Pericoronitis home remedy that are effective and cost efficient

pericoronitis home remedy

Pericoronitis home remedy is a good way to reduce the inflammation near the wisdom tooth. Some suggestions are to brush your teeth regularly

Dental care is critical especially in children since one doesn’t want yellow teeth. Any form of dental issues means that it should be treated immediately. Today our topic to shine would be on pericoronitis and – pericoronitis home remedy

Before we indulge in Pericoronitis home remedy let us understand what the disease really is. In short and in lay man’s term pericoronitis is a dental disorder. In this disorder, one will find that the gum tissues swell up and are infected around the wisdom teeth.

Pericoronitis : Causes & Cure

This disorder has mainly got to do with the wisdom teeth. Pericoronitis occurs when the wisdom tooth wants to come out, but there is not ample area for them to erupt. Due to this they may come out only halfway – leading to inflammation around the wisdom teeth

Pericoronitis Causes

Pericoronitis is caused by the operculum creates a plaque area that carries some food debris and micro-organisms. This slow process results in inflammation to the soft tissues. The pericoronal infection can spread up to potential spaces i.e. neck and face. In severe conditions ,it can spread up to facial swelling or even airway compromise.

The most vulnerable space for perocoronal infection are

  1. sublingual space,
  2. submandibular space,
  3. parapharyngeal space,
  4. pterygomandibular space,
  5. infratemporal space,
  6. submasseteric space
  7. and buccal space

Pericoronitis Symptoms

Before we talk about the pericoronitis home remedy, let us understand the symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are when one faces a dull pain in that area, lousy taste in the mouth, swollen gums, some amount of pus, an acute pain while swallowing, and fever

Thus, if one falls under any of the symptoms – then make sure to follow the home remedies for pericoronitis.

Home remedies for Pericoronitis Treatment

A lot of people want answers for pericoronitis pain home remedy. Here one will come across pericoronitis home remedy that will be highly effective and affordable! Thus, let us understand pericoronitis treatment.

Pericoronitis Home Relief

Pericoronotis is not so complex that you can’t get rid of it without going to a doctor. So if you are going to treat your dental pain without going to any doctor, then these home remedies will help you in a number of ways.

Salt water rinse

salt water rinse

One of the very efficient pericoronitis home remedy is to rinse the mouth with salt water.  Why this is considered very good is because it aides in removing all forms of bacteria prevalent in the mouth. Rinse thoroughly and see the difference!

Apply ice


Ice is very good in terms of reducing the inflammation. Hence, when the tooth is very inflamed and is causing pain – then the good thing to do is apply ice!

Use Guava mouthwash

Guava leaves have done wonders and are one of the very good home remedies for pericoronitis.  Guava leaves are able to kill the bacteria due to flavonoids such as guaijaverin and quercetin. Thus, use guava leaves and find yourself with much ease and lesser pain

Turmeric paste


Turmeric is considered one of the excellent pericoronitis home remedy because it contains curcumin. It is highly beneficial since it has anti-inflammatory effects. Apart from that, turmeric also helps to do away with bacteria. Turmeric paste will help to ease inflammation and remove bacteria!

Apply clove oil

Olive oil is perfect to do away with this dental disorder. If one wants to apply then take a small cotton ball and soak it in the oil. Use that cotton on the infected area. This oil will tend to reduce the inflammation and do away with the pain as well. Hence, it is considered a very good pericoronitis home remedy

Apply camphor


Camphor is suggested as one of the pericoronitis home remedy. Dip camphor in a cotton ball and apply it near the wisdom tooth – the area that is deeply infected. Camphor will reduce the pain and keep your mouth bacteria free. Thus, one is suggested to use camphor.

Good dental care

dental care

Taking good care of the teeth is very important and is considered an excellent pericoronitis home remedy. One is suggested to use soft brushes and to floss after eating. This tends to reduce pain and prevent bacteria. One should also use a mouthwash prescribed by the doctor!

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Pericoronitis Mouthwash Oral Numbing Gel

One of the very excellent and beneficial pericoronitis home remedy is to apply an oral numbing gel. The gel is readily available in a local pharmacy and it has to be applied on the inflamed part. Once you apply this gel, the pain will reduce and one will feel relieved. Even though the pain helps to reduce the pain, it will only do so for about an hour. Thus, it is a temporary relief and cannot be seen as  a long term treatment Therefore, the above home remedies are easy to find and are very effective. However, if they don’t apply to you then the best way to go about is by visiting your doctor. Make sure to keep good dental care.

Pericoronitis treatment without antibiotics

There are various antibiotics which are used in medications of tooth pain. Sometimes, the infection is spread and dentist cleans the area with a local anesthesia. An oral rinse is also done to keep it clean. But if you are not willing to use any antibiotics, then you can use warm saltwater or diluted hydrogen peroxide as oral rinse.

Pericoronitis wisdom tooth remedy

wisdom teeth

This is known as Pericoronitis wisdom tooth. This dental disorder is basically associated with the wisdom tooth which ends up blooming in the mid-twenties and early thirties. Sometimes, the teeth also erupt in the beginning forties. So, everyone needs to be prepared for this dental disorder. It happens when the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to come out and hence causing an infection on the gums. The various home remedies listed above are helpful.

Pericoronitis doctor or dentist ?

However, as mentioned above one may have to undergo surgery.  One’s dentist may decide that an operation should take place if their flap or tooth should be removed. There are times that the flap tends to grow back even after a surgery. In that case, a second surgery is necessary and required. After the surgery, one cannot eat hard food, as the swelling is massive and cold food like ice cream is a good option. Hence, even after the surgery is done – one is to take care of their dental hygiene, and especially look out for what they eat!

FAQ related to Pericoronitis ( Erupted tooth wisdom)

Many people question – that after surgery does this dental disorder return? The answer to it is that it rarely returns. But that is an 80% chance since sometimes the tissue that was removed can grow back. As far as the recovery period is concerned, people are okay in about two weeks of the surgery.  Pericoronitis treatment is essential.

However, it is recommended that after the surgery one should keep visiting their doctor and take good care of their teeth. This will only reduce the chances of pericoronitis from coming back and reduce the pain and keep a track of one’s dental hygiene.

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