Marula Oil: Health Benefits, Side Effects and Commonly Asked Questions

Here we are going to discuss the Marula Oil. It has multiple benefits for hairs and skin. It is named as “elixir of youth”. This oil is extracted from the marula tree which is found in the Southern parts of Africa. 

Where does marula oil come from

Marula Oil is extracted from the nuts of marula tree. The oil has floral fragrance and nutty taste. Marula tree is used in many other ways in the various households of African people. 

What is Marula Oil?

The nuts taken from marula oil are grind to extract oil from the nuts. It is a light yellow color oil which is known for its absorbent properties. 

Due to its special properties, it is used in various cosmetics i.e. soaps and perfumes. It is also widely used in cooking and massage.

Marula Oil is rich in tocopherols, amino acids, and Monounsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients help in curing various skin diseases and scalp health. 

About Marula Oil

Marula Tree is an important tree in African culture. For more than 10,000 years, this tree is believed to be a symbol of purity, fertility and pious. It is also called the “Marriage Tree”. This is why it is used in purifying rituals before a wedding. 

Marula Oil is called the King of Foods that provide nutrition in various ways to the human civilization.  

The marula nut was also referred to as the food of kings, and it is from this nut that the revered “miracle oil” (i.e., marula oil) continues to be cold-pressed.

Before you start using marula oil on your skin and hair, check out the safety precautions you need to keep in mind.

Health Benefits of Marula Oil 

Marula Oil For Face

Marula Oil is an effective moisturizer for dry and aged skin as our skin absorbs it quickly. It is also helpful in treating the acne, wrinkles and stretch marks on the skin. 

Chapped Lips 

Marula oil can be very beneficial in treating dry and chapped skin. Due to its absorbent properties, it goes inside the skin and treats the dryness from within. 

In regular use, you will get smooth and pink lips that won’t be seen cracked for long.  Many lip balms used by us have Marula oil as the main ingredient. 

Brittle Nails

Marula oil is not just to moisturize the skin but also effective for making soft unbreakable nails. Some of us who have brittle nails that breaks easily can be softened by applying it. It reduces the cracked skin around the nails and helps in making them somewhat flexible. 

Keeps Hair and Scalp Healthy 

This oil has been very beneficial for the hairs, its roots and scalp. So if you have dry scalp and weak hairs, then you must keep the Marula Oil in consideration.

Marula Oil is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and many fatty acids. These help in healthy scalp and strong hairs. After applying marula oil, you will observe that it keeps the scalp moisturized and less greasy to balance the nutrients in the scalp. This way, dry, frizzy and brittle hair can be prevented faster with it. 

It Suits all Skin Types 

Marula Oil is suitable for all types of skin. Generally, most cosmetic items are good for one type of skin and not recommended for it. 

Oleic acid is a component that is healthy for all types of skin. Marula oil is rich in Oleic acid that helps in all types of skin. Due to its absorbent properties, it does not clog our skin pores. All types of skin i.e. dry, oily and sensitive skin. It softens the rough skin cells and makes it moisturized. 

May Prevent And Treat Skin Conditions

Due to the high amount of linoleic and oleic acid in the marula oil, it moisturizes the skin. There are many skin problems that happen in daily life that can be eradicated by it. Common skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne are cured by it. Since no scientific evidence is there, so not accepted globally. 

Prevent Stretch Marks

The nutrients in Marula Oil is helpful in maintaining the skin elasticity and suppleness. If a person applies it twice a day, then it can treat hyperpigmentation and stretch marks in your skin. 

Many people have found positive effects of it, while no scientific evidence is seen to prove the point. 

Safety Precautions

Before you start applying, you must know about some of the safety precautions about applying the oil. 

There are very few risks in applying it, but you must know about it before you start using it. 

  1.  Apply only 3-4 drops on your forearm and wait for 24 hours.
  2. If there are no redness, irritation or hives, you can use it on your body. 
  3. Avoid eye contact and portions near the eye.  

Side Effects of Marula Oil 

Marula Oil can cause some side effects in the body. This could cause high BP, skin irritation or gastric problems. The side effects are very rarely found but must be known to a user of Marula Oil. 

There are many of us who are suffering from heart diseases or going for a surgery must not use marula oil. Before using, they must consult their doctor to prevent any type of side effects. As this could show some adverse effects on the body due to weakness built by the diseases. 

May Lower Blood Pressure

Oleic Acid is an unsaturated fatty acid that can lower the blood pressure of a person. This can be found plenty in the Marula Oil. If a person is suffering from low BP, then it could show negative effects on them. 

May Cause Skin Inflammation

As written above, the effects of Marula oil are dormant in sensitive skin, but some cases of sensitive skin are seen. If you see any allergies, itching and redness, then you must leave the oil to avoid any more problems.  

May Cause Stomach Issues

People in Africa use this oil for cooking, while others are not habitual of its properties. If you feel some indigestion or nausea in your stomach, then it is because of  new marula Oil in your diet. 

Commonly Asked Questions about Marula Oil 

Is marula oil better than argan oil?

There is no comparison of both. Marula Oil provides abundant vitamin C and treats dry skin while Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin A to regulate sebum production.

Is marula oil good for nails?

The moisturizing agents present in Marula Oil helps in removing dry cuticles in nails. After removing nail polish, you can apply marula oil and keep it the same for the whole night for maximum benefits. 

Final Words 

Marula Oil is good for skin and hairs commonly but using it without any doctor’s advice could be harmful to you. So it is suggested to use it after a suggestion by a doctor.

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