Home remedies for straight hair and achieving it within a matter of minutes

straight hair

Women are enthused with the idea of looking pretty and taking care of their skin. The most prominent part of their beauty is hair, and one may not be surprised when women change the way their hair looks in order to feel different and adopt a new style. Curling and straightening their hair is one way and hence we are going to lay focus on – home remedies for straight hair

straight hair

Various ways help to achieve straight hair. However, they can end up damaging the hair and the hair can easily get burned. Thus, certain precautions have to be taken. Even though hair straightening can possibly damage one’s hair, women don’t care and continue doing so as a part of a habit and the need to make their hair look nicer and show a shine.

Hair straightening at home naturally

Coconut milk and lemon juice

coconut milk and lemon juice

This is an excellent and natural way to straighten the hair. The combination above conditions the hair and the scalp gets a Vitamin C boost. In fact, this mixture will make the hair smooth and shiny. In just one wash one will be able to notice the difference

Hot oil treatment

Many question how to do straight hair at home, to which one is suggested to apply hot oil treatment. This treatment should be done with castor oil as it helps to control the frizz and leaves the hair soft and nutritious. This ingredient is again good for bringing about a shine in the hair.

Milk spray

milk spray

This is one of the essential home remedies for straight hair as it makes the hair less frizzy and tends to make the hair look straighter

Milk and honey

We all are aware that milk contains properties to nourish the hair, on the other hand honey is good to decrease the frizz. Thus, like the above this mixture will make the hair smooth and shiny.

Banana and papaya mask

banana and papaya

This is one of the good home remedies for straight hair. Not only does it strengthen the hair, but also conditions it. Thus, if one is craving for smooth and nice hair then the above is the perfect remedy

Aloe vera

How to get rid of straight hair naturally? Aloe vera is the answer! This gel is very useful as it contains enzymes that smoothen the hair and also promotes growth. Aloe vera penetrates into the scalp and helps to reduce the frizz and smoothens the hair

Apple cider vinegar

The above is an excellent way of getting rid of oil, dirt and other forms of build up in the hair. Apart from all this, it also removes the dirt from the hair, and thus makes it look less frizzy.

Brush wet hair until it dries

After one is done washing their hair, make sure to brush it till it dries. Pull ut each strand and brush it straight. This will make the hair look straighter and doing it in front of a fan will be even better.

Wrap wet hair tightly

This is an effective way of making the hair look straight. Thus, when the hair is wet – one should comb and divide it down the centre. One should comb the left portion all the way to the right, and wrap it around the back of their head. One should do that with the right section as well. After this procedure let it air dry fully. This method will do wonders in reducing the frizz.

Apply celery

celery new

Celery is a natural hair conditioner and straightener. What one should do is extract the juice from celery and make sure to store it in a container overnight. Once that is done, apply the liquid on to the hair. This will help to remove the frizziness and make your hair smoother

Straight hair without heat

Use hair bands

Using hair bands is a simple and cost-effective process. In order to use this one should section their hair in small ponytails, and one should make sure that they are low ponytails. Once that is done, tie these ponytails with loose hair bands. The last process is to keep placing hair bands till the end of the ponytails – this will ensure straight and frizz free hair

Use hair rollers

One should use the largest hair rollers that are available. The bigger the hair rollers are, the better the result will be

Once that is done then take a hair roller and start wrapping the wet hair around it, and place it tightly on the head. Also, make sure to secure these rollers in place with the help of bob pins

Take the rollers out when the hair is completely dry

Wrap your hair around your head for straight hair

This method can give one straight hair. One is to comb all their hair to one side and make sure that every strand is detangled. One should take small sections of their hair and wrap it around your head. Secure this with the help of bob pins. One should do this process till all the hair is wrapped around the head. Remove the wrap hair in the morning and get frizzy free hair.


Thus, the above are very effective ways of straightening the hair naturally at home. These methods are very good and work wonders, in making the hair smooth and less frizzy without damaging any bit of it. The above are methods that have worked wonderfully for others and hence will surely work for you as well. Thus, now one can look pretty and not damage the hair in the process of doing so.

We hope this article was worthwhile and helped one to gain ample information on how to straighten the hair without damaging it and by applying methods that are natural, cost-effective and those that can be naturally found at home.

However, one should know that the above remedies are not necessarily instant and they may take time to apply, thus one does need to have patience. Do give this article a good read.

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