Effective home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis

We have all heard that saying – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But what if the eye was infected, one couldn’t see properly or worse it was shadowed with a contagious aura, and when one would try to look into your eyes, all they would perceive and keep would be the same infection as yours.  Yes, we are talking about conjunctivitis, or more commonly known as the pink eye. A lot of children in schools are shadowed with this infection and they take only a matter of seconds to transfer it onto another human being. Conjunctivitis is very contagious. We are going to throw light on the – home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis!

As soon as we mention the pink eye, several questions pop up. Some of the relevant one’s being to provide one with bacterial conjunctivitis treatment guideline. People are worried when infected by the pink eye and crave answers for conjunctivitis treatment and what was it that led to conjunctivitis causes!

What is conjunctivitis?

This is an infection which targets the outer membrane of the eyeball and the inner eyelid. It is basically a swelling and is also commonly known as the pink eye. One should worry about this infection as it is highly contagious, and hence one is advised to wear goggles when infected by the pink eye. This will help to prevent the infection from traveling from one eye to another!


Symptoms of conjunctivitis

Some of the very common symptoms of pink eye include a certain redness in found in the white of the eye, when one’s conjunctiva is swollen, when more tears appear as compared to the usual amount, appearance of a thick yellow discharge , when eyes become very itchy and the vision becomes blurred

Pink Eye Home Remedy

When one feels that they fall under the umbrella of these conjunctivitis symptoms, they should follow the home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis that we are going to lay down. But before that let us understand the causes behind a pink eye!

Causes behind a pink eye

There are several causes that contribute to a pink eye, some of these being the virus that causes a common cold, a certain bacteria, things like shampoo, dirt, smoke, and the chlorine found in the pool. One can also get a pink eye due to an allergic reaction to eye drops, or a reaction to pollen, dust or even smoke! Pink eye can also be caused due to fungi and parasites. It has also been noted that pink eye can be caused due to some sexually transmitted diseases.

Home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis

Do not wear contacts


If you wear contacts then make sure you take them out during the duration of a pink eye.  Contacts can cause a lot of irritation which will just add onto the already itching sensation because of the pink eye.  Make sure you do away with the contacts that you were wearing while the infection happened, as conjunctivitis is contagious and can come back to your life again if not taken care! So, remove any print of that infection from your home and your life!

Use a cold compress

A cold compress comes very handy. It is regarded as one of the best home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis. This causes soothing and helps to do away with the swollen nature of your eye. Hence, it is just like a how one applies a cold compressor on a broken ankle, the only thing different being that the broken ankle is not contagious

Take good rest

good sleep and rest

It is important to rest in order to boost ones immunity system and help them fight any form of infection. So, when one has a pink eye, lie down in your bed and try not making eye contact with others, as that will only make the other a prey to the pink eye.

Resting will only give you more energy to fight the infections and rejuvenate the body!

Honey for pink eye


Application of honey is said to reduce the irritation and the bacteria in ones eye. It is a natural remedy to do away with the infection, and has no side effects as such. So, if one is suffering from a pink eye then apply honey and let it be on for some time. This will be able to provide one with relief from the itchiness and the irritation that one undergoes due to pink eye.

Honey is considered one of the very god home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis

Apply breast milk

Research has show that breast milk is very good to do away with infection. Breast milk contains immunoglobulin A. This is very necessary in preventing the pink eye bacteria from attaching to the surface of the eye. Breast milk helps in limiting the growth of bacteria, and thus reduces the eye infection altogether!

So, breast milk is not only good for your baby, but also to prevent any infection from building up in the eyes!

Wash with salt water

salt water

Putting salt water on the infection may be termed as one of the best home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis. This solution should be put on the infection several times a day. When this is done one will find comfort and relief.

So, if one wants to do away with the continuous irritation and itchiness, just apply salt water and see the results!

Raw potatoes


Apart from just the salt water,  raw sliced pieces of potatoes are also said to be very soothing. All one has to do is apply it on the eyes, and face instant relief from the itchiness and the irritation. This is a very good remedy to sooth the eyes!


Thus, we have laid down several home remedies for bacterial conjunctivitis.  These are known to be very effective and cheap, hence anybody and everybody can afford it. However there may come a time that the above do not work for you because of the intensity of the infection. In that case do visit your doctor. So, if yoiur case is severe then the home remedies may not apply to you.

Visit a doctor if

Do pay a visit if there is a continuous pain in your eye, you are still facing blurred vision and the intensity is high, if the redness has increased and is just not going away by the home remedies, and if one’s symptoms are only getting worse!

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