Premature Baby Care Plan at Home with no Side Effects

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Of course, the babies in their first year are extremely tender and you even fear in leaving them unattended for even a single second. Nothing can be better than motherly care for a baby. This is the reason that we have brought some ways in which you can take care of your baby in even a much better way. Please read this article further as we have shared a very good premature baby care plan here. Let’s see what you can do premature baby care.

Doctors also approve some at home health care for babies because it is not always possible to get the medical care at the earliest. In some common problems such as tummy ache, bug bite and stuffy or runny nose, one can always give some home remedies to the infants at home. There are some household ingredients which to not have any side effects. They cannot only be used for babies but for adults also. But with the health and safety of your child, don’t ever neglect the advice of the experts. Always meet the doctor as soon as possible even after using at home treatment.

Home remedies for minor problems of babies to give them relief without any side effects:

child care

The skin of babies is very delicate and sensitive. Thus, whatever happens to them comes on their skin or face very quickly. Although we should never ignore the health of our babies, you can understand some of their problems by reading their reactions. It is because you live with them throughout the day. You can understand better whether babies’ uneasiness is of major level or they can deal with it without any immediate medical care. Of course, minor problems like cold, cough and mild fever are manageable. But if it seems like nausea, you cannot delay any further because sometimes nausea could have severe symptoms.

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Give the honey and lemon juice for the problem of sore throat:

honey and lemon juice

Sore throat is undoubtedly a very common problem in babies and adults. It happens due to climate change, but sometimes the cause can be different too. Lemon is very good for congestion and honey betters the immunity. Even for the cough problem, honey can be very effective. Sore throat does not come alone. Of course, when soreness of throat stays for some time, it even brings other subsidiary health problems like cold and cough. But make sure you do not give honey to the kids who are less than one year in age. Otherwise, it can help all the other age groups. Take one tablespoon of each: lemon and honey. Warm them both together to mix well and then give it to the kid of over 1 year for relieving from soreness.

Use the sock formula for tummy or neck pain:

sock with rice

Babies even suffer from tummy and neck pain a lot because they keep lying. Sometimes when they are not in right lying posture, it hurts their neck or back. For such kinds of pain, you can make a heat wrap for them at home. Just take a sock, fill it with some raw rice and tie the sock, so that rice does not fall from it. You need to microwave the sock for a minute to heat it a little. Then use it as giving the babies heat on the affected area. If it cools down, get it heated again in the similar way. This is a very good practice of keeping premature babies warm at home to relive them from tummy or neck pain.

Cayenne pepper for nosebleeds:

cayenne pepper

Bleeding from nose is quite a common problem in babies. But with the help of this spice, you can instantly help the baby at home only. Even doctors agree to the fact the cayenne can do wonders in nosebleeds. It stops the bleeding immediately. What you have to do is you need to keep the head of the baby upright and press his both nostrils together and then leave at once. Continue this for some time. After doing this, sprinkle very little cayenne pepper on a little wet cotton which is ground well in the powder form, dab this cotton ball toward the inner side of the nostrils from where the blood was coming. It will help the child for sure.


Use baking soda for bug bites:

Baking soda is very easily available in everyone’s home. It can be very effective for the bug bites in children. There is no surprise that babies suffer from the problem of bug bites more than adults and they even have visible patches of the same. Why is baking soda helpful in the bug bites? Well, it has antifungal element present in it which stops the itching instantly. This prevents the child from continuous scratching and thus does not let the affected area get worsen. It even helps with the situation of swelling.

paste of baking soda

Simply take some baking soda as per the requirement, just add some water in it in order to make the thick paste. Next apply on the affected area. Once it is dried, then clean it off the skin.

Use cucumber slices for mild swelling:

There is no surprise that cucumber is a good home remedy for reducing puffiness from many body parts. Cucumber slices are especially very effecting in removing the puffiness from the child’s face.

cucumber slices

Thus, in the same way, cucumber is very good for any kind of swelling in babies. Interestingly, the use of cucumber suppresses any swelling and soothes the affected area by cooling it down. For this purpose, you can use the chilled cucumber slices.

Use fresh ginger tea for car sickness:

ginger tea

There is no doubt that ginger is the medicinal herb and it is used for the treatment of many physical ailments in children and adults. It is highly effective in case of stomach contractions. Use this for the children of at least 2 years old or over. Simply cut one teaspoon of fresh ginger and boil it in one cup of water. Of course, you can add a little honey in it for making the taste better. Let it cool for some time and give your child to drink.

If you know that your child always has car sickness problem, then you can always give him this half an hour before sitting in the care.


Above we give some home care best practice guidelines for children, which are very easy to implement. Above all, they have no side effects. Of course, physical characteristics of preterm infant are very different form adults. Still some home remedies are good for them.

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