Home Remedy of Migraine Headaches to Help You Better

We must look for natural remedies of every problem because by continuing medicine for long, we become addicted to them. As a consequence, they stop helping us. For severe cases, it is fine to rely on medicine, but one should be more cautious about health. That’s why for migraine also, we are telling you useful home remedy which is drug-free. If you follow the below mentioned things, you can cure your migraine headache from the household things only. Needless to say, home remedy of migraine headaches helps you reduce their severity and duration for sure.



Ginger is available in everyone’s home. People like it in tea a lot. Other than this, people even like to have the flavour of this food item in many other dishes. It is very good to take ginger in winter season. This was the regular use of ginger. But here the question arises about using it in a better way when it comes to the severe headache like migraine. Undoubtedly, you can use it in relieving yourself from migraine headache. Even a successful research took place over ginger and it was found that ginger powder decreased migraine severity along with its duration.


Likewise, turmeric can be of help in migraine. There is no doubt that it is a natural pain reliever, detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory. Some people even like to drink Golden Tea which is a paste of ground turmeric, ground ginger, cracked black pepper, and raw honey.

Whenever you feel any headache, you can a teaspoon of this paste into a cup of hot water with a squeezed lemon and a dropper-full of feverfew extract. Drinking a cup only will give you an immense relief in migraine for at least two hours.


feverfew for migraine

Also, the herbs can be very helpful in migraine. Such like that is Feverfew. It is a perennial flowering herb that belongs to the daisy family. It has proved to ward off migraines for centuries. Surprisingly, the fabled flower reduces the frequency of migraine headaches and headache symptoms, including pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise. Alternatively, one can take it in capsule form for best results.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is another very good product which can be used for relieving you from the problem of migraine. At the same time, peppermint helps to control blood flow and open up the sinuses, improving oxygen flow. On top of this, its active ingredient menthol may also lessen the intensity of acute migraines. We advise you to use a few drops in your bath or you can mix it with your massage oil. Likewise, you can even drink peppermint tea to ease the pain.

Include Magnesium in your diet


As migraines aren’t the typical headaches, so if you experience them, it could be in the form of a pounding pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light as well as sound. When a migraine strikes, you try doing almost every possible thing you can think of just to get rid of it. Also, it is very easy to include in your diet. For this purpose, eat almonds, eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter, cashews, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and drink milk. Surely, they all contain magnesium which is very important for your body if suffering from migraine or severe headaches.

Apply lavender oil

Another very helpful oil in soothing your migraine headache is lavender oil. You can Inhale lavender essential oil to ease migraine pain. Even many studies in the past proved that people who inhaled lavender oil during a migraine attack for 15 minutes experienced faster relief than those who inhaled a placebo. For the better results, you should either inhale it directly or apply in the diluted form on both your temples.



Naturally, the intake of caffeine makes a person feel better who has mild headache of loss of energy. But it is equally effective in migraine if taken in the right quantity. Generally, it’s an ingredient in coffee and some other foods or drinks, and works to give you mild relief. In case if you are already on the medication of migraine, it could also help your body absorb them much easier and faster. Make sure you don’t just become reliant of caffeine as the overdose can cause fatigue and more headaches.

Vitamin B2

vitamin B2

You should definitely try including all the vitamins in your diet. But vitamin B2 becomes essential for a migraine patient as it can give a great deal of relief. Its another name is riboflavin. You can find it very easily in many different products. The products which have vitamin B2 are milk, cheese, fish and chicken. Alternatively, you can also take it as a pill, but make sure you talk to a doctor before going on the pill. It has many advantages even for the people who are not suffering from the problem of migraine. So, you should try to eat the food items that contain vitamin B2 in order to prevent it from happening.


butterbur for migraine

Many people have used this plant for years to treat their pain. But it also shows positive results in case of the problem of migraine. It is very effective in severe headaches also. So, if you are already suffering from this problem, keep butterbur handy.

Use ice

It is on another way of making the headache disappear. For this purpose, you can hold an ice pack at the base of the neck. I will surely help you to drastically reduce the pain and severity of migraines. In place of this, you can even use a cold compress.

Cannabidiol oil

cannabidiol oil

One can even use Cannabidiol oil in migraine, but this needs prescription from the doctor. Also,
the people who like to use it to soothe the pain should also check that the product comes from a reputable source, to ensure safety. This oil is worth considering.

Consult a doctor

Of course, we cannot become our own doctor, we need him in many problems. So, don’t try to treat your headache, if it is already in intolerable stage. These above mentioned remedies are when you have a headache which is from mild to severe, but you can still perform daily activities. Otherwise, consult a doctor and try using these remedies side by side or when you feel that you are on your own.

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