How to remove hair glue from hair home remedy and its effective results

hair glue remover home remedies

How to remove hair glue from hair home remedy talks about the various ways in which the glue can be taken out. This includes washing hair properly!

Women desire to look beautiful all the time, even when it’s time to sleep and say goodbye to the day. For them, beauty can be defined by various ways, be it how fair they are if they have acne and pimples, their soft skin devoid of wrinkles, and the very important issue that defines beauty for them is the hair! Extensions and adding volume to the hair through artificial hair is common, and for that glue has to be applied. This glue can be a pain to take out and hence our topic for today is – how to remove hair glue from hair home remedy

There comes a point when the women are required to take off the extensions. In such a scenario many women question – how to remove hair glue? This is an easy question since how to remove hair glue from hair has been questioned by almost all women who have got extensions done! Hair glue plays a common role in looking beautiful and hence we’d like to focus on something related to it, that being how to remove hair glue from hair home remedy

Removing hair glue from hair home remedies and how to remove super glue from hair

Oil your hair

When people ask about removing hair glue from hair home remedies, one is suggested to use a lot of oil on the hair. These oils can be baby oil, almond oil, etc. Put massive amounts of oil on your hair and then wrap it up with a towel. This will help get rid of the glue as oil helps to loosen the glue in the hair. However, fair warning – the process might take long and hence, it is compulsory to be patient!

Dish soap

Dish soap is also considered a remedy to remove hair glue from hair. Dish soap like oil loosens the glue and makes it easier to take off. Rub the dish soap properly on the head, and leave it on for a while. Once this is done, make sure to rinse it well enough. This will make it easier for the glue to come off


Alcohol is very essential to remove hair glue residue. Even though this is a very good way to remove hair glue, this is also a process that may take longer. One is warned to not dip the entire hair in alcohol and acetone. Only dip the part which has been affected by the glue. This is very good to remove hair glue from hair remedy.

Use a lot of conditioner

A conditioner works wonders when it comes to removing the glue. One is suggested to use a lot of warm water and conditioner. The conditioner has ingredients that help the extensions and the glue to come out easily.

Put ice cubes

A good way to remove hair glue from hair home remedy is by applying ice cubes on the area which is covered by glue. When that is done the glue will automatically come off and will be easier to get rid of.

Below are laid down the easy process of removing the glue from hair

Step 1: Oiling

One should apply a thick coating of oil on the head. It does not make a difference whether the hair is wet or dry. One should dab more of the oil around the area where the glue is put. Be comfortable and relax since the oil has to stay put for at least 15 to 20 minutes! After a span of that much time comb your hair as gently as possible. One may need to repeat the process if all the glue did not come off.

Step 2: Rinsing & Washing

The process doesn’t just end there. Remove hair glue from hair home remedy is a complicated process which needs to be followed.

This step involves rinsing and washing of the hair with warm water. This should be done with warm/hot water, as the level and intensity of the heat will play a role in loosening the glue and helping to manipulate it.  After the hair has been washed properly one should dab their hair with a good conditioner.

One is required to leave the conditioner for at least twenty minutes. This is done so, as the conditioner breaks down the glue molecules that are stuck in the hair. After a span of twenty minutes – comb the hair again and repeat this process however times you may find necessary

Step 3: Remove the Glue

This is the last and final step. In this step to remove hair glue from hair home remedy take hair clips and pin up the natural hair. This is done so that one can clearly see the extensions and the glue.  In this process, one is required to wear gloves to protect their hands from the hair extension glue remover that is going to be used. This substance should be applied to every teeny weeny spot of glue that can be seen. One will require a lot of patience for this process to complete. If your friend is free and up to nothing – you can ask them for their help!

Five rules to know before getting hair extensions

What hair will suit you


There are different type of hair extensions, and each has a unique quality about them Once should however see which extension would go with your lifestyle. Clipins  are the most popular choice with the beginners and they are easy to manage. Another option is tape extensions – these are held with the help of tape and they last for like eight weeks. The third is Keratin – they are attached through a deep process and last for about three months! Thus, before getting either of the extensions one should understand which extension would suit their lifestyle

Get the right color match


When wearing extensions it is quite necessary to make sure that you match the right color to your orginal hair. The best way to do that is by matching the ends of the locks and not the roots, and choose a color which goes best with the hair. Thus, getting the right and the exact color is quite essential

Splurge on quality

One should not spend on extensions that don’t have good quality. One should choose those that don’t tabgle up easily and can be maintained well.  Those that don’t cost much are way too shiny and hence stand out from the rest of the hair. If one wants good quality extension then they should use Remy extensions. They fall closest to the natural hair and they don’t look fake at all!

Do maintenance work

Make sure to take care of the extensions. Like the normal hair they should wash them regularly. Thus whatever type of extension you may go for – make sure to take care of them and maintain them well. One should treat them no differently that their natural hair! Different types of extensions require different maintenance and one should keep that in mind

Know when to let go


It is important to let your extensions go when the time is right. Some people say that the extension damaged their hair – this is only because they didn’t remove it at the right time! Imagine wearing extensions which were meant for six weeks for about three months! There will definitely be damage to the hair. Make sure the extensions are not too heavy, incase one feels the weight and feels that they are pulling one’s hair down – then immediately go back to the salon and get them done properly!

Hair glue remover shampoo

There are many shampoos that help to remove the glue. One of the much-recommended one is SALON PRO Exclusive Glue Residue Remover Shampoo. This shampoo is very effective in removing glue and comes in 4 oz and 12 oz. Once this shampoo is applied, most of the glue is handled and the hair is left soft and easy to manage.

As far as the directions are concerned the first thing to do is to wet the hair. Then apply the shampoo to the hair, massage it well and finally give it a proper rinse with warm water. One is suggested to use a fine tooth comb to remove any glue residue left in the hair

How to take care of hair with extensions

When one gets extensions they have to take extra care of the hair as extensions are artificial hair and to maintain the health of hair – one needs to take extra care!

Wash them normally

Wash your extensions with the normal hair, in fact treat them no differently. However, one should be more gentle and careful as rigorous washing can loosen up the extensions. Apart from being gentle, also use a moisturizing shampoo. Extensions need a lot of moisture to remain soft and healthy. As mentioned earlier the very important thing to keep in mind is that extensions should not be treated differently – they should be the same as normal hair.

Use sulfate free shampoo

Even though sulfate cleans up the hair properly they can also dry out the natural oil in one’s hair. This natural oil helps to protect and heal the hair from any form of damage. One has to be careful about drying out the extensions and hence sulfate shampoo should not be used.

Other reasons why sulfate should not be used is because they create split ends

Sulfate can cause the hair to be frizzy

Use a conditioner

In addition to the above, one should definitely use a conditioner. This is because each strand of hair has a cuticle layer – which makes the hair healthy and shiny. Thus, a conditioner prevents these cuticles from breaking down and from preventing one’s hair from look dull and lump. Make sure the conditioner is applied way deep down to the roots, and with extensions, one should leave the conditioner on them for quite a while

Wash your extensions three to five times a week

wash extensions

One is suggested to not wash their extensions every single day. This is because just like normal hair washing these extensions every day will make them dry and frizzy. The days when you do wash your hair, give them a gentle rinse and use some conditioner.

There are two factors that determine how often one should wash their hair

  • Of course, depends upon how oily one’s scalp is
  • Example a person with thick, dry hair who doesn’t use products will not need to wash hair so often as someone with oily hair who uses products every day!

Blow dry the hair

Before one goes off to sleep it is essential to blow dry the hair completely. Extensions should not be wet when sleeping with them. This is because if the extensions are wet then they will bunch up and get tangled. Thus, it is essential to dry out the extensions. One can also use a good hair dryer to do so!


Thus, we hope the above article has come to be useful and helps in figuring out as to how to remove glue from the hair.  Looking beautiful is a desire that cannot be overlooked, but to be pretty one also needs to take precautions. Hence, the above home remedies are not only effective but also easily affordable!

Nevertheless, we hope that you choose the extension that suits you best. Do make sure not to go for poor quality though, because those can shine out from your natural hair and actually look very bad.


Thus, apart from all that, in order to safeguard your hair from any damage  – remove the extensions at the very right time, if they aren’t done so then that can cause a lot of problems. We all know looking beautiful can come with a price, especially if it’s about hair and thus apart from just spending the money one should also take care of the hair as much as they can. Extensions don’t necessarily have to be harmful if taken good care of and if chosen good quality hair. Apart from that, one should also remove them at the right time, and not keep holding on to them.

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