How to increase immunity power in body naturally and instantly

Increase immunity power in body naturally and quickly. One is suggested to sleep well, not take much stress and eat good food!

Having a good immunity response is no doubt essential. If one doesn’t have good immunity then their chances of falling ill and being immune to other infections and diseases will become easy. Today, we are shadowed with several ailments, and having low immunity makes us susceptible to these illnesses. Many have low immunity, and hence this article is going to be a protector and provide one an answer to – how to increase immunity power in body naturally.

Having a strong immune system is necessary to survive. Low immunity in short means that the body is easily opened to the infections and diseases out there. It takes them much lesser time to be enveloped by these infections as compared to people who have good immunity.

how to increase immunity power in the body naturally

Having low immunity raises questions and leaves people puzzled. There are various things that are asked such as foods that weaken immune system? What are signs of a weak immune system? Is garlic for immunity good? And natural remedy for immune system?

Symptoms of low immunity

There are many symptoms that indicate a person having low immunity. Some being – affected by infections very frequently and falling ill very often. Second, infection of internal organs. Third, when a person suffers from blood disorders such as anemia. One is also under the symptom when they suffer from loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea.

how to increase immunity power in the body naturally

Hence, if one finds themselves falling ill and a prey to infections on and off – then they definitely have a low immunity system. Thus, the topic for today is how to increase immunity power in body naturally.

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Causes behind low immunity

There are several reasons as to why one suffers from low immunity.



When one undertakes a lot of stress and is always overloaded with something or the other, then the immunity system loses its touch and makes one more prone to infections and illnesses. Hence, people who are very stressed out, have more chances of falling ill

Not exercising enough

not exercising enough

When one does not exercise properly their immunity system also tends to fall. Hence, to increase immunity power in body naturally – one needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thus, it is very essential that one takes care of their health and exercise regularly.

Lack of sleep

not sleeping enough

When one is not able to sleep properly, then all the things that help to fight infections are busted. Thus, increasing the chances of falling ill very easily.

Not good nutrition

What you eat and not eat is a very major deciding factor behind one’s immunity. Eating healthy and having protein will reduce the chances of falling ill. Hence, keep a track of your diet and keep a watch on what you consume

Home remedies to increase immunity and how to increase immunity power in body naturally

Manage stress

One of the very good ways to do away with low immunity is to get a good amount of rest and not take stress. As mentioned stress and lack of sleep can lower one’s immunity – thus do not overexert yourself, as that would only lead to one falling ill.

Avoid tobacco

no smoking

Tobacco is said to reduce immunity. So, if one wants to increase immunity power in body naturally then they need to stop consuming tobacco. This raises chances of one getting bronchitis and pneumonia

Drink less alcohol

drink less

So, it is not only tobacco but also the alcohol which lowers one’s immunity. Hence, drink less alcohol and make changes in one’s lifestyle. Living a healthy life is the key to increasing one’s immunity levels. Thus, allowing one to be strong and not falling ill that easily.

Fruits that boost immune system

Eat well

If one wants to boost their immunity and increase the immunity power in body naturally then they should follow a good diet. One should eat ample vegetables, and fruits to boost their immunity. It is essential to keep a lookout on what one eats!


eat garlic

Garlic is very essential in boosting ones immunity. One should eat it raw or mix it with the foods. Thus, one should eat garlic every day

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is rich in nutrients and contains antimicrobial properties. It is very good in helping body get rid of toxins and in boosting ones immunity. Hence, one should have this every day in water. Be it in mornings or night time!


This is very rich in antioxidants – hence, being very good to boost immunity. It is also regarded as a very good herb, being antibiotic and antimicrobial. Being so, it helps getting rid of infections and promoting one’s health

Green tea

green tea

Green tea is very good in altering the function of one’s white blood cells, and hence being very good in order to get rid of health conditions. Green tea thus is very important to consume if one wants to increase their immunity levels

Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Lemon juice is very good to cure immunity power in body naturally. It contains vitamin C, which as well all know is very good to increase one’s immunity levels. Thus, consumption of this every day will help fight infections and bacteria. One should drink lemon juice every day, at least thrice a day. Good amount of consumption will lead one to be healthy and wise!


Hence above have been laid down ways to increase immunity power in body naturally. It is very essential to have good immunity if one wants to ward off illnesses and infections. The above remedies are natural and have no side effects. But since they are natural, they may take longer to have an impact. Thus, even though we have laid down several home remedies, one’s body may not react to it, and there may come a need to visit the doctor.

If one falls very ill, and have severe illness or infection – do understand that the above remedies may not do you good, or may not work as well. In such a scenario one’s doctor is the best person to visit and take advise from. Sometimes, prescribed medicines are the only way out of a certain illness!

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