Home remedy for dengue fever rashes & Incubation Period

home remedy for dengue fever

In today’s age and day, people are prone to many infections and diseases. One of the many common ones being dengue.  In India, there is no lack of mosquitoes spreading the disease, and thus one needs to take care – especially during the rainy seasons. Today our focus is going to be laid down on the various – home remedy for dengue fever. Hence, read on

What is dengue?

Dengue is associated as a fever connected with mosquitoes. Apart from being just called dengue, it is also known as the breakbone fever.  it is caused by four different viruses and is spread by Aedesmosquitoes. In addition to this let us read on

dengue fever


There can be cases of severe dengue, and just normal dengue fever. For both the mentioned, there are different symptoms.

In terms of just dengue fever

–    One can face a severe headache, joint pain, one can also undergo nausea and vomiting, a pain behind the eyes, swollen glands, and a rash

In terms of severe dengue

–    One can undergo severe abdominal pain, a lot of vomiting, the gums and nose start to bleed, When one starts passing bloody urine and stool,  and difficulty in breathing

Thus, if one finds themselves under the umbrella of any of the above symptoms then make sure to keep reading this article and get information regarding home remedy for dengue fever

Home remedy for dengue fever rashes

Many question as to how to cure dengue fever naturally. To answer that question keep reading below the various home remedies which are effective and very affordable. We are going to lay down natural cures of dengue fever.

Dragon fruit for dengue

dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is considered one of the good home remedy for dengue fever.  This fruit is very useful since it helps to increase the platelet count, which goes very low due to dengue – and can lead to death as well. Apart from increasing the count, it also contains antioxidant properties.

Egg whites

Egg whites too are considered a good home remedy for dengue fever. They are very helpful in boosting ones platelet count – since they are rich In albumin. Albumin is essential since they are considered a vital protein in the blood plasma. Thus, if one is suffering from dengue – then they should definitely eat egg whites!

Can Kiwi increase platelet ?


A very good home remedy for dengue fever is kiwi. Kiwi is very good to consume as it increases the platelet level and also helps those who are suffering from anemia, Vitamin B deficiency, and other infections. It is suggested that one should eat at least two kiwis a day to help one fight dengue.

Milk and milk products

Milk and milk products are very good as they increase the calcium levels and help one surpass dengue.  They also help in increasing the platelet count. Thus, one should drink many glasses of milk per day. But be careful that the milk is not spoiled

Papaya leaf extract for dengue cure

Papaya leaf extract for low platelet count does wonders to people who are prey to dengue. One is suggested to drink papaya leaves water if they are suffering from malaria or dengue as this helps to boost platelet counts. They are able to increase the counts because they contain enzymes like chymopapain and papain.

Green leafy vegetables

When one is undergoing dengue, then are advised to eat a lot of green and leafy vegetables. These include lettuce, parsley, and even broccoli. However, stomach pain may occur after eating broccoli. They are said to be helpful as the calcium content in them is very high along with Vitamin K – these two are important properties for blood clotting



The above is considered a very good home remedy for dengue fever. They help in boosting the energy levels as they contain nutrients and minerals. When one consumes a good amount of this fruit, they tend to feel less exhausted. It not only helps in maintaining a good platelet count but is also rich in iron which is good for the blood.

Orange juice

Considered a very good home remedy for dengue fever, orange juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, it is considered very good for treating people with dengue. Not only it helps to boost and enhance the immune system but also contains Vitamin C which helps to repair cells.

Why platelets decrease in dengue fever

One question dengue platelet count normal range, and why platelets tend to decrease in dengue fever. There are many reasons as to why that happens. Some of the very common ones being. Thus, let us delve into it

–    Dengue leads to bone marrow suppression – this ultimately leads to a reduction in blood cells and thus, a low platelet count.

–    Apart from the above, it has been seen that vascular endothelial cell that are infected with dengue virus get combined with platelets and hence destroys them. Thus, leading to low platelet counts

–    In addition, not only the above, but it has been mentioned that even the antibodies that are produced after the infection of dengue virus can destroy platelets.

Dengue fever incubation period


As discussed earlier dengue basically is caused by mosquito bites. One can start seeing the symptoms four to seven days after the bite. The symptoms are said to last 3 to 10 days. If one is wondering how the transmission occurs than – the mosquito must feed on a person for about five days when the blood is enthused with large amounts of virus.  After the mosquito has entered the blood meal, the virus will take another 8 to 12 days incubation period before it is transferred to another human being.

The incubation period is usually regarded as 10 to 14 days. This is followed by a week of symptoms, which is followed by a few days of one recovering. The symptoms don’t usually extend beyond two weeks,


With all the details we provided here are good enough to recover someone from a dengue infection by using Home remedies. As mentioned, there are many remedies like eating kiwi, papaya leaves, and green vegetables. In a severe case of Dengue , please consult a certified Doctor for expert and faster recovery.

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