Home remedies for stopping bedwetting in children

Home remedies to stop bedwetting in children. There is nothing to be worried about if your child is young as this is common

There are many issues that parents face and undergo when their child is young and mainly a toddler. Apart from the consistent crying and tantrums, the parents also have to deal with bed wetting. This problem is very common, and hence one doesn’t need to worry. However, if this problem continues even when the child is around eleven to fifteen – then, some action has to be taken! To help and aid parents in good parenting we are happy to provide information regarding home remedies for stopping bedwetting. Thus, read on

What is Bed Wetting ?

Before we indulge further and take our readers to the main focus, let us understand what bed wetting really is

This is a scenario that is mainly common in children who are up to the age of ten. Children are usually not able to control their actions and reside in the area which is grey. They are unable to draw a line between right and wrong, and they understand and acknowledge this only by experiencing life and the various adventures it provides. Bed wetting is common and not something to be perturbed about, but if this continues even after the child has turned ten – then, one should be worried. Your child needs to know that this is wrong and that he needs to control his bladder! Hence, read on


Although we have understood the topic, many questions are raised among parents regarding bed wetting. These are how to do away with bedwetting in children? ayurvedic treatment for bedwetting and how to stop bedwetting at night?

Symptoms of bed wetting

The main symptoms that will reveal to a parent that their child is a bed wetter is when your child wakes up every morning in a wet bed. This wetness is obviously not because of water, but due to urination. This scenario is common among children who are young and aren’t able to control their bladder, and hence do not be over-worked. Thus, we are going to enlighten one with home remedies for stopping bed wetting. Although, we are providing these, be sure that they may not apply.

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Bed wetting causes

The very first thing we’d want to do is to assure parents that bed wetting should not be taken very seriously, as it is very common among children. There can be various causes and reasons as to why a child wets the bed. Some being when a child undergoes stress or even anxiety, when at night he has dreams that are scary and frightening, and most importantly if your child has a small bladder.


So, if your child is bed wetting almost every day, try not scolding him. One needs to understand that this is not his/her fault. They will learn in time. This may be a slow process but it will a worthwhile one.

Home remedies for stopping bedwetting

Keep a watch on the fluid intake


It is very essential for a parent to keep track of their child’s fluid intake. Make sure he drinks liquids, but that he does mainly during the day. If he drinks a lot in the evening, that will only increase his chances of wetting the bed. Hence, fluid intake should be closely watched. In addition to keeping a watch on the fluid, be supportive as well

Bladder control

bladder control

One of the good home remedies for stopping bed wetting is to teach your child to control the bladder. For example when your child needs to rush to the washroom – don’t let him/her go at that time itself. Make him hold it for at least some time. This will increase his bladder capacity and may help in preventing him/her from wetting the bed at night!

Make him go to the loo often

Parents should make their child go to the washroom very often. This should be done especially in the evening time – before your child goes to bed. If this is done and made a routine, then is bladder would be empty when he sleeps. This situation would end up preventing the child from wetting his/her bed

Wake him up at night

children in the washroom

It is advised to wake up your child at night when you get up. Waking him up in the middle, and asking him whether he wants to use the washroom will decrease chances of your child wetting the bed.

Do not use diapers

children wearing diapers

One of the many reasons as to why children wet the bed even crossing the 5 line is because they have been used to wearing diapers. Hence, one needs to bring them to realize that the washroom should be used, when there is a need to urinate. Stop making things easy for them, and treat them as adults who should start behaving like one! This is one of the good home remedies for stopping bedwetting

Be supportive

Even though this can get very tiring, parents need to be supportive and be there for their child. Make them comfortable and let them know it is okay with young children and that they shouldn’t feel ashamed or disturbed about it. It is necessary to make sure that your child doesn’t delve in guilt. Be there for him/ her and help in your various ways to make sure he stops bed wetting. In addition to this, be there for your child


Hence we hope the above home remedies for stopping bedwetting come to use, and help parents out. Even though this can be a very tiresome job – clean up the sheets every morning, do know there is nothing to get overworked about. This is a very common condition among children. However, one should take strain if this situation carries on even when the child is ten and above. If that is the case – then yes, definitely something is wrong.

Hence, Do not lose patience, and understand that your child is already undergoing a guilt trip. The above-mentioned home remedies are a very effective way to stop a child from bed wetting. Remind your child – this is common, however, you will need to learn to control. Try making your child get into the habit of going to the washroom every night. However, if your child has crossed the age of ten and is still bed wetting then seek advice of a professional. Since this is not common!

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