Pollen allergy home remedies and how to seek instant results

In today’s age and day, people are suffering from all sorts of allergies. It is essential to know how to control allergies. One of the common allergies that we are dealing with today is pollen allergy. We need to understand how to treat allergies and how to provide an allergy cure. Today we are going to focus on pollen allergy home remedies that will help provide allergy relief! Hence, sit back and enjoy this article

Picture depicting pollen allergy

However, before that, we need to understand what pollen allergy is –

Flowers and pollen’s are not always beautiful – they can lead to seasonal allergies. This allergy is also commonly known as hay fever.  Pollen, as we know, is a fine yellow powder that is sent from one plant to another by the wind, insects, animals, and birds. Thus arises pollen allergy! There are various types of pollen allergy. Some people might be allergic to grasses, trees or even weeds. Altogether, the most common as proven by study is the allergy through grass. We are going to discuss pollen allergy home remedies

Some pollen allergy symptoms include – Sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose, itchy throat and eyes and some more. We are going to list down natural remedies for allergy.  Pollen allergy is highly common and is seasonal. Although you can visit a doctor, we are going to list some home remedies that will help one fight this allergy

Home remedies for pollen allergy –

Keep windows closed

First and foremost it is very important to keep the windows closed.  This is one of the best pollen allergy home remedies.  The reason for doing this is to avoid pollen from entering your homes and established buildings. Although it might sound like an easy thing to do, but many tend to forget and leave windows open. Thus leading to welcoming allergies in their homes!

Use HEPA filters

HEPA filter

It is also suggested that using HEPA filters is beneficial. This is one of the best pollen allergy home remedies. Nevertheless, this helps to remove and filter out pollen from the air systems

Change clothes regularly

Another very good way of avoiding pollen allergy is by changing clothes and bathing every time one comes home from outside. This helps you keep away from the pollen, and keep you clean from it, thus avoiding the allergy. Bathing is considered very important and essential to rid one from this seasonal allergy! Get rid of pollen allergy.

Change bedding

It is also suggested to keep clean not only in terms of your body and clothes but also your bedding, and cloth that you wear and surround yourself with. This is regarded as one of the good pollen allergy home remedies. For example – try keeping your bedding clean and change it after every few days.

Drink herbal teas

It has also been suggested that drinking herbal teas can be very helpful to do away with pollen allergy.  This is considered a good pollen allergy home remedy. Teas made with ginkgo, milk, red clover are suggested. These teas are said to have anti-inflammatory effects which end up reducing pollen allergy!

Citrus juices

Citrus juices

Drinking yummy citrus juices and drinks are also one of the ways to get rid of pollen allergy. These drinks end up making you refresh and provide energy. They also contain Vitamin C which is very helpful in ridding one of seasonal allergies – especially pollen allergy

Walnuts and apples

It is said that walnuts are very good for seasonal allergies. They are extremely high in magnesium content and help to reduce coughing and sneezing.  It also contains Vitamin E which helps to increase one’s immunity and makes one stronger. Apart from just walnuts, apples are said to do the trick too.

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Eat spicy foods

Many studies have proven that it is also good to have spicy food.  Spicy food leads one’s nose to run, thus making the nose cleaner, and inhaling better air. Spicy food includes – chilli pepper, wasabi, and horseradish. However, do not overdo it!

Drink lots of water

Also, drink lots of water. By drinking water and eating foods and fruits that are loaded with water helps to do away with allergies. It helps the mucus membranes to stay hydrated. Hence, a lot of water is suggested!


Picture depicting acupuncture

Acupuncture is something one should definitely try!  This is a process that involves use of ultrafine needles to enhance certain points on your body. Many have seen that through acupuncture their immunity improves and they are devoid of seasonal allergies like the very famous pollen one.

Have herbs

Having herbs and other such supplements are also good to keep away from any form of allergy. These mainly include – bromelain, butterbur, quercetin, beta – glucan, fish oil supplements, and probiotics. The above contains elements that are very good for the body and help increase one’s immunity. Eating and taking the above regularly will help one remain healthy and say bye bye to allergies!

Go to the doctor if

We hope the above remedies help one to live a healthier lifestyle and prepare them to face and fight pollen allergy. The above are all natural methods that have been tried by people, however, we do not assure you that they will work 100%. If you feel that the remedies listed are not helping you, then please do visit your doctor and take his advice!

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