How to treat epilepsy without medication and gaining instant results

how to treat epilepsy

Permanent cure of epilepsy without medication. The several ways include to exercise, do yoga and keep your mind calm naturally

There is no surprise that people and beings today fall under the shadow of many diseases and infections that are not only harmful but can hamper one’s existence altogether. A very famous man had the same trauma that we are going to highlight today – Yes, the man was no other than Julius Caesar and he suffered from slight seizures that are commonly known as epileptic seizures. We are going to talk about how to treat epilepsy without medication

Epilepsy should not be taken lightly as these seizures can happen anywhere at any time. They do not announce when they are going to take place, and hence one has to be ready to greet them at any point in time. It is essential that one is prepared to face them.


When one announces the word epilepsy, commoners come up with certain questions like is there a homemade remedy for epilepsy? How to stop seizures permanently? Epilepsy treatment, and more importantly epilepsy treatment guidelines!

What is epilepsy?

Putting down in simple words epilepsy is a neurological disorder where the nerve cell activity in the brain is hampered and disturbed. Due to this, one faces seizures. These can occur at any time, and hence one has to be prepared for it. Epilepsy basically denotes an abnormal activity in the brain

Symptoms of epilepsy

Some of the very acute symptoms of epilepsy include  when a person undergoes temporary confusion when one is faced with jerking movements of the arms and legs, when one loses consciousness and awareness and when  feelings of fear, anxiety take control over the being’s mind


What are the causes behind epilepsy

There may be several causes behind an epileptic disorder, one of the many popular ones being genes. This condition can be passed on from family to family. Second, can be a change in the brain as when the brain is not developing properly. One can also be epileptic if they faced low oxygen during birth, brain tumors, and high amounts of sodium and blood pressure.

How to treat epilepsy without medication



Herbs are a very good way to treat epilepsy without medication.  Herbs are the best way to treat any ailment, especially if one doesn’t want to go for prescribed medications.

Most common and useful herbs for epilepsy are urning bush, hydrocotyle, groundsel, lily of the valley, mugwort, tree of heaven and valerian. The herbs mentioned are a very effective way to treat seizures!

Follow a ketogenic diet

One can prevent seizures by following a ketogenic diet. This diet works wonders and is a very good way to treat epilepsy without medication. This diet has high-fat foods and very little carbohydrates. Many people suffering from these seizures have followed this diet and seen a tremendous change in the number of seizures that they faced. With this diet, many have witnessed a reduction in the seizures!


yoga for epilepsy

Practicing yoga is said to be a very good way to treat people with epilepsy. Why one should indulge in yoga is because it calms the mind and tends to allow one to take control over not only their body but also their mind which is erratic due to the seizures. Study has proven that people who are epileptic and practice yoga tend to follow life lightly with a decreased number of seizures.

We do not joke when we say yoga is useful. If you are a person who is epileptic and needs to control your seizures, then yoga is your escape. Yoga ends up relieving the mind of all the stress and anxiety and all forms of trouble. At the end of the day, yoga provides peace!

Get a good sleep

sleep is important for epilepsy

Sleep is important to do away with any form of ailments, and hence one should get a good nights sleep in order to make sure that the seizures are reduced. Sleep, no doubt causes peace and calms the troubled mind. Once the brain is calmed, and stress-free, the allowance of having a seizure reduces automatically. Hence, sleep well and do not take much stress on your head.

Change in lifestyle

A very good way to treat epilepsy without medication is by changing one’s lifestyle. People who are epileptic should start their day with an exercise and make sure that they do not consume alcohol and smokes. Alcohol and smokes are a major trigger of seizures and hence one needs to cut down on them. A change in lifestyle is much needed if one wants to reduce or even do away with seizures!

Coconut oil

If one wants to be treated naturally for seizures then coconut oil is highly effective since it contains fatty acids. Coconut oil provides relief and is very therapeutic. It is a very good way to cure one of the seizures, and has the ability to do away with them altogether!



This is a very good home remedy to treat epilepsy since it is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  These help in removing toxins from the body, and promote better functioning of the nervous system. Hence, by making the nervous system stronger – Garlic is useful in preventing any form of seizures and other things related to epilepsy


Hence, we hope that one is enlightened by how to treat epilepsy without medication. The above are all natural home remedies, which come with no side effects. The worrisome part about a person who has epilepsy is that the seizures can come and take place at anytime and anywhere. So, one needs to be prepared all the time, however, if one follows the natural remedies listed above, the occurrence of seizures may reduce, and one may find themselves no longer under the shadow of this illness.

Visit a doctor if

However, even though the above remedies are very effective and work wonders, there may come a point when a person is receptive towards these. If that is the case, then don’t try to make the above work – it is a clear indication that the patient needs to see their doctor. Hence, people who are epileptic to an extent that is very severe, your doctor may be the only help you can get!

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