Constructive home remedies for persistent dry cough and its outcome

Dry cough is a very common influenza which can happen to anyone anytime, any day. However, persistent dry cough is not like a headache – Although, it doesn’t really cause pain, but is highly irritating and doesn’t allow one to feel at ease. Thus, we are going to lay down some home remedies for a persistent cough, a bad cough, or a severe cough which causes excessive coughing. Nevertheless, we do not assure you that these home remedies will provide cure, but do give this a read!

Moving forward

Although our focus is on home remedies for persistent dry cough, we also need to figure out what is constant cough, what causes a dry cough, and dry cough relief.  Altogether, persistent dry cough is a way to get rid of mucus and irritants from the airways.

image showing dry cough

There are five types of persistent dry coughs –

  1. Chronic dry cough – It’s a cough that comes and goes, however, doesn’t disappear permanently. It usually occurs during the day. There are many causes behind it – one being hypersensitivity in the upper airways, second being certain kind of medications, dust, and cold air is also a common cause. Nevertheless, to treat this chronic cough, one should eat black pepper in hot water. Hence, causing soothing of the throat and chest
  2. Chronic tickly cough – This cough is said to be nonproductive and doesn’t produce phlegm.  But, one still feels mucus dripping down back of their throat.  Due to this kind of a cough, some people also feel that they have a lump in their throat. This cough can be caused due to pollution, and cold air. It has been suggested that this kind of cough can be subsided with the help of herbal remedies. Honey also helps in soothing this cough.
  3. Barking, dry cough – This cough does not produce phlegm. It usually occurs at night. There are many causes behind this, some being cold, flu or other respiratory infections. It has been noted that this cough usually goes away on its own, but if it doesn’t then take honey.
  4. Throat clearing cough – This kind of a cough ends up leading a nasty taste in the mouth. As far as the causes go, it may be caused due to stomach acid reflux. In order to cure this kind of a cough consume baking soda, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon etc
  5. Dry cough with wheeze – This kind of a cough occurs usually at night or early morning. One of the very common reasons behind such a cough is asthma. This kind of a cough can be caused due to cold or being exposed to certain types of foods. Your first best friend to do away with such a cough would be an inhaler. Do not have milk and milk products, apart from that also do away with polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, and fatty acids! Apart from not eating – make sure to eat ginger and turmeric to avoid this cough!

While the causes behind persistent dry cough have been mentioned, one also needs to explore the basic symptoms behind it.  These being shortness of breath, fever, choking, coughing blood, dizziness and fatigue, loss of appetite, acute chest pain.

Below we are going to mention some effective home remedies for a persistent dry cough –

Onion Juice

picture showing onion juice

One of the best home remedies for a persistent dry cough is onion juice.  Onion juice is said to contain properties that help and provide instant relief from a persistent dry cough. The way to make it is by chopping an onion. Extract juice from the onion and mix one teaspoon of honey. Leave this mixture for a while; drink it after three to four hours. This can provide high amount of relief from a persistent dry cough!


image showing turmeric

If one is suffering from a persistent dry cough, then turmeric can be your new best friend. Even though turmeric is very good for dry cough, one should learn how to take it – add a teaspoon of turmeric powder, along with black pepper to boiling water. This will result in massive amounts of improvement. Drink this at least twice or thrice a day – will provide instant relief from persistent dry cough.


Picture showing ginger

Ginger is one of the many ingredients that are good for almost all health hassles. This contains properties that are good for persistent dry cough. Add ginger to boiling hot water. For instant relief, drink this mixture at least twice or thrice a day. Apart from having ginger in hot water, one can also chew it. Ginger, will definitely do away with persistent dry cough and will soothe one’s throat.


picture showing lemons

Lemon is said to contain properties that are very good for a persistent dry cough. It contains Vitamin C that helps to fight any form of infection. One should have it like – two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey. This will lead to making a homemade cough syrup! This syrup can be consumed several times a day.

Hot milk with honey

showing honey

This is a recipe that cannot be ignored. It does wonders for a persistent dry cough.  Apart from just soothing the cough, hot milk with honey also provides relief to chest pain. It is best to drink this magic solution before sleeping. Milk and honey combine to make a super formula that soothes one’s throat and relaxes the chest. One’s night will not be as irritating as one who has a persistent dry cough.

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Carrot Juice

picture showing carrot juice

Carrot juice is very good to get rid of persistent dry cough. It is surmounted by various vitamins that are good for dry cough. These vitamins include – Vitamins A and C. Drinking carrot juice will provide one with instant relief and do away with any form of irritation. If one wants to add more flavor to it, then one can add a tinge of honey.


picture showing grapes

Grapes are recommended for a persistent dry cough. Not only do grapes release mucus of the breathing organs, but also clear the passages in the lungs, leading one to breathe easily.  Grapes are also one of the very tasty fruits; hence one can consume them in large amounts and be happy about it! So, if you want to get rid of your persistent dry cough – then eat grapes!


picture showing almonds

Not many have seen this as a remedy from persistent dry cough – but soaked almonds are very healthy and are a good cure for dry cough. Almonds have been known to be good not only for cough but other health benefits as well. They tend to improve one’s immunity – leading one to be healthier and distracted from any kind of infection or disease.


picture showing peppermint

The leaves of peppermint and eucalyptus oil are said to be very healing for a dry persistent cough. It is minty and thus provides a very soothing effect on the throat and the congested chest. Peppermint can either be had in teas or can also be inhaled.

Drink hot water

Another very important means to do away with a persistent dry cough is to drink lots of hot water. Hot water is very essential for digestion, increasing one’s metabolic rate and also to do away with irritation and dry cough. Just boil water and drink it up at least twice or thrice a day! This will provide effective and instant relief from persistent dry cough!


Saunf also known as aniseeds is also another effective remedy to away with a persistent dry cough. It helps in breaking up the mucus and hence helps to breathe easier. Have saunf in boiling hot water, and one will find instant relief.

Masala Chai

picture showing masala chai

Masala Chai is very good for a dry cough, in fact, it is considered as one of the best home remedies to do away with a persistent dry cough. This tea is very common in Indian households, and people usually drink at least two cups every day. Apart from it just being a remedy, it is also very good to taste. It soothes the throat and provides relief from dry persistent cough!

Taking steam

Taking steam is a very good remedy for persistent dry cough. In fact, steam is good not only for cough but also for other health issues like a running nose, and a simple cold. By intaking steam, one will surely unfriend the persistent dry cough!


Whiskey is said to be a good way of getting rid of a persistent dry cough.  It provides one with a warm soothing feeling that ends up clearing out one’s throat and helps to soothe it. One can dip whiskey in something hot and have it! Apart from being happy of curing the dry cough, one also feels happy by drinking! One will surely witness a happy day.

Essential Oils

picture showing oils

Apart from anything else, essential oils help in soothing the cough and provide relief to a congested chest. No one should forget these essential oils! They help to treat coughs naturally and the best part is that they have no side effect. If one is suffering from a wet cough then they are advised to use oils that are high on camphor and thujone. These oils are very powerful and a very good home remedy to do away with any kind of cough – be it chronic, mild or a cough that is just not going away! Hence, go ahead and purchase these oils, if one desires to get rid of their cough and have a good night sleep.

Even though we have mentioned the above popular home remedies for a persistent dry cough, there still may be reasons why they are not being cured.

Below are the common reasons why a persistent dry cough does not go away!

  • Most cold symptoms may go away easily after a fever, however, a cough stays on for longer. This is mainly because a certain virus can lead to airways becoming swollen and more sensitive. Thus, a cough can last for longer!
  • Stress is also a very common factor that causes a cough to stay on. If one takes stress, they don’t eat well and are always troubled. Leading such a lifestyle makes the immunity weaker – hence leading the cough to stay on for long.
  • One needs to drink a lot of fluids, be it water, juices or even energy drinks. During fever, it is necessary for one to keep themselves hydrated, and this can happen after having a good amount of fluids. However, caffeine should be avoided as it can lead to dehydration.
  • Apart from the above, a cough also takes longer to go away if one uses an ACE inhibitor for blood pressure.  One of the side effects of this inhibitor is developing a chronic cough. If this is the case, then visit your doctor and he will suggest another drug that will work better for your body type!

Go to a doctor if –

We hope this article has provided you with ample information on home remedies for a persistent dry cough. However, as mentioned above, dry cough may take longer to go away. In that case, it is always best to visit your doctor. Home remedies can be applied, but if one’s case is serious and been going on for a long time, then we suggest you see a doctor and take medicines prescribed by him.

Also, one very important thing – if you wish your immunity to be strong, and rid yourself of a cough, then do not take stress and lead a healthy lifestyle! Living a healthy lifestyle will devoid you of not just a cough but any other health problem that you may face in the future!

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