feet together. If you wish you can use a soft towel or piece of cloth to give comfort to your knees.
  3. You can spread your arms on both sides of your legs in this pose.
  4. Be in this pose as your stamina allows for the first time and then keep increasing time with every next attempt.
  5. After 5-10 minutes you can get up.

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