Excessive Weight can be a Cause of Obesity, How to Lose Weight at Home Naturally through Home Remedy

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Due to hectic lifestyles, nowadays humankind is suffering from many hazardous diseases. Obesity is one of them. As a result, weight increase is accelerated in this problem. Thus, it is very important to know how to lose weight at home naturally, so that you don’t have to face side effects. Generally, the major cause of obesity is high amount of body fat. But genes equally play an important role because obesity problem runs in family, and as a consequence people become obese at one point of time in life.

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These days, kids are also suffering from this problem. It is also observed that this is because of their eating habits. They mostly prefer consuming convenient food or fast food in pursuit of taste in food. On top of this, complications of obesity are manifold. It consequently gives invitation to many health risks as well.

What are the Hazards of Obesity or Being Overweight

If one does not strive in a direction to get rid of obesity or problem of overweight, it can cause many health problems. Some of the threats of obesity are as follows:

  1. type 2 diabetes
  2. high blood pressure
  3. heart disease and strokes
  4. certain types of cancer
  5. sleep apnea
  6. osteoarthritis
  7. fatty liver disease
  8. kidney disease
  9. pregnancy problems such as high blood sugar or high blood pressure during this time and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section)

Steps that you must take if you’re overweight:

There are many things which you can do to burn stomach fat. You can use obesity calculator, so that you never exceed the required body weight. Undoubtedly, prevention of obesity is must to keep away from dangerous diseases. Above all, one should always try to look for the natural ways to lose weight as there are plenty of things one can do to get rid of obesity.

Learn how to burn stomach fat by exercising or try to include things which can help you maintain your body weight. The following points indicate clearly how to lose weight at home naturally by following the right diet and exercising regularly.

First and foremost, try to include whole grain in your diet rather than processed cereals.  Whole grains include Millet, Maize and Sorghum, use them often brilliantly. For the purpose of combating the problem of obesity, you can include whole grains in breakfast as well. Porridges are very healthy and tasty too. Moreover, you don’t feel hungry soon after eating them.

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  • Secondly, white rice is not good for obese people, so try black and brown rice. In other words, black and brown rice will help you in preventing obesity problem as they cut on your fat consumption.
  • Above all, buy whole pulses along with the staple washed pulses. You must necessarily have these all in your shelves including Kidney Beans and Chick Peas. Generally, cook whole pulses for your meal at least once every two days as they are rich in nutrients.
rich diet with nutrients
  • At the time of buying meat, make sure you choose the lean and low fat cuts. Proteins are very important for good health, with this in mind try to add a protein in every major meal.
  • In addition to this, rely more on green and leafy vegetables. Make sure you include 3 servings of seasonal vegetables per head along with two fruits per day. This way you get fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through your rich diet. In particular, we need about 25-30 gms of fiber per day, while one apple provides only 1gm.  
  • Similarly, limit the use of butter and cheese. Moreover, choose low fat milk or double toned.
  • Another key area is sugar intake which should simultaneously be restricted in case of obese, for a normal weight woman who needs 1900Kcal/day, this is about 10 -11 teaspoons of sugar. So, below 5% is recommended. Apart from the direct intake of sugar in tea or coffee, you have it through a lot of foods that have natural sugar hidden in them too.
  • Never ever skip any meal, always try to have 3 meals a day that too on time. Have a standard dinner plate filled ½ with vegetables, 1/3rd with cereal, 1/3rd with the protein, add 150 ml of milk/yogurt/dessert in order to have a good health.
  • Don’t store processed fruit juices in your fridge. In fact, try having them fresh.
  • Include nuts and seeds in your snack. They give you good amount of energy.
regular exercise for weight loss
  • Stop having deep fried food completely, use boiled, baked, shallow fried or roasted instead.
  • While this may be true that people enjoy meals while watching TV, but obese should entirely eradicate this practice. Instead of this, try you must have your food in dinning room.
  • You need to surely exercise for at least 30-45 minutes daily. It is suitable to have 5-6km/hr for people below 40 years and free of any disease, although children need to be exposed to a lot of physical activity.

Be Cautious about Your Health

Although it is very difficult to control one’s diet, but it is important to keep the track of good health because you cannot give your best in anything if you are not completely fit and it becomes very difficult to reduce weight after gaining. Therefore, if you feel that your clothes are not fitting on you and getting tighter, start following a healthy regime right away. For the purpose of reducing weight, if you develop the habit of consuming healthy diet, you can easily keep your body in good shape.

Similarly, remember that you are doing it to be away from health risks and not to look amazing at any cost because health is also an important area to focus for a better and carefree future. In addition to this, our younger generation also learns from us, so it is important to be their role model to teach them better things. If elders of the family follow healthy diet, the children also gradually start following it.

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