How to get rid of dark circles instantly and naturally

picture showing dark circles

Reduce dark circles and get rid of them instantly and naturally. Some ways being by putting an eye pack and getting enough sleep

We are living in stressful times, times where everyone is running the race and desires to come first. So, who is the winner? In these stressful times, people don’t get enough or even proper sleep – leading to dark circles. To answer your question – How to get rid of dark circles instantly let us first describe what dark circles are!

picture showing dark circles

The dark circles below eyes can make one look tired and weak. There are many reasons behind dark circles causes, one mainly being lack of sleep and stress. In short, dark circles are mainly blemishes around the eyes. They are caused not only due to fatigue but also – allergies, asthma, anemia, medications, age and also genes.

We are now going to focus on dark circles best remedy and dark circles treatment at home. In terms of how to get rid of dark circles instantly, read below:

Apply a cold compress

A cold compress can be your best friend. It helps to reduce swelling and remove dilated blood vessels. A cold compress is very good in terms of reducing the puffiness and doing away with dark circles. Put some ice cubes in a cloth and then apply it to your eyes. Keep repeating it till the time the cloth becomes warm or the ice melts!

Get good amount of sleep

picture showing sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep reduces the dark circles and tiredness. If one is not getting proper sleep then their skin can appear pale, making the dark circles even more obvious. It is suggested that one should sleep at least for eight to nine hours a day!

Change the way you sleep

Apart from just getting good sleep, it is also suggested that one should watch the way they sleep. Elevate your head with a few pillows – this will prevent the fluid from going under your eyes. If these fluids are not prevented, then one’s eye can look fluffy and swollen.

Apply cold tea bags

picture showing tea bags

Your question of how to get rid of dark circles instantly can be answered easily. One is suggested to apply cold tea bags. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that help increase blood circulation, shrink one’s blood vessels, and help reduce liquid retention beneath the skin. Chill the tea bags, after they are chilled, apply them to your closed eyes for 10 to 20 minutes!

Use makeup to hide dark circles

picture showing makeup

It is evident that makeup cannot help get rid of dark circles, but they can help to hide them.  Use a concealer, since it can help blend dark marks with the tone of your skin! However, use makeup with care – some products can make your skin worse and cause irritation and redness. If you feel that a certain irritation is occurring, then immediately stop using makeup.

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One can also get rid of dark circles through a massage. To answer your question – how to get rid of dark circles instantly, do a massage! Mix coconut oil and almond oil, and apply it in a circular motion around the eyes. Leave the mixture on for at least an hour, and make sure to do this daily! One can make the mask and store it in the fridge. It will not get bad for at least a week.

Apply an eye pack

picture showing eye pack

An eye pack can also help one to get rid of dark circles. As far as the ingredients go, get some ground fresh coconut, a few drops of lemon juice, some cucumber, fresh cream, and china clay. Mix these ingredients together and store it in the fridge. Apply this pack on your eyes, and leave it on for about 20 minutes. This pack will lead to instant results and make you look fresh and energized!


Tomatoes are a winner when it comes to beauty care! Mix lemon juice and fresh tomato juice. Once this mixture is made, apply it beneath your eyes, and massage it well. Leave this mask on for at least 20 minutes. You will see the change that tomatoes bring!

Grated potato

picture showing potato

In terms of how to get rid of dark circles instantly, apply grated potato. Raw potato slices have proven to be very useful.  Potatoes have a lightening effect on the skin. Many people have applied raw potatoes on their eyes, and have seen positive and instant results! Hence, if one wants to do away with dark circles, just cut raw potato slices and apply!

Herbal tea bags

Most people have switched from normal tea and coffee to herbal teas. Herbal teas are way better since they don’t contain much sugar. If you are one to drink herbal tea, then we suggest you to not throw the tea bags after you are finished with them. These tea bags are very good for the eyes and dark circles! Keep these tea bags in your fridge. When one has time, use these on the eyes. Chamomile tea bags are said to do wonders when it comes to doing away with dark circles!

Cold milk

In terms of how to get rid of dark circles instantly – apply cold milk! Milk contains lactic acid, which is very good to remove puffiness and darkness around the eyes. If one wants to remove dark circles, then soak two cotton balls in cold milk and place them under your eyes for some time. Cold milk is said to be very helpful, and has been proven as a very effective remedy! Thus, don’t only drink cold milk, apply it below your eyes as well.Do not use spoiled milk

Apply rose water

picture showing rose water

Rose water is said to be very helpful to remove dark circles and rejuvenate one. How to apply rose water? Soak a cotton pad in rose water for about three minutes, and then place the pad on your eyes. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Do this twice every day for at least two to three weeks!

Go to a doctor if

Hence, we hope the above home remedies come to use. Many people have tried and tested them and have come back with good results. However, your dark circles may be so intense that they can’t be cured with the above remedies, if that is the case – visit your doctor and take his advice

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