Effective home remedies for blackheads and their instant results


Natural home remedies for ingrown blackheads on the face,eyelid, nose and chin and the various ways of getting rid of them.

There is no doubt and question regarding that many people fall prey and victim to blackheads. They are small black marks on the face or even the neck. These can appear with or even without acne. They are usually a result of pores being plugged and the dead skin cells react with oxygen and transform into a black lesion – this is called blackheads. We are going to lay down some effective home remedies for blackheads. Altogether, we hope you enjoy the read!

Before we unearth further let us understand some fun facts about blackheads

  • As many believe the myth that blackheads are dirt that is trapped, that is false! Blackheads are made of oxidized melanin
  • One can make these black marks worse by squeezing or scrubbing them
  • If one wants to do away with these blackheads then they should not use oil based products, be away from an environment which is humid, and not use skin products that contain alcohol
  • Hormonal imbalance can cause and be a main reason behind blackheads!

Before we delve into effective home remedies for blackheads, let us understand the causes behind these black dots –

–  Age is a very common factor behind one developing blackheads. Apart from just the age hormonal imbalances can also cause and lead to large number of blackheads

–  The male sex hormone called androgen can lead to a very high secretion of sebum – thus lots and lots of blackheads.


–  Things leading to menstruation, pregnancy and women using birth control pills can also lead to blackheads in women.

Apart from the above there are several other factors as well that can lead to blackheads, these being – when one covers the pores because of makeup, heavy sweating, shaving, and use of steroids.

Symptoms of blackheads

Before we move on to the effective home remedies for blackheads, let us describe the signs that one will undergo: One main sign is appearance of small dark lesions, Blackheads do not cause pain but just appear as black dots on the face, and even the neck at times, they are also flat as compared to pimples, emergence of blackheads can lower the confidence in people hence our very aim to shine light on effective home remedies for blackheads:

Home remedies for blackheads and clogged pores

Baking Soda

baking soda for blackheads

An effective home remedies for blackheads. It is good as it helps to scrub away the dead skin cells – apart from that baking soda plays a major hand in making the skin reduce oil production. This implies that if one uses baking soda regularly, then after a point they can say good riddance to blackheads.



Cinnamon does wonders for blackheads. This can be used as a mask which gives several healing properties to the skin. Apart from doing away with just the blackheads, it also removes flaky skin and helps rejuvenate it and provide a fresh glow and shine to the skin.


This is useful not only to eat and deprive the health benefits from it, but oatmeal is also good for the skin. This is so because it contains properties and acts as a natural scrub that leads to reduction of blackheads and leaves the skin clear and shiny. One should apply this mask everyday to see instant results!

Lemon juice

lemon juice

The above is a rather tactful way to do away with blackheads. Many people question as to how is lemon good for the skin – to which the answer is simple, first and foremost lemon is a natural astringent and thus is acts as a savior to clogged pores. Apart from that it is also found to be very rich in Vitamin C.

Green tea

Green tea is a remedy that cannot be forgotten. Mainly due to the several impact it has on the skin. Firstly, it helps to break up excess oil, and also prevents the skin from future damage. Hence, if one wants their skin to achieve wonders then green tea is what should be applied.



One of the effective home remedies for blackheads is to apply honey on them.  Honey has the tendency to reduce the oily nature of the skin thus keeping away blackheads and acne! And hence people with oily and a lot of blackheads are asked to apply honey every day!

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Home remedies for blackheads on nose

Egg white mask

egg white mask

Altogether, a mask made of egg whites do give good results as they contain proteins that help to reduce the size of big pores. Reducing the size is a good thing, as when pores tighten up the blackheads automatically get pushed out to the surface of the skin, and become a way easier task to remove them.

Salt and toothpaste

In addition to everything, the above combination does a brilliant trick! The reason why this works is because toothpaste has a minty sensation to it which is a very good way to open the pores of the skin and get rid of any form of bacteria and infections. Apart from the just the toothpaste, salt can remove dead skin – leaving one with no blackheads on the nose!

Home remedies for blackheads on chin

Blackheads can occur on the chin as well and there are several home remedies that will help you do away with it.

Use a clay mask

Blackheads on chin can be removed with a strong slay mask. This helps because it contains properties like bentonite mixed with some water. To warn you – this paste is quite thick, so be prepared for it. This paste should be applied on to the chin for a couple of minutes, once it is rinsed, the results will be clear and right in front of you!



One of the effective home remedies for blackheads. Lemon aids in making the skin glow, rejuvenate and remove the obstinate blackheads from the chin. Hence, if one desires a blackhead free chin – then lemon is the answer!


Thus, above have been laid down various home remedies that help to do away with blackheads. The above natural methods and contain no side effects. Hence, we hope this article has provided one with effective home remedies for blackheads.

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