Natural Remedies for Chest Congestion Sufferers

remedy for chest congestion

Undoubtedly, chest congestion can sometimes be a very serious problem. In this situation, a sufferer of chest congestion usually experiences pain in chest or throat. Not only this, but he also has problem of phlegm build-up which makes the chest feel heavy. In extreme cases, it also becomes difficult to swallow food. So, here comes the use of natural remedies for chest congestion.

Home Remedy for Chest Congestions

From the olden times, Indian households have been famous for the use of home remedies to cure common ailments and this is because home remedies have no side effects. There are some very helpful natural remedies for chest congestion given as follows.

Drink Honey and Lemon juice

Honey and lemon juice

One of the natural remedies for chest congestion would be mixture of lemon juice and honey in a glass of hot water, one can drink it for 2-3 times a day. On the one hand, honey soothes throat and chest being a natural decongestant and on the other hand, lemon contains vitamin C which increases immunity to a greater extent.

Warm milk

You can add honey, turmeric and black pepper in milk which is very good for chest and cold infections. Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that kill the bacteria and black pepper makes the digestion better by relieving from cough and cold. This is again a wonderful natural remedy for chest congestion.

Drink warm water

There is no doubt that drinking warm water is very good natural remedy for chest congestion as it makes the sufferer feels better because the throat gets better through this. Thus, drinking hot water helps in clearing the respiratory tract and relieves from chest congestion at the same time.

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Gargle with hot water

Gargling on regular basis can help you get rid of bad throat and this is one of the best natural remedies for chest congestion as well as infected throat. Unsurprisingly, people use it quite a lot of times. For gargle with hot water, you need to add a half tablespoon of salt in a glass of hot water and you should gargle for 1-2 minutes. You should repeat this practice for 3- 4 times a day. Remember not to drink the water you use for gargle.

Drink Tea

You can even make a cup of tea with ginger, peppermint, chamomile or rosemary tea to effectively treat congested chest. Moreover, you can use honey in place of sugar to get additional benefits. If in case you don’t like tea, then you can chew ginger just like that.


As steam is very effective in almost all the diseases, so in the same way inhaling steam by adding eucalyptus oil in water is a great way to improve chest congestion. For chest congestion, you can take deep breath and inhale steam. You will immediately see results from cold and congested chest. What’s more, Eucalyptus oil contains analgesic and antibacterial properties that work wonders in case of chest congestion.


Use need to use a pinch of turmeric into hot water for gargling. Surprisingly, special compound which is there in turmeric referred to as curcumin helps in dissolving mucus. It is also a wonderful way of getting relief from chest congestion and its healing properties kill bacteria too.

Onion Extract

onion extract

Onion is used for many problems. That’s why It is one of the best natural remedies for chest congestion. In addition, it has quercetin which eradicates mucus. As onion contains antimicrobial properties, it keeps you away from any infections. You need to extract onion juice, then mix it with lemon juice, honey and water. Next, heat this mixture before drinking. Keep drinking this mixture for 3-4 times a day.

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