Home remedy for flatulence : Causes, Treatment and Trigger Foods

Home remedy for flatulence with natural treatment. Check causes treatment and trigger foods that cure. Also helps in dealing with smelly flatulence

Flatulence is the most normal body functions. On average, a person passes gas 10 to 15 times a day. If you are passing more than this amount of gas, or your gas is smelly or even worse if it makes noise in a social surrounding, then you need to pay attention to the problem

The gas is produced by bacteria and yeast residing in your gastrointestinal tract. The gas is released under pressure through the anus, which causes a sound and at times, foul odor. Flatulence many times causes discomfort and pain due to bloating.

Symptoms of flatulence

Home remedy for flatulence

Symptoms of flatulence are increased passage of gas, abdominal bloating, or pain, and belching.

People who complain of bloating may not necessarily have more amount of gas. They are more sensitive to it. Certain conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or colon cancer may cause bloating. If you had abdominal surgery, you might have a sensation of gas due to increased sensitivity. 

Belching is a typical digestive activity linked to meals. It is the process of the release of trapped air. Belching can be associated with eating too fast, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, and smoking.

Causes of Flatulence

Lactose intolerance: The body’s inability to convert certain types of sugars found in the cow’s milk causes lactose intolerance. This is because the bacteria of the gut digest the sugar by fermentation, causing excessive gas.

Intolerance of short-chain carbohydrates: 

Other than lactose, some people may be susceptible to gas formation because of the fermentation of other sugars like fructose present in many things like honey, corn syrup, and many fruits. These short-chain carbohydrates are called FODMAPS.

High Fiber Foods: Fiber is essential for digestion, but small intestines can not break certain fibers. They are broken by bacteria causing excessive gas. The solution is to gradually increase the amount of fiber in the food allowing the body to get used to it.

Intestinal bacteria: The Intestines are host to varied types of bacteria. Some of them break the food by fermentation. This creates gas, part of the gas is absorbed by the bloodstream while the remaining part is pushed through the bowls as flatus.

Normal Digestion: Pancreatic secretions neutralize stomach acid’. This produces carbon-di-oxide as a byproduct. This passes out from the lower end of the alimentary canal.

Swallowed Air: We swallow air by food and drinks. We tend to swallow it more when we are anxious. Oxygen and Nitrogen in the air is swallowed in the bloodstream while remaining is passed on to be eliminated.

Yoga and Flatulence

Yoga is an integral way of life. It combines; physical mental and spiritual well being. Performing regular asanas and pranayama would cure the body of the malady. It would re-energize the entire digestive system.

They are specific yoga asanas like Cobra pose ( BhujangAsana), bow pose ( Dhanur Asana), Pawanmuktasana, Hal Asana: They are all related to release of trapped gas in the system. If practiced regularly, they will strengthen the system and cure the problem. In Chronic cases, certain herbal medications might also help.

Yoga asana that are inverted help in treating the digestive system, for they force the blood to flow in the opposite direction. This poses help take strain away from the lower body and when you return to the original posture the blood rushes back. This helps clear any strain off your lower body and nourishes the system with a fresh supply of blood and oxygen.

Prevention for flatulence: 

smelly fart
smelly fart
  1. Eat little and often, avoid heavy meals
  2. Chew your food slowly, and while drinking take sips rather than drinking at a gulp.
  3. Exercise regularly, this will help with digestion.
  4. Eat a healthy balanced diet.
  5. Drink Peppermint tea, which aids in digestion.

Try Activated Charcoal: Unlike the Charcoal in your fireplace activated charcoal is specially treated for human consumption.

Taking it before meals helps it in the absorption of excess gas in your digestive system. This will reduce bloating and flatulence.

Eat and drink slowly:

When you eat or drink fast, you can swallow a lot of air, which can cause gas. The solution is to slow down when you eat. 

If you wear dentures, make sure that they fit well, otherwise, you will end up swallowing a lot of air as you eat.

Take over the counter digestive aids:

Digestive enzymes are available over the counter, try using some of them; within a couple of weeks, you would know which of them work for you.

Another digestive aid Beanos contain enzymes that break complex carbohydrates present in beans and other vegetables into more easily digestible sugars. They might not work if excess gas is caused by fibers or lactose intolerance.

Try Probiotics: 

 Our gut is full of helpful bacteria. They often break gases produced by other bacteria and acid indigestion.

Probiotics are a healthy source of good bacteria. Many people use them for their capacity to improve the digestive system. You can experiment with them for overall happy results.

Ayurvedic medicine Triphala:

 Triphala has been used for ages as a treatment for various digestive disorders such as constipation, IBS, bloating, and flatulence. It is composed of three fruits, namely (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki).

Take Half a tsp. of this mixture with a glass of warm water before bedtime improves overall digestive health, including reduced flatulence.

Foods that cause flatulence (Do and Don’ts)

 They are certain types of food that cause flatulence the primary villains are

  1. Legumes: Beans, peas, chickpeas, soybeans, and nuts.
  2. Dairy products: Milk if one is lactose intolerant
  3. Dried Fruits: Raisins and Prunes
  4. Fruits: Apple, apricot, pear, and peach.
  5. Foods high in insoluble fiber: particularly seeds and husks.
  6. Vegetables; carrots, eggplants, onions, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

Do Not:

  • Smoke
  • Eat hard to digest foods that are difficult to digest. Beans, green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus. …
  • Drink Soft drinks, fruit juice, and other fruits, as well as onions, pears, and artichokes. …
  • Consume dairy products as dairy foods and drinks contain lactose, which can also cause gas to build-up
  • Chew on bubble gum, smoke, or drink through the straw, as this leads to intake of air, which is the potential cause of gas.
  • Drink with your meals: If you drink along with your meals, you tend to dilute the acid in the stomach. It then breaks the food ineffectively, causing digestive problems and flatulence. You should drink at least thirty minutes before meals. 
  • Use artificial sweeteners.

Sorbitol and related sugar alcohols are used in many sugar-free foods, they aggravate gas. On the other hand, sugar substitutes like sucralose (yellow), saccharine (pink), and aspartame (blue) do not create the problem.

Conclusion: Flatulence is an embarrassing problem. It can be cured by a change in diet and with little medication. A little bit of exercise and Yoga also helps. There are few complications, and only in rare cases, a visit to the Doctor is necessitated. 

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