How to get rid of yellow teeth fast and naturally within some days

picture showing yellow teeth

Get rid of yellow teeth fast & naturally in few days. Some ways being using are baking soda, brushing regularly and watching what you eat!

There is no mistake when we suggest that everyone is enamored by beauty care and a desire to look their best and feel good by just being able to stare at themselves in front of a mirror. Beauty plays a very crucial role in our society, and to enhance one’s beauty, women and men would go to any level. This being said, today we are going to illustrate and shine light about yellow teeth and how to get rid of yellow teeth fast, without incurring any side – effects.

Being promoters of home remedies, we are willingly going to follow that path and engage our readers with certain yellow teeth remedy, focus on yellow teeth and bad breath, and as mentioned before state some yellow teeth home remedies that will come to effective use by our readers!

picture showing yellow teeth

We would love to delve further into how to get rid of yellow teeth, but before we go deeper into the topic let us understand and figure why yellow teeth occur. What are the various reasons behind one’s teeth turning yellow? No one likes and admires the color yellow – for many people the word yellow is actually associated with the word dirty fellow. So, goodbye yellow, and hello white!

There are many reasons behind yellow teeth causes, and we are going to adorn you with the reasons behind one’s teeth turning yellow and ugly. We are going to suggest and provide our readers with a way that will make their smile shiny and bright, and attract people towards them. Yes, beauty has no bounds.

Reasons behind a yellow tooth


Sometimes we love our family, and there are times when we end up despising them. This being mainly because of the genes that flow. A reason behind a yellow tooth can be in the genes. After all, one can’t love everything about their families now, can they?


image showing dentin

  A medical term for one’s teeth turning yellow is dentin. Many of us suffer from yellow teeth due to the enamel being thin, allowing the dentin to be showcased.  Dentin is yellow and brownish and resides under the enamel.

Teeth wearing down

Growing old and turning older every day is something that is not in our control. It is a process that happens every second, like just this very moment. As one grows older, their teeth wear down and automatically start looking yellow.

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image showing smoking

As of now, the most common reason behind a yellow tooth is smoking. Smoking is an addiction which doesn’t only harm the lungs, but also leaves a yellowish color on one’s teeth. So, you’re not only dying, but you’re dying a yellow and sad death!


When it comes down to food, a yellow tooth cannot be avoided. Most food items which eat every day are a reason behind the yellow in our teeth. Surprisingly, there are contents in even a healthy salad which leave your teeth to become yellow! So, nothing is safe.


coffee causing yellow teeth

As humans, we need our daily dosage of coffee and drinks. Our day is not complete without a cup of tea in the morning. These two being the biggest reasons behind that yellow color on your teeth. Not only is coffee and tea bad, but also white and red wine along with other sodas and fizzy drinks!  Exciting life isn’t it?


Medicines are not always good for the body, and do come with side effects. It has been said that if a child before the age of eight years was on antibiotics, then there are high chances of his/her teeth being yellow!


Accidents, as usual, leave a scar, sometimes a permanent one. A physical trauma can crack your teeth, and damage the enamel. This will lead to your teeth getting discolored and turning yellow!

Ways to get rid of yellow teeth fast

Now that we have provided ample information as to why do yellow teeth occur in the first place, we are finally going to answer your question – “How to get rid of yellow teeth fast”

Try oil pulling

Oil pulling is a rather brilliant way to get rid of yellow teeth fast and instantly. It is regarded as a folk remedy that cleans up one’s teeth and makes it shine white and bright. This remedy is encouraged by putting oil on one’s teeth and aiding in removing the bacteria!

Many people prefer to choose coconut oil since the aroma and taste that it gives out is very pleasant and appealing to one’s taste. Studies have proven that applying oil every day, will cause the bacteria to fade away, and make one’s teeth white and shiny!

Apply baking soda

image showing effects of baking soda

Apart from massaging a certain oil on your teeth, brushing with baking soda has its own charm as well. To get rid of yellow teeth, we suggest the application of baking soda every day. This soda contains properties that enhance natural whitening and is also a very popular property in a toothpaste.

Baking soda also assists in creating an alkaline environment, which helps to keep the bacteria away. For one to notice changes, patience is required. One will be able to witness yellow turning white in a couple of months!

Eat good amounts of fruits and vegetables

Watching one’s diet is very essential. Vegetable and fruits aid not only one’s health but may also remove the yellow tinge from your teeth. Hence, include many fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.  Strawberries and pineapples are the two champions that will definitely help to get rid of yellow teeth!

Regular brushing

image showing brushing

Apart from all the oiling and the good diet, it is also essential that one brushes at least twice a day! There is no doubt that with age, yellow stains appear – but this shouldn’t hamper one from brushing and looking after their teeth. Regular brushing helps in preventing bacteria and built up of plaque.

Go to a doctor if

Hence, if one wants to picture white and not yellow, then the above home remedies are a very good way to follow that path. However, an easy path doesn’t suit everyone, and if you are of the opinion that your teeth are beyond repair – then go to a doctor and get your dental health checked up!

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