How to Get Rid of Bloating Immediately with Home Remedies

Facing the problem of bloating, no worries! We are here to tell how to get rid of this problem. Of course, it is something which should just be treated at home rather than taking the heavy doses of medicines. Medicines are for something which goes out of your control. But bloating problem is something which you can always treat at home. In this article, we are going to tell you how to get rid of bloating immediately that too by just following simple home remedies. So, please bear with us!

bloating or gas

Home remedies to deal with the problem of bloating

People generally suffer from indigestion, but they always ignore this problem as it is something they can be with in the initial days. Remember every problem that looks simple is actually not simple. If you do not start maintaining your health well in advance, it is sometimes too late to overcome it. Bloating is such problem. If left undealt, it is going to take more time in getting cured. Not only this, but it may give birth to other more severe physical conditions too. So, please try to be very cautious.

1. Lemon and apple cider vinegar:

apple cider vinegar for gas

If you face this problem a lot, then try lemon and apple remedy. This is something which has to be had empty stomach. This helps you ease the problem of indigestion and gives you relief in bloating.

Make sure have room temperature water. Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and extract the juice from one lemon. Mix them both in one glass of water and then drink in morning time. This is a magic drink, it rehydrates your body immediately. Being a probiotic ingredient, apple cider vinegar is very helpful for the people who are suffering from the problem of indigestion.

lemon for bloating or gas

On the other hand, lemon is good to maintain the pH level of one’s body as it has alkaline. If you want you can even have only apple cider vinegar in one glass of water. It can alone also help in the problem of bloating. Overall, try to take more and more probiotics for bloating.

2. Cucumber water:

cucumber water for bloating or gas

Similarly, cucumber water is equally helpful in bloating. Cucumber water is one kind of detoxifying drink which sweeps away all the toxins from the body. The thumb rule in the problem of bloating is to keep the body hydrated as much as possible. Generally, people face this problem due to lack of water in the body. But it is also true that you cannot consume plain water always and you need to mix some more things to bring some taste in water, so that every time you drink more water.

3. Ginger:

ginger for bloating or gas

Ginger is useful in multiple ways. You can eat it raw or in food. You can have it in juice or you can even drink ginger tea. Ginger should be consumed more in the problem of bloating. Surprisingly, it does not only improve your metabolism rate, but does wonders with regards to improving the problem of bloating by curbing indigestion completely.

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4. Milk:

milk for bloating or gas

One can even consume milk when suffering from the problem of stomach burning. It is equally helpful in giving you soothing effect because some people even have to face severe pain in stomach which is sometimes intolerable. Be careful that the milk is not spoiled

5. Yogurt:

yogurt for bloating or gas

It is a good news for the people who like having yogurt because it is very beneficial for stomach problems. We recommend you to have it chilled. It even stops bloating.

6. Papaya, banana or apple:

Some fruits are also very helpful in reducing bloating of stomach. Of course, bananas have potassium in high quantity, so it is always good to have them for problem of acidity. At the same time, bananas help in bloating because they are full with fibre which is an important requirement of human body. Similarly, the apples and papaya can even help you give soothing effect by calming down the bloating or any indigestion. Thus, there are many benefits of eating banana everyday.

7. Mint:

mint for bloating or gas

Mint is undoubtedly very good for relieving any kind of stomach pain. So, you can definitely have it in the problem of bloating. To your surprise, you can have it in juices in the form of powder or you can boil it with cardamom to have it in the form of tea. This is very easily available, so you can get it from anywhere or you can grow the plant at home in your garden also.

8. Baking soda:

baking soda for bloating or gas

You have understood what causes bloating in the stomach by reading the above given points. So, definitely in every situation, you need to try to avoid consuming anything that can cause inflammation or put you in the problem of indigestion. For belly bloat detox, you can even use baking soda as it minimizes acidity. You can have it in warm water, but do not exceed it from half a teaspoon.

9. Aloe vera juice:

aloe vera juice for bloating or gas

Aloe vera juice is a very good remedy for bloating or gas. It has cooling effect on your stomach problems, thus it helps you in the problem of indigestion too by reducing any irritability.

10. Basil:

Basil is a plant which is found in most of the Indian homes as it is worshipped too. It has numerous medicinal properties which are very good for many diseases. When it comes to stomach ache or problem of bloating, it can help you in several ways. You can of course have it in tea. Only two-three leaves are enough to give you instant relief. Make sure you wash the leaves before using.

basil for bloating or gas

Alternatively, person with upset stomach can even start consuming basil leaves or powder in food also for much better results.

11. Cloves:

cloves for bloating or gas

Cloves are also remarkable in the problem of gas or bloating, so you are advised to have them to reduce gas. It is even very effective in cramps.

12. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol:

avoid smoking and alcohol in bloating or gas

People sometimes do not know the exact reason of stomach problem. To some extent, it is because of our changing lifestyle. You should not at all drink or smoke if you have bloating problem.

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