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In today’s time and age one can gain many infections and diseases on the skin. Hence, we are going to throw light on a skin infection that sounds highly uncommon and dangerous. But to make you relaxed, this is a reasonable condition, and many people face and. There are several home remedies to do away with this skin infection. Thus, we are going to lay focus on – Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips

However, before we unearth this topic further let us understand what Lichen Sclerosus is. To put it in short Lichen Sclerosus is a skin condition that ends up forming itchy and white patches on the body or even on the genital area.

Lichen Sclerosus Symptoms

One can undergo this skin condition at any age. However, it is most common in women above the age of 50 years. One can easily guess if they are prey to this disease if –

lichen sclerosus
  1. There are patches being formed, and if they are itchy, white, smooth or even easily damaged.
  2. These patches can appear anywhere and everywhere but are more common in the genital areas for men and women.

Hence, if one feels that the above symptoms apply to them, then yes they may be undergoing Lichen Sclerosus. Thus, read the article carefully for Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips

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What causes lichen Sclerosus to flare up ?

Many people question as to what causes this skin infection. Honestly, many people are still to figure out the cause. However, one does imply that an overactive immune system or even hormonal imbalance can be a reason behind Lichen Sclerosus!

Apart from the above, if one has had previous skin damage, then they are at a higher risk of developing Lichen Sclerosus

lichen sclerosus

We would like you to hear some good news at well – Lichen Sclerosus is not contagious and does not spread through intercourse!

As mentioned before this infection mainly occurs in women above 50 years of age, but it cannot be restricted to only them as children and men have also suffered from this skin infection. And as emphasized before this infection mainly takes place in the genital area.

Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips

Essential oils for lichen sclerosus

Various essential oils once applied can help to do away with this condition and remove itchiness. One of these oils being Lavender oil. This oil has many medicinal uses and is very good for sensitive skin.  As per people who have applied the oil – they are sure that this is one of the outstanding Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips

Emu oil lichen sclerosus

One of the best Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips is to apply emu oil.  It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Apart from just that it does away with any ailments on the skin. In terms of how to use it – Take a bit of emu oil, and massage it well on the area that is prey to the above infection! One will find instant and effective results

Coconut oil for lichen sclerosus

coconut oil

Many victims of this skin condition have proclaimed that coconut oil works wonders and is very useful. It doesn’t only make Lichen Sclerosus fade away but does away with the itching and burning experience.  Thus, coconut oil is pretty much appreciated for such skin conditions.

Lichen Sclerosus Diet

It is essential for one to make changes in their lifestyle and diet if they desire to get rid of this skin condition. The best diets that have been suggested is to follow the Candida diet. Apart from this probiotics are also said to be helpful.

Candida diet is beneficial and to follow it. One should also intake good amounts of probiotics

Rosehip oil for lichen sclerosus

This oil is seen as one of the good Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Tips. Being very good for sensitive skin, this oil is the perfect remedy for this skin infection. Apart from just that this oil is valuable in doing away with dry and damaged skin! Do apply this oil to see the results.

Calendula oil for lichen sclerosus

What many are not aware of is that calendula is a plant which is very good for the skin and helps in maintaining healthy skin. This oil is good because it is enthused with properties that make this oil a winner!. Thus, one should use this oil to do away with the talked about skin infection.

Aloe Vera Gel cures lichen sclerosus

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is perfect for all types of skin infections. Thus, one should apply this gel every day. The best time to apply is at night right before going to sleep. This get removes all forms of acne, blemishes and also does away with Lichen Sclerosus. Thus, one should use this gel as often as they can!

Apart from the above home remedies, there are several others which are found to be useful and good Lichen Sclerosus Treatment tips. These being the application of honey, comfrey, magnesium, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and borax!


Thus, above have been laid down various home remedies that will help do away with Lichen Sclerosus. This condition as said is most common in women; however, takes place mainly in the genital areas for both men and women. The above remedies are very active and results can be seen in just a matter of days!

There is no doubt that Lichen Sclerosus is quite a rare condition and not many people are familiar with it. There is no certainty that only women above 50 undergo this infection; there are children as well as men who fall prey to this.

At the end of it, the above remedies should be applied, and if no change or no result is being deprived then the best thing to do is visit your doctor! We hope this article was a good read and helped to enlighten one about this topic.

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