Home remedy for toothache pain relief that provides instant relief

Home remedies that do away with toothache

Toothaches have nothing to do with age, but more to do with candy and not brushing regularly. We are going to elaborate on home remedy for toothache and pain relief.  But before we do that, it is highly important that the reader promises to brush at least twice a day and refuses to indulge in too much candy!

Several home remedies that help to do away with tooth aches

Remedies to cure toothaches are listed below:

The first and very important home remedy to cure toothache and pain relief is to rinse your mouth with salt water. Salt water helps in loosening food particles that would be stuck to your teeth. Many people consider salt water as the best remedy to do away with pain

Second, it would also help to use a cold compress to do away with any pain. A cold compress leads to the blood vessels to constrict, hence leading to less pain. A cold compress hence comes very handy and will always give you the assured results.

Third and a very common remedy is garlic. Garlic has many uses – not only does it kill bacteria but also provides relief from pain and ache. Garlic may be smelly, but the relief one will feel after chewing it is unimaginable!

Fourth, clove is said to be a very good remedy. The oil it contains can be used to numb pain and reduce any form of inflammation. It also contains something called eugenol, this is a natural antiseptic and has done wonders in terms of relief from toothache

Fifth and very important are guava leaves! Guava leaves are very helpful in healing wounds. They also contain antimicrobial properties that help in oral care. Guavas are not only yummy but also a home remedy.

Hence, the above five natural remedies will be useful. However, do visit your doctor especially if the above remedies are not having an effect on you. This means that your situation is more difficult than it seems

Visit a doctor if for your tooth and pain relief if

You are suffering from fever, having trouble breathing or swallowing, having some pain that lasts for more than two days,  a certain swelling, and if it pains when you bite

The above home remedies are applicable and help cure a toothache, however do not devoid yourself the help of a doctor if the home remedies do not help to soothe!

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