Effective home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites

Home remedy to get rid of bed bugs and dust mites. They are both different from each other, however mainly found in one’s bed and furniture

It is very necessary to keep one’s surrounding clean and away from all kinds of bugs. If one doesn’t take care then their room and house will be clustered with various roaches, mice and other things like – bed bugs and dust mites! We are going to shine light on – home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites.

Our topic of concern is home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites. However, let us make it clear as to what bed bugs and dust mites are, making one aware if they are a victim to it.

What are bed bugs and dust mites

image showing dust mites

Bed bugs and dust mites are not really the same thing, but they leave marks on people. These marks are very irritating and scratchy. These are found almost anywhere and everywhere, be it your room, a hotel, and they lay in your beds, waiting to chew on your skin and leave their territory on one’s body! Many wonder if bed bugs and dust mites  are the same– the answer is no!

 Why do they occur?

One of the very main said reasons for any kind of a bug to come and say hello to your apartment, house or hotel is because you are living in unhygienic conditions, and not taking care of your environment. However, this may not be the only and most important reason. It can be one, but not the only reason for bed bugs to come and infest your house.

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Bed bugs occur because

The main cause behind bed bugs is one’s lack of awareness. They can come from anywhere, and in any place.

They can mainly come from – staying a night at a hotel, having guests over, using public transportation, picking up used furniture, and visiting public places. So, it is important to understand that hygiene is not the only reason behind having bed bugs biting you! They are common in areas which have a lot of people – helps them find ample humans to feast on

Dust mites occur because

Dust mites are said to occur in areas that are warm and humid, making it easier for these bugs to come say a hello! The common allergy that is caused due to these bugs is known as bed mites. Beds, furniture, pillows, and carpeting are the areas that need to be looked out for!

What are the symptoms behind you being infested by bed bugs?

image showing bed bugs

One of the main symptoms would be bites all over. Others include having a burning sensation, a raised itchy bump,  small red bumps all over,  Bumps surrounded by blisters, spots of blood that have arisen due to something biting and many more. The main thing to do after finding these symptoms is to do away with these human eating bugs

Symptoms behind dust mites?

image showing dust mites

As far as symptoms behind dust bites go they are – sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, post nasal drip, and cough. It is necessary to clean up the environment you are staying in, and keep a check on these mites.

Questions raised

Hence various questions are raised about bed bugs and dust mites. Some important ones being – what is a bed bugs solution, some bed bugs treatment, bed bugs remedy, how to deal with bed bugs at home, a way for bed bugs control, how to get rid of dust mites, and why do they occur?

Home remedy for bed bugs

It is very essential to rid one of the bed bugs and dust mites at home. We provide below home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites

Remove clutter

Bed bugs are not only found in one’s bed. They can be anywhere and everywhere, and hence it is very important to do away with any form of clutter at your house. Anything and everything that could be infected by bed bugs should be cleaned properly. This also includes furniture, curtains, bed sheets and any other thing you may find. Basically – clean, clean, clean!

Also, keep all cleaned items in a sealed plastic bag.

Concentrate on your bed

bed bugs on bed

There is no doubt then bed bugs are mainly found in one’s bed, even though that it, not the only place they are found in. If that is the case – one needs to keep their bed clean, change bed sheets on and off and try moving the bed as far away from the walls and furniture. This will help reduce the manifestation by bed bugs and dust mites!

Apart from this, also vacuum the entire area, be it even your bed!

Starve the bugs

One of the home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites is the starve the bed bugs! Vacuum your bed nicely, then get ziplock bags for the mattresses, and leave them on for at least a week – this will make sure that no bed bugs can get out and will lead to a slow and painful death!


Vinegar is something which everyone keeps in their house. Hence, when you feel the need to be protected by bed bugs, apply vinegar in areas. These kill the bed bugs but do not harm the eggs.

Home remedy for dust mites

Protective covers

protective covers

One good home remedy is to put protective covers over the mattresses and pillows. This will help one from coming across dust mites, allergies and other forms of bacteria! The good and important part  is that these protective covers are lowly priced, and can be afforded by people from all strata of society

Give air to your bed

When one gets out of their bed, that is the time when dust mites can attack most – since the bed is humid and warm. It’s best to let the bed cool down, and then make it. This way one is not allowing the dust mites to come out and attack in humid warm conditions!

Maintain dry conditions

Another home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites is to maintain dry conditions. If your place is humid the use a dehumidifier. This will lead one to keep their house less humid – hence keeping the dust mites away.


Hence, we hope the above home remedy for bed bugs and dust mites are useful. Although there is a difference between the two, the very common thing is that they are bugs, and they end up biting and sucking human’s blood. So, if you feel that you’re infected by either of them – then do use the home remedies mentioned above If cannot be controlled at all, then call the pest control people

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