Several effective Indian home remedies for bad breath

Indian home remedies for bad breath, and how to do away with it. For example brush daily, eat guavas, and take good dental care

Communication is seen as the key to success, not just communication but good communication. If one wants to be on top of that ladder, then one’s speaking skills and contact building skills should be amazing. But, there may come a time that as soon as you open your mouth, you drive people away. Not a very common scenario, but a plausible one, especially if you are a victim to bad breath. Yes, the topic of discussion today is Indian home remedies for bad breath

What is bad breath

Bad breath is easy to understand, and rotten to smell. It is such a case that when one opens their mouth, a bad odour is released. It can be considered quite repulsive and drive people away. When we speak of this, several questions need arise – people are puzzled and demand answers to how to cure bad breath fast? How to cure bad breath naturally forever? Are there any herbal remedies for bad breath? And foods for bad breath

bad breath

These are very relevant questions and is valid for a lay man to raise them. Before we delve into the home remedies for bad breath, let us understand the causes and symptoms of bad breath

Symptoms of bad breath

One may be under the umbrella of bad breath if they have a dry mouth, if a white coating on the tongue can be seen, there is a build up around teeth, if they suffer from a morning bad breath and a burning tongue, and they undergo a constant sour taste in their mouth.

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If one feels that the above symptoms apply to them, then do carefully read on and be attentive to the Indian home remedies for bad breath that we will lay down

Causes behind bad breath

One can contribute various reasons behind bad breath. One of the main ones being not brushing regularly and properly, also dry mouth due to medicines, alcohol, and stress can also lead to bad breath. If one is undergoing kidney failure, their mouth will definitely give out bad breath.

So, try staying away from the above if you want people to not stop talking to you. A person with bad breath can be left isolated due to the rotten smell that emerges when he speaks and opens his/her mouth!

Indian home remedies for bad breath

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is a very good Indian home remedy for bad breath. Vinegar does wonders for many other ailments as well. Take a couple of drops of this vinegar, mix it with water and then gargle with it. Do this daily and you will find a decrease in the smell emerging from the mouth

Coconut oil

coconut oil

Apart from apple cider, one should also try coconut oil . One is required to take some of that oil and rinse it in your mouth. Do this for up to 20 minutes every day, and you will see the change! Make sure you rinse your mouth daily.

Fennel seeds

These are very good for clearing the mouth and improving one’s breath. They tend to increase the saliva in the mouth which ends up killing the germs and bacteria.

Green tea

green tea

One of the very good Indian home remedies for bad breath is to drink green tea. This doesn’t only prevent bad breath but also reduces ones chances of getting a cavity. This is done by reducing the bacteria level and the acid in the mouth

Lemon juice

lemon juice

This juice is not only good to feel refreshed and energized, but also helps in removing odour or the rotten smell in ones mouth. So, if you don’t want to scare away the people then drink lemon juice.

Sesame oil

This oil is very good to clean the mouth and removing the bad smell. Apart from all that it also acts like a teeth whitener. So, use this oil every day – a couple of time, and repeat this process till you find that the bad breath is fading away

Eat guavas


This is a very old remedy that helps to cure the teeth and gums. It cures many infections related to the teeth. Hence it gets rid of bad breath, looks after cavities, and the overall dental hygiene



This is a mouth freshener, and apart from doing away with bad breath, it is also very good for health. It also takes care of dental issues

Eat the right food

There are certain foods that are good for the health but come along with a pungent smell. These include garlic, onions, ginger. So even if one does consume them, make sure to brush after and rinse the mouth thoroughly. We are not saying don’t eat them, as they are good for the health – but do brush afterwards!

Change lifestyle

If one wants to get rid of bad breath then they need to start taking care of their teeth. It is absolutely compulsory to brush at least twice a day. One’s dental health is very important, and especially when you are in a mood to connect with people. Let us remind you, bad breath with only scare away people, hence take care of your teeth and dental hygiene

Drink ample water


Drink plenty of water every day, not only does it keep you hydrated but also helps to get rid of bad breath. In fact one is suggested to drink one glass of water as soon as they wake up. This will help to freshen the mouth and devoid it on the pungent smell


Hence, from above we have figured out how important it is to get rid of bad breath. Above are laid down various Indian home remedies that prevent it. However, the condition may be to too severe, and the above remedies may not work. In such a case one may have to and should visit their dentist. He may be the only one who can help you to get rid of the rotten smell. Do brush regularly and take care of your dental hygiene!

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