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Myxoid Cyst Causes and Symptoms with home remedies and cures. What happens if you do popping a boil. Essential oils for remedy

A small benign growth that occurs on fingers near a nail is called a Myxoid cyst. Usually there are no symptoms associated with the cyst. There is no specific cause attributed to the cyst. 

Historically number of reasons such as Tuberculosis was suggested. However they are usually associated with Osteoarthritis. They are not infectious and do not develop into cancer. If untreated they run risk of getting infected. This infected cyst can become an abscess. If the abscess bursts inside the body it can cause septicemia, a serious infection that can have fatal consequences.

Myxoid cyst
Myxoid cyst

AT times they will go away on their own, but they might reappear. Self treatment viz. bursting the cyst should be avoided as it could cause infection in the area. This would also lead to the scar tissue formation. 

Myxoid means mucus resembling. It comes from Greek word for mucus (myxo) and resemblance (eidos). In rare cases trauma to the finger or toe can cause the cyst to pop up. But this  normally happens to young people or athletes, where repeated bruising can result in the cyst.

Myxoid Cyst Symptoms ?

They are 

  • Small round overgrowths.
  • Usually less than 1 cm.
  • Are painless, but may be associated with arthritis pain in the nearby joint.
  • May or may not have fluid.
  • Skin colored, or translucent
  • slow-growing

Myxoid cyst grows near the top of middle or index finger. They are rarely found on the toes. They are generally benign and are rarely painful. They might grow under a nail and cause it to crack. If the cyst is punctured or bruised, it may leak thick liquid.

Myxoid cyst Treatment

Myxoid cysts are benign; they may go off on their own. They are rarely painful. There is no home remedy available for them. In case they become unsightly change shape or become painful professional medical procedure is required.

They may reoccur after the procedure. Some treatment methods may decrease joint range of motion, leave scars or be painful


  •  Cryotherapy: After the cyst is drained liquid nitrogen is usd to freeze and unfreeze the cyst. No more fluid is allowed to reach the cyst. 
  • Carbon di-oxide laser therapy:  After the cyst is drained laser is used to burn the cyst.
  • Intralesional photodynamic therapy: The cyst is drained and a light sensitive liquid is inserted into the cyst. Than laser light is used to burn the cyst.
  • Infrared coagulation.  Infrared is used to burn the cyst.
  •  Carbon dioxide laser. The laser is used to burn off the cyst base, after it’s been drained of the liquid. 
  • Intralesional photodynamic therapy :- This treatment drains the cyst and injects a substance into the cyst that makes it light-sensitive. Then laser light is used to burn off the cyst base. 
  • Repeated needling. Needle or Knife is used to drain the cyst . The procedure may be repeated several times.
  • Chemical or steroid injection: Chemicals such as iodine or alcohol are used to get the desired result.
  • Surgical removal:– Surgical is highly recommended and is very successful. Surgery cuts the cyst and covers the area with a skin flap. As the wound heals the flap merges with the skin. 

Sometime the surgeon will introduce dye into the adjoining joint to find out the point where the liquid is leaking into the cyst. The point is than scarred. This will prevent the further leakage of liquid into the cyst.

Myxoid Cyst Home remedies

Soaking the cyst in warm water and application of steroids may help Myxoid cyst to heal. Avoid puncturing the cyst at home as a remedy. This could lead to infections.

To Summarize:

  • Myxoid cysts are benign, non-contagious and are usually free of itching or irritation.
  • They can be easily treated with surgical and non surgical methods. 
  • They might reoccur after the treatment.

A doctor should be consulted if the cyst is unsightly or painful. In case of infection immediate medical attention is required.

Myxoid Cyst FAQ

Can Myxoid Cyst go away on its own?

No, they will not go on their own. They are obdurate though harmless characters. They may reoccur. Draining them repeatedly, curettage, excision and cauterizing the cysts are common treatment.  Other treatments are surgical removal, freezing and steroid injections.

How do you treat a myxoid cyst?

Treatments which may be successful for digital myxoid cyst include.

  • Repeated pressuring of the area using a warm compress.
  • Squeezing out its contents by using a sterilized needle.
  • Injection of steroids.
  • Using liquid nitrogen ( Cyrotherapy)
  • Finally Surgical removal

Should I pop it off?

Cysts tend to heal of their own. Picking them up with a needle should be avoided as it could lead to infections and scarring.  Best remedy is to go to the doctor as there are numerous surgical and non surgical procedures available.

How to treat a lump that caused by under skin infection?

Be careful of scratching, squeezing or puncturing the lump.

  • Keep the area clean by washing it with the soap and water.
  • Apply warm, wet compress thrice to the lump for at least 20 minutes. 

Options include:

  1. Let the Doctor drain the cyst and let its liquid flow out.
  2. Medicines can be injected to reduce discomfort. 
  3. Laser surgery

Or small Surgery to take out the entire cyst content. This will also prevent its reoccurrence.

Does Myxoid cyst have anything to do with arthritis?

64 to 93% of people with osteoarthritis show Myxoid cyst. Ye sit is an indication of osteoarthritis in the joint nearest to the cyst.

Are their any home remedies available for the treatment of Myxoid Cyst.?

You can try using a warm compress for several weeks, Applying topical creams, massaging, may also help.

What are the precautions to be taken after the surgery?

Just keep the area dry. Use anti bacterial creams , Chances are that the wound would heal easily. 

What happens if the cyst is left untreated?

If left untreated the cyst can cause serious problems including but not limited to the formation of abscess. A condition that requires immediate medical attention.

What does Cyst contain?

Cysts are sacks of fluid or semi fluid material that form inside the body. The cells of the cyst secrete a substance called Keratin.

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