Listerine foot bath soak and their instant results that are seen

listerine foot bath soak

Apart from taking care of just the face, people also believe in managing their cracked heels and making their feet look pretty. Pouring one’s foot in Listerine water has several benefits. Most of the times this is to cure athletes foot and toenail fungus. This recipe also helps to remove dead skin. Thus, let us shower light on – Listerine foot bath soak!

Listerine foot soak recipe and how it works

Before we delve into the benefits of Listerine foot bath soak, let us understand how this is made and the steps one should follow

listerine foot bath soak


  • Listerine mouthwash
  • Vinegar
  • Hot water
  • A tub to keep your feet in

The very first thing is to find a tub that fits your feet well. Once that is done, fill the tub with Listerine. Make sure to use Luke warm water. One should place their feet for a maximum of 60 minutes! Using Listerine foot bath soak every day will make your feet smooth and remove all forms of fungus.

Thus, soaking feet in Listerine does wonders, and one can see the results in a matter of two to three weeks.  However, if one wants the fungus to go away sooner, then apply Listerine vinegar foot soak.  Applying vinegar to the mixture enhances the speed and removes fungus more easily.

Listerine foot bath soak for cracked feet and other benefits

Relaxes the feet

Listerine foot bathe soak helps to relax the feet.  All one has to do is dip their feet in warm water. The water should contain a bit of Listerine and apple cider vinegar. The results will be relaxing and refreshing! Apart from just being relaxing, this mixture helps to remove dead skin cells. Thus, soak your feet in this tub if one wants to relax their nerves and muscles!

Removes dead skin cells

A common concern is the removal of dead skin cells, The solution is quite simple. This mixture will aid in removing layers of dead skin. Listerine alone may not be able to do that; hence apple cider vinegar should be used as well! This recipe for feet does wonders, and is very effective!

Eliminates toe nail fungus

toe nail fungus

There are many people who don’t end up taking care of their feet which is the main cause of toenail fungus. This happens both with men and women; however, it is worse for the male gender as they can’t hide it with nail polish. Listerine foot bath soak is a good remedy to do away with toenail fungus. The method is the same – make a mixture of Listerine and apple cider vinegar, and dip your toes in it for half an hour or more. Do this whenever you can!

Good for athlete’s foot

athletes foot

Athlete’s foot is itchy, red and worst of all contagious. If not treated well, this can become serious. Thus, Listerine is a savior and helps to do away with this discomfort. All one needs to really do is put some Listerine, vinegar and some essential oils in a tub. Make sure to use warm water and dip your feet in it for about half-hour. One will see quick results if this process is repeated everyday! Thus, Listerine foot bath soak is very essential.

Removes skin dryness

Listerine footbath aids in removing skin dryness. One of the causes of dry feet is to wear open sandals and shoes. However, there is an available cure as Listerine can help cure the feet and make them smooth and without any dryness! This recipe ends up providing moisture to the feet. What one needs to do is add a combination of Listerine, beetroot juice, vaseline, hot water and place the foot in the mixture for at least half an hour

Does away with feet odor

feet odour

There may arise a scenario where you are asked to take out your shoes and that may be the end of it. Especially if your feet stink! However, Listerine foot bath soak is the best remedy for stinky and smelly feet. All one needs to do is dip their feet in Listerine!

Listerine removes the odour as it contains anti bacterial properties which fight away the bacteria and makes your feet fresh and smooth

Reduces cracked heels

Listerine foot bath soak can heal cracked heels.  A person is asked to dip their feet in warm water containing Listerine. However, before indulging in that process one is asked to rub their feet with shaving cream. After that is done, they are to dip their feet in warm water and Listerine.

Cures sweaty feet

A lot of people struggle with sweaty feet, and Listerine foot bath soak is a very effective remedy for it.  Apart from just Listerine one will also need liquid form of chamomile tea. Dipping the feet in the above mixture will rid the feet of sweat and smell. Thus, the combination of Listerine and chamomile tea is brilliant!

Removes corn

removes corn

We all know that corns are not only unpleasant to look at but are also very painful. However, the good news is that Listerine can remove and do away with those corns easily. All one needs is some amount of Listerine in hot water, and the corn will go away!

Works as a pedicure

Listerine foot bath soak can also work as a pedicure, and hence one doesn’t need to go to a parlour every time!  This remedy can help to soften the cuticles. Thus all that one needs to do is dip their feet in Listerine, vinegar and hot water and acquire a natural and cost productive pedicure


Hence, there is no doubt that Listerine foot bath soak remedy has multiple benefits for the feet and makes them smooth, soft and removes the smell. Hence, if one wants a good pedicure at home itself just dip your feet in Listerine and a combination of apple cider vinegar and some oils. Do this everyday to see instant results!

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