Low blood pressure remedies and their instant results

One needs to take care of their health, and that can be done by taking care of the blood pressure. It does not necessarily cause problems to people – however this is only with a few people. There are a few who can start feeling dizzy and faintish. However, there are some who suffer from low blood pressure and that can be life threatening. Thus to make this article worthwhile we are going to lay focus on – low blood pressure remedies.

Causes of low blood pressure and home remedies

There can be various reasons behind why one suffers from low blood pressure. Some being when one does not drink ample water and is dehydrated, some also being due to serious medical reasons. Thus, whatever the reason may be it is important to seek why it is happening so that one can treat it.

low blood pressure

Symptoms of low blood pressure

One can find themselves suffering from low blood pressure if they feel dizzy, faintish, have a blurred vision, feel tired and are not able to concentrate properly.Thus if one finds themselves under the umbrella of either of these signs then they should know that they have low blood pressure.

Home remedies for low blood pressure

Eat more salt

If one suffers from low blood pressure then they should increase intake of salt. Eating and consuming more salt helps to uplift the blood pressure and makes a person feel better and less faintish and dizzy

Avoid alcohol
no alcohol

One is regarded to change their lifestyle if they want to live one where the blood pressure is not very low. This includes reducing consumption of alcohol and following a diet which has ample salt in it. Once, a person starts to do this – they will find themselves feeling much better and also their blood pressure will take a hike

Cross legs while sitting

It has been said that those suffering from low Bp should sit with their legs crossed. However, those who are prey to high Bp should try not sitting like this at all. This is so, because the position will make one’s BP rise more and more. This is considered one of the very beneficial low blood pressure remedies

Drink lots of water

There is no doubt that one falls prey to low blood pressure when they are dehydrated and do not drink much water. Thus, in this article we suggest one to drink lots of water everyday. This is one of the good low blood pressure remedies!

Eat small meals frequently

Many people ask how to correct low blood pressure, to which the answer would be to eat meals which are small and consumed frequently. When one eats small meals a couple of times a day – that helps in improving the blood pressure. There is a reason behind this which is very known and works wonders and does the trick immediately

Avoid sudden position changes

One of the natural cure for low blood pressure is to avoid sudden position changes. Some low blood pressure remedies include not to suddenly stand or sit – this can lead people to feel dizzy and faintish.

This happens because the heart is slow and is unable to pump enough blood quickly enough through the body. Hence, sudden and fast body movements can lead one to face dizziness.

Caffeine helps

Drinking tea and coffee is said to be one of the effective home remedies for low bp. When one finds themselves with low blood pressure, then they should immediately have some tea or even coffee. This will help the blood circulation going and is seen as one of the good low blood pressure remedies. Thus, make coffee and tea a part of everyday consumption.

Eat tulsi leaves

Low blood pressure patients should eat tulsi leaves. One is said to consume them as they are rich in potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C. Thus, Tulsi is enamored with properties which help the heart to pump blood to various parts of the body and rid a person of low blood pressure.

Almond milk
almond milk

Almonds when peeled and boiled into a drink does many wonders. One should drink almond milk everyday in case they want a good blood pressure. Almond milk is rich in fats like omega 3 fatty acids. This can be consumed in various ways, either drink it like the way it is or mix it up with smoothies, cereals etc. This is one of the good low blood pressure remedies

Walk and exercise

low or high blood pressure patients should make sure to exercise regularly. This is helpful as it makes the heart a much stronger being – thus, pumping blood efficiently throughout the body. Hence, making lifestyle changes such as these are very important if a person wants to lead a healthy life with the accurate flow of blood pressure

Green tea

Apart from just coffee and tea, one should also consume large amounts of green tea. Green tea works in a similar manner as tea and coffee and hence it helps people with low blood pressure. This tea also contains large amount of antioxidants and helps ones digestion to become better and preventing one from falling ill.


Hence, we hope the above low blood pressure remedies are useful and help one in ridding themselves of low blood pressure. There are certain foods that should be avoided and consumed in order to keep track of the blood pressure. Thus, it is necessary to make certain changes in not only one’s lifestyle but diet to overcome low blood pressure.

However, there are times when the above home remedies do not fit in, and one may not be able to seek relief from the above. If that is the case, then one should clearly visit their doctor and seek their help. Medicines may be the only way that one can be cured – since the condition might be severe, and not one that can be solved by just home remedies. We hope this article has been enlightening and provided one with ample information on low blood pressure.

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