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Home remedy for gall bladder stone pain and Attack | Gallstone Treatment

Effective home remedy for gall bladder stone and its result

home remedy for gall bladder stones

Home remedy gall bladder gallstone includes eating a rich nourishing diet, watching after your weight and drink a lot of juices

This article is a complicated one as it is medically inclined and moving towards gall bladder stones. As per information provided, gall bladder stones also called gallstones are a hardened form of a digestive fluid that can be formed in one’s gallbladder. We are going to discuss – home remedy for gall bladder stone. This article is a very good read for those looking out for home remedies, and wanting to install a natural way in their lifestyles

In addition, to define a gallbladder – it is a small, pear-shaped organ on the right side of one’s abdomen. It is an integral part of the body as it keeps hold of bile, which is released into one’s intestine. While some people have one gall bladder stone, others may develop many at the very same time.  Usually these stones are removed by surgery – however, we are here to stress on home remedy for gall bladder stone and how to dissolve gallstones naturally

home remedy for gall bladder stone

There are many severe and acute symptoms that indicate stones in the gall bladder:

  1. Some of the common ones being an acute pain in the upper right portion of one’s abdomen
  2. One can also feel an acute pain in the center of their abdomen as well
  3. When a person is facing from severe back pain
  4. Acute pain in a person’s right shoulder
  5. Finally when a person is nauseous and keeps vomiting

Our main focus is on home remedy for gallbladder stone, however, before we indulge in that – let us figure the causes behind gall bladder stones

  • One of the main causes being that the bile contains high amounts of cholesterol. There are times when the liver ends up secreting more liver than bile can digest. This excess of cholesterol may end up forming into crystals and turning up to be stones
home remedy for gall bladder stone
  • Nevertheless, Gallstones can also occur when the body stores too much of bilirubin. The liver ends up making too much of bilirubin due to liver cirrhosis, biliary tract infections and due to blood disorders.
  • One can also get these stones if their gallbladder doesn’t empty properly. In that case, bile may become highly concentrated and may contribute to the formation of stones in the gallbladder!

There are many factors that tend to increase the chances of having these stones. Some of them being

  1. The stones occur mainly in women and not men
  2. If one is forty years or above
  3. The chances of these stones increases if one is fat or even overweight
  4. Pregnant women can also have a lot of stones
  5. If one is consuming a high cholesterol diet
  6. Genes also make a difference
  7. And if one has liver disease

How to prevent gall bladder stones

If one wants to prevent themselves from developing these stones then the best way is to

not skip any meals – when one doesn’t eat properly or does fasting then their chances of having these stones increases

home remedy for gall bladder stones

Lose weight slowly – If one is eager to lose weight, make sure it happens slowly. If weight decreases suddenly and rapidly, then the chances of having gallstones increases

Maintain a healthy weight – If one is overweight, then their chances of having gallstones increases. Hence, one should be good weight – not too fat not too thin.

Home remedy for gall bladder stone and natural ways to pass gallstones


Exercise is a very essential and perfect home remedy for gall bladder stone. When one does any form of physical exercise their cholesterol level drops. This helps to prevent gallstones from forming. Exercising can also help in reducing the gallbladder pain. However, even though exercising is helpful and aides in one staying healthy – if you have these stones, then consult your doctor before performing. As some of the activities may cause a strain in the abdomen and worsen the symptoms!

Make changes in the diet


 In order to get rid of the gallstones, one has to make certain changes in their diet. One should try not skipping their meals and eat food with high fibre.  One is also asked to eat foods that are rich in nutrients, such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. Some of the foods that one should definitely eat are green vegetables, nuts, brown rice, fish, olive oil, and low-fat dairy.

Essential oils for gallbladder

essential oils

One of the excellent home remedy for gallbladder stone is to apply essential oils. They are said to be very useful because they aid in lowering cholesterol levels.  The oils hence prevent the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Some of these essential oils include aromatic oil. To figure out how these oils are good in treating the gall bladder, read below –

  • First, these oils help tone the liver and gallbladder
  • They also enhance the production of gastric and bile juices
  • Some essential oils can also dissolve gallstones
  • These oils aid in digestion
  • Oils also help to clean the gallbladder and liver
  • Essential oils are also very helpful in reducing pain

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is considered an effective home remedy for gallbladder stone. This is so useful because the tea contains menthol – this is a minty tinge which ends up promoting a relief to the pain. This tea is very useful in not only easing the gallbladder pain but also to improve the health of the gallbladder. This tea is very functional to prevent stones from arising and in reducing the pain.

Malic acid gallstones

Malic acid is a very good home remedy for gallbladder stone. It cleanses not only the gallbladder but also the liver. This acid is effective because it helps to soften the liver and gallbladder stones, and they dilate the bile ducts and intrahepatic ducts – this leads to an easy release of liver and gallbladder stones from the body.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This remedy is essential and very effective in removing the pain. Hence, to continue using this for pain it is suggested to drink this vinegar with warm water. Sip this mixture and one will instantly feel the pain subside. However, it is important to not drink this straight as the acid can very well damage one’s teeth

Herbs for gallbladder


Herbs are said to be a very good home remedy, however, one should consult their doctor before taking them. Some of the very good herbs being

Edible ItemHow it Helps Gall Bladder
Green tea This is a very good herb and contains antioxidant effects. However one should look for green tea extracts that do not contain caffeine
Milk thistle This is very good to detoxify liver and the gallbladder, thus making It stronger and way more healthy
Globe artichoke This helps in the proper functioning of the gallbladder and liver. However, this has an ability to increase bile production – hence, it can trigger a gallbladder attack. One should take to their doctor before consuming this herb!
TurmericThis herb is also an excellent home remedy for gallbladder stone. It helps in the functioning of the liver. However if one has too much of turmeric then their blood can thin down. Hence, care needs to be taken

Consume magnesium

Magnesium is a very effective home remedy. It helps to empty the gallbladder and reduces the pain caused by the stones. One should dip some of the magnesium powder in warm water and drink it daily. One can also intake magnesium as a supplement and hence discuss with your doctor!

Drink lemon juice

lemon juice

Lemon juice is considered a very good home remedy for gall bladder stone. It is so important because it contains Vitamin C. This particular vitamin helps against the formation of gallstones. Thus, one is regarded to drink lemon juice every day, a couple of times a day

Cranberry juice

A very effective home remedy for gallbladder stone is to drink ample of cranberry juice. The juice contains dietary fibre that lowers the cholesterol levels in one’s body. This only prevents the formation of the stones. Apart from that cranberry juice also contains high amounts of antioxidants that keep the gallbladder and liver very healthy.

Practice yoga


Yoga is said to be a very good home remedy for gall bladder stones. There are some poses that one is suggested to do:

(Cobra Pose)
• (Bow Pose)
•(Seated forward bend)
• (Shoulder stand)
•  (Locust Pose)

Citrus juices

Citrus juices are a very good remedy to do away with gall bladder stones. These juices contain pectin. This element is very helpful in eliminating gallstones. In terms of curing oneself through citrus juice, one is asked to drink only apple juice for the first two days. On the second night, one should drink a mixture of lemon and olive oil. This should be consumed over a period of twenty minutes. Finally, on the third day – one will find that the stones have been cleared!

Drink wine


An excellent home remedy for gallbladder stone is to drink wine. in addition, research and study have proven that consuming half a glass of wine will certainly help in reducing the stones and preventing gallstones from occurring in the first place! However, keep a track and do not overdo with the wine

Drink vegetable juice

It has been proven that one should stay away from fat and oily foods since they only tend to increase the cholesterol level and hence increasing chances of gathering stones in the gallbladder. One should drink ample vegetable juice

A vegetable juice should mainly comprise of beetroot, cucumber, and carrots. This is a very good home remedy for gallbladder stone. This is so effective because beetroot helps to clean out the liver and it strengthens the gallbladder. In addition to that, the beetroot cucumber has high water content which helps to detoxify the liver and the gallbladder. And lastly, carrots are very rich in carotenoids and Vitamin C. Thus, being very good for the immune system.

Hence, one should drink vegetable juice every day – at least three times a day, since this is one of the best ways to cure stones in the gallbladder!

What are the foods to eat and avoid

If one has stones in the gallbladder, then food plays a very important role in doing away with the pain and removing stones. One doesn’t necessarily need to eat a fat-free diet; however one should make sure that they are not obese, but healthy.  The way to go about is to eat smaller amounts of fat in every meal and eat a dish rich in proteins, fruits, vegetables, beans nuts, and avocados.

Apart from the above, there are also foods that need to be avoided. These include animal fats. Animal fat should not be consumed because it contains high cholesterol. Apart from just being high in cholesterol levels, they are very difficult to digest. This also makes one put on weight, and hence one needs to avoid oily and fatty foods as well!

gall bladder

Thus, one’s diet plays an essential role in preventing stones from occurring. Hence, one should make sure to see what they consume and not consume, as in what is healthy and not healthy for them. Controlling the diet will end up making all the difference!

Go to a doctor if –

However, there may arise a situation where one’s stone is just not emptying out with the home remedies above – in such a scenario it becomes evident that one is suffering from a severe situation of gall bladder stones and that visiting a doctor is their last resort. One should immediately head to the doctor and take the prescribed medicine or even undergo surgery if needed! Thus, visit your doctor immediately!


Hence, we hope this article on home remedy for gall bladder stone came to use and made you believe that the above home remedies are very effective and can do wonders in helping one retrieve from the stones. The above remedies not only prevent the stones but also help to keep the liver and the gallbladder strong – preventing any form of infection taking place out there!

Nevertheless, if one feels the symptoms are not improving and only going worse and worse day by day – then do not waste any more time and visit the doctor as soon as possible!

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