Benefits of Kokum Butter for Dry Hair & Skin

Kokum Butter benefits for hair and skin , acne , aging. How to make home made kokum lip balm. Also how to purchase Kokum butter seeds

 Many of us are complaining about our dry hair and skin. To solve these problems, we are surrounded by so many beauty products and other cosmetics. So if you are already confused or followed by some of these products, then why not knowing about a natural product. 

Kokum butter is a natural product that helps in skin cells repairing and keeps you look better. As I told you earlier, the confusion caused by cosmetics can be erased by a natural product to get the same benefits over your skin and hair. 

Kokum butter has gained a little popularity in a few years as it has shown people a good percentage of benefits for skin dryness. The restoration properties of Kokum butter has helped in many physical problems. Many people use this as an alternative to butter. 

What Exactly is this Kokum Butter

kokum butter benefits
kokum butter benefits

Kokum butter is just like any other butter in the market. But what makes it different from other butter is its consistent firmness. 

It is seen in a light color, can be easily flaked & crumbled into pieces. It has a higher melting point as compared to any other butter we know in general. 

Kokum is very helpful as a moisturizer for skin and smoothens skin after applying. As you apply a small piece of it on skin, it will melt a little on the skin. 

This butter has a dry texture and is mixed with other butter to create a better product in the market. Also, it can be stored at home for a longer time period. 

Uses of Kokum Butter in Beauty Products

If you think that kokum butter is not used as extensively as you think, then read us more. 

  1. Kokum butter is widely used in soap, lotion, and body balms.
  2. Many moisturizing products are using Kokum butter as an essence in their products to use it for its amazing recovering properties.
  3. Another reason for choosing Kokum butter in beauty products is that it has a neutral scent, which leads to more consumers in the market. 

How does Kokum Butter Produced

Kokum or Garcinia Indica is a tree that is found in the Maharashtra region of India. At its origin place, it is called as Kokum, that’s why called kokum butter. It is not a new product, People of India are using this product from a long time for various medicines/ 

Now you want to know how kokum butter is extracted. The kokum tree produces fruits, which are handpicked from the tree by people. After that, the pickers take out seeds from the fruits. Kokum butter is extracted from the seeds of the fruit. After that, it is used in commercial industries.  

Benefits of Kokum Butter 

Kokum Butter is used in many ways as medicine to humans. Here we are going to provide you multiple benefits of kokum butter, which can help in curing an ailment. Some of these are Infection, Arthritis, Inflammation, Dryness, & wrinkles.

Kokum Butter for Skin 

Putting it directly on your body can help in dryness, itching & Sunscreen. It is smoother than other moisturizers to help the skin breathe and helps in repairing it. 

As it has to repair properties, it helps in removing cracks in lips, cheeks & feet. The harmful effects of sunshine, which can create allergies & inflammation, can be cured by applying kokum butter on the affected portion. 

Kokum Butter for Hair 

Skin recovery is good, but hair recovery is something that is more useful in with people suffering from baldness. 

Fenugreek Seeds hair loss
Kokum Butter for Hair 

If you are losing hair due to any chemical treatment or due to any other factor on you, then kokum butter can help your scalp. It is believed that Kokum butter can help in rejuvenating your hair follicles and helps in hair growth

By regular use, the scalp is oxygenated and provides scalp enough nutrition to grow hairs again. Another small advantage of using kokum butter for hair recovery is that, after applying, you won’t even feel too oily on your head. 

Skin Protection Against Free Radicals

Kokum butter is one of the highest sources of Vitamin E. So, as we all know that Vitamin E with essential fats is a powerful antioxidant that improves skin health and protects your skin against free radicals. Free radicals are basically toxins present in the environment. 

Chapped Lips cure with Kokum Butter 

As I already told you that using kokum butter on the skin is helpful in moisturizing skin and recovering it as it is. The purest form of kokum butter can be used as a lip moisturizer cream. This softens the lips and helps in recovering dead scares (if any). Also, it keeps lips hydrated for a longer time without feeling too oily.  

Reduces Signs of Aging 

Reducing aging signs aren’t is something all are interested in. Products that claim such properties are generally made of kokum butter. What actually it does is helps in regenerating skin cells and wrinkles that occur on face and other parts of the body.  

Acne Treatment   

Kokum butter is a very popular cure in acne on the skin. Actually, it is called as anti-acne product. Applying Kokum butter for a few days helps in producing more oil from the skin. This same technique is used in the anti-acne soaps. As it also has antibacterial properties, it is lost easier to remove acne, i.e. a form of bacteria. 

Skin Rejuvenation via Abrasion & Pimples

Many of us have scars due to pimples, abrasions, and scratches on the skin. Applying Kokum butter on the skin with an oil can helps in recovering skin damage on the applied portion of the body. 

Kokum Butter Vs. Shea Butter   

There is not much difference in the Kokum butter and Shea Butter. All the observant differences are written here for you. 

Shea Butter
  1. Shea butter is quite popular in the west. And Kokum butter is an eastern product. 
  2. Both of them are excellent moisturizers for skin and has almost the same properties for the skin. 
  3. Kokum Butter is extracted from the seeds of Kokum fruit, and Shea butter is obtained from African Tree Shea. 
  4. A very observing difference between kokum butter & Shea Butter is that. Kokum butter is dry to touch, and Shea butter is quite greasy and softer to touch and in seeing too. 
  5. Shea butter takes more time in melting to the skin as compared to Kokum Butter. 
  6. Kokum Butter is composed of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E & non-comedogenic, while Shea Butter has essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E & F. 

Note:- As mentioned above, a very slight difference is given in both of them. Many people are using a combination of both on their skin and found better results. But you should be consulting your doctor before you try any of them. 

Kokum Butter Lip Balm Home Recipe 

If you want to make a quick lip balm for your skin, then you make it following this small recipe.

Things Needed :- 

  1. Kokum Butter & 
  2. Any of these Oil ( avocado, chia seed, and sweet almond). 
  3. A wax (candelilla, cera bellina or beeswax )

 Steps to make Kokum Butter Lip Balm

  • Melt Half spoon of Kokum butter & half spoon Mango Butter, Half spoon coconut oil in low heat. 
  • Add ¼ teaspoon of liquid honey after the mixture is mixed properly. 
  • Close the heat source & add a drop of sweet orange oil , 2 drops of Lavender Oil & mix it evenly by hand. 
  • Now your balm is ready, and you can put it into a container before it cools down.

Before you apply it on yourself, make a quick test by putting some spoons in your freezer. If it doesn’t feel too hard to melt, then it’s ok to use on your skin. 

How Kokum Butter can be Purchased

Kokum butter is widely found in the western ghats in India. This area is popularly known as Maharashtra, where trees of Kokum are planted to produce large amounts of Kokum butter. 

Final Words 

As we are already aware of so many medicinal properties of Kokum, we can use it slight allergy, inflammation & acne. This product is widely used in various beauty products and cosmetics. If you have enough information, you can use it for domestic purposes as an alternative of shea butter or cocoa butter. 

But a small caution is always given for such products, that if you have some serious disease regarding skin, then consult your doctor before using such products. 

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