Bronchospasm : Causes, Symptoms, Preventions & Home Remedies

Bronchospasm Causes, Symptoms and prevention technique. This article also provides bronchospasm home remedy using natural herbs and yoga

What is Bronchospasm?


Bronchospasm is a sudden contraction of bronchioles muscle i.e. airways. This happens due to some particles which enters in the airways. Due to this a person sees difficulty in breathing which can be moderate to very serious levels. 

bronchospasm home remedy
bronchospasm home remedy

In Simpler words, Bronchospasm is a medical condition where the airway muscles start contracting from the lungs. Due to this, air doesn’t come inside or go outside properly. 

Problems caused by Bronchospasm

If the condition persists , then this can be very serious. It limits the amount of oxygen which is entering in the lungs. As a result , there is less oxygen in the blood and more carbon dioxide stays in the blood. 

As a result person feels tired and more prone to allergies and asthma like disease. The most common symptoms are wheezing and shortness of breath shortness.  

Bronchospasm Symptoms

If a person is affected with Bronchospasm, then his chest feels tight. Also  it is hard to catch breath. The most common symptoms are 

  1. Chest Pain and Tightness
  2. A whistling sound comes while breathing
  3. Cough Formation
  4. Person feels tired  most of the time. 

Bronchospasm Causes 

As the disease is a quite serious one. We should know how it can be formed. This condition is common with people having asthma problem.

The most common causes of Bronchospasm are 

  1. Allergen present in the Air i.e. Dust.
  2. Multiple Lung based diseases i.e. chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  3. Chemical Fumes produced by Industries. 
  4. Anesthesia given before Surgery
  5. Lungs Infection to polluted surroundings
  6. Regular consumption of tobacco and other drugs

How to detect bronchospasm

Generally disease which are lungs related are being seen by a Pulmonologist (Lungs Specialist). 

  1. Doctors generally start by asking you any of the above symptoms seen in you. 
  2. Next is that they try to listen the congested lungs sound, which can be listened to while breathing in & breathing out. 

Bronchospasm Detection Techniques

Some cases are so serious , that doctors need to check using some devices. 

  • Spirometry. : Doctor ask you to breathe in a tube that measures the force of air made by lungs. 
  • Lungs Volume Test :- It measures the amount of oxygen that the lungs can hold.
  • Lung diffusion capacity:- Doctor check the hemoglobin level in your blood. As hemoglobin is a protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. 
  • Pulse oximetry :- This device measure the oxygen level in the blood using your finger. 

Another test includes Chest & CT Scan 

  1. Chest X-ray :- X-ray images are checked to see any signs of pneumonia or infection
  2. CT Scan :- The X-ray images are processed to check for any lung problems.  

Prevention of Bronchospasm

Here we have listed some of the simple way to prevent Bronchospasm. 

  • Must do a 10 minutes warm-up before you start exercising. After the completion of exercise, give some time to cool down.
  • If a person is allergic to some dusts , then exercise is not recommended. In that case , exercise can be harmful to you.
  • Drinking upto five liters of water helps in loosening the mucus present in the chest. 
  • During the extreme winter, do not exercise in the outdoors. Cover your mouth and nose to avoid further complications. 
  • Smoking which is done in an active way or passive way must be avoided. Consult your doctor to help you in quitting this habit.
  • If the person is old i.e. 65 or more, then you must be taking all the vaccinations for the various infections
  • Avoid the nitrates and sulfites i.e. Food additives. For example deli meat, cheese, hotdogs, bacon and alcohol based drinks
  • Those who are allergic to sulphites will get help from the food rich in Vitamin B12 & Mineral molybdenum.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency has been subjected to various Lung infections. 

Home remedies for Bronchospasm

Brochospasm is a really serious disease, but there are various cures which are being discovered in the world. Some of them are just exercise practices done by the individual to find improvement in itself. While others are herb based remedies. These herbs are found in some specific areas in the world. You can choose one according to your suitability. The choice must be effective and easily available for the patient. In this way , the cure can be more fruitful.

Buteyko Breathing Technique

bronchospasm home remedy

This breathing technique is developed by a russian researcher i.e. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. In this way, a person should make shallow breaths to make him breathe easier. This is very helpful in other bronchitis infections. This breathing technique is based on a principle that If a person start making shallow breaths, then it can raise the CO2 levels in the body which in result causes the smooth airways to dilate in the lungs.

Omega Fatty Acids 

Tips to choose Cooking Oil

A study has found that people who suffer from Bronchospasm have high level of arachidonic acid in the body.  Arachidonic acid is found in egg yolk and meat. To reduce it’s levels, one should avoid these foods. This can reduce the level of arachidonic acids , but a new theory has been seen correct. 

If the person starts eating foods that are rich in Omega Fatty Acids. The Omega fatty acids can reduce the levels of arachidonic acid in the system.  

Fruits and Vegetables

A study has proved that people who eat a good number of fruits and vegetables has low chances of developing any bronchitis disease i.e. Acute Bronchospasm & Bronchial asthma. 

On the other side who do not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C have higher chances of developing the bronchospasm symptoms.  

So a person must keep an adequate amount of Fruits and vegetables in his or her diet to keep away all the bronchitis related diseases. 


In many cases, people who suffer from lung disease were because of increase in stress levels of their lifestyle. We can’t help you much in changing your lifestyle, but practicing yoga daily can be useful to control stress levels by various yoga asanas.  

bronchospasm home remedy

Cure Bronchospasm via Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a chinese way to treat some diseases. Acupuncture is a way to pricking needles in the body to activate some pressure points and helps in curing disease. Some acupuncture practitioners claims that bronchospasm can be treated using acupuncture sessions.  

Weight Loss

People who are suffering from over overweight and unhealthy habits tends to indulge into various diseases. A sudden improvement has been seen to patients of Bronchitis , when they start losing weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.  


There is an herb that is proven to cure Bronchospasm. It is grown in Europe, Asia & US regions. The compounds which are responsible for curing bronchospasm are 

  1. petasin &
  2. Isopetasin.  

These two compounds are seen in reducing the bronchi inflammation. It reduces the symptoms of bronchospasm. While it can cure bronchospasm, it has some side effects too i.e. headache, nausea and vomiting.


This herb is an extract taken from pineapples. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in stretching the airways of bronchitis. The tests have been done on various animals and humans which are seen positive.

Boswellia Herb

This herb has also shown improved results in the lungs. It can helps in stretching the narrowed airways of the lungs. Now it has been approved from various Medical Institutions.  

Asthma Diet

People who are suffering from asthma have controlled it by having an observed diet. Removing sugar and dairy products from the diet helps in reducing the symptoms of Bronchospasm. Consult your doctor to get a diet chart for your smooth health.

Keep a record

  1. Keep a track of all the things you eat in a month. 
  2. Also see the symptoms which you see from your lungs. 
  3. In some rare cases, it has been seen that people’s asthma is associated with food.
  4. From your diary , check whether you have any food allergies that increase your trouble.

Get a Peak Flow Meter 

Bronchospasm patients must buy a peak flow meter. This device can help in measuring the peak flow of your lungs. With this you can track your own medicines. You medicines will show you some improvement and this can be tracked by the peak flow meter. 

A peak flow meter is helpful ,when a bronchospasm attack occurs. This device will measure the severity of attack to know more about your disease. 

Final Words 

Bronchospasm is a serious disease that stays with many people life long. If someone is seen as suffering from the same, then he must be kept in observations. Any the meaning of observation is, he or she should be observed for his lifestyle, eating habits, the food he eats and what it contains. Also see what type of environment he is living in. As air which he is breathing can comprises of various pollen particles that can trigger bronchospasm from the body. 

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