Cost-effective Premature Grey Hair Treatment at Home

Premature grey hair treatment is possible in some cases. These days many people are suffering from the problem of grey hair in their early age which is not usual. It is mainly because of the unhealthy eating habits, physical ailments or genes. Although reversing premature hair is not possible after an age, you can do it in case of premature greying. Let’s see how to work through some home remedies for premature grey hair treatment.

grey hair

The causes of premature greying of hair:

There are several reasons why the premature greying of hair happens. It is sometimes the negligence and sometimes genetic problems. But treating grey hair is still possible in most of the cases. Let’s see what could be the causes of grey hair:

  • Surely, it could be genetic reason. Due to genetic problem, the children even have to suffer from the problem of grey hair.
  • Sometimes, many illnesses in early days cause greying of hair. These include thyroid and anemia.
anemia is the cause of grey hair
  • Of course, malnutrition of hair health is another cause of grey hair. If one does not eat proper food along with all the necessary minerals, then they have to face the problem of grey hair.
  • Stress is also bad for hair health and it causes premature greying of hair in many people.
  • Some people are spotted with the problem of greying hair because of their unhealthy habits such as smoking or hair styling in an excess.

Home remedies for preventing grey hair:

You can do many things to prevent grey hair when it is due to lack of nutrition. We are going to talk about how you can easily make your hair black again by pausing any further premature greying of them. There are some things from your kitchen which you are supposed to use for this purpose. Let’s see what those household things are and how home remedies for grey hair turns into black are possible in this regard:

Onion and lemon juice:

As we are talking about how to stop gray hair at an early age. You can use onion for this problem. Onion due to its antioxidant properties is very popular for any physical ailment. The same thing happens in case of premature hair. Of course, the children and young people will never want to suffer from the problem of grey hair. It becomes an embarrassment for them and they have to so many things in this context to keep their hair healthy. Greying of hair not only deteriorates the personality of an individual, but even increases the cost of maintaining them as you have to start dying them in an early age. Here, in this problem you can give try to onion and lemon juice pack for your hair.

onion and lemon juice for grey hair

First of all, you need to extract the juice from both these ingredients and mix them well before apply on your hair. After the mixture is ready, just apply on your hair and leave for at least 20-30 minutes. Lastly, wash it. So, this is one of the easiest things you can do at home and at your convenience.

Mustard oil:

mustard oil for grey hair

Mustard oil is no doubt very good for the health of the hair. In case of grey hair also, it can do wonders. On the regular use of mustard oil, you can feel that the shade of hair is getting darker. Yes, this is true as it increases the shine and strength in your hair. You can even include mustard oil in your diet for better results. In this process, please massage your hair taking 2-3 teaspoons of oil as per the length of your hair. You can use a shower cap to keep it overnight or was it keeping for an hour at least. You will be able to see results after using it for some time.

Hibiscus flowers:

hibiscus for grey hair

Lately, it is found that hibiscus flowers have some natural properties to nourish hair better. Many people even prefer the hair products which come with hibiscus extract. The researchers have even found that hibiscus stops premature greying and improves the health of hair by eradicating dandruff completely on its regular use.

Curry leaves and coconut oil:

curry leaves for grey hair

Another solution to stop the hair from greying is that you use curry leaves for them. Curry leaves are popular in preserving the natural colour of hair. You need to boil curry leaves. For this purpose, take coconut oil and keep boiling curry leaves in it till the time they turn black completely. Then apply the oil on your hair when it is a little warm. It will surely help you in the situation of premature greying.

Henna with fenugreek seeds powder:

henna and fenugreek seeds powder for grey hari

Of course, applying the paste of henna and fenugreek seeds powder is an effective home remedy for premature hair. Of course, you need to apply in the form of paste. If you wish you can even include other ingredients in this paste such as coffee powder or curd. It is going to be the best nourishment for your hair. Keep it in your hair for over an hour for better results.

Black tea:

black tea for grey hair

Similarly, you can also use black tea for good results in case of grey hair. For this purpose, you need to just wash your hair with black tea and not use any other shampoo except it. After some attempts, you will realize that the colour of your started improving and reversing to be black again. For this, you need to boil two teaspoons of black tea with a pinch of salt. After that apply on your hair once it goes cold. Surely, you can repeat the same practice 2-3 times a week.

Consult a doctor—

Although the above mentioned home remedies for premature greying will definitely help you. But you can always consult a doctor for instant results because sometimes you need to add some nutrients and vitamins in your diet in order to fight with the problem of premature greying. Generally, in children, it is always good to take the advice of a doctor or dietician. They are ultimately the best people to suggest you anything on the intake of vitamins. It is true that sometimes right after consulting the doctor also, you can reverse the greying of the hair especially in case of young children and people in their early 20s. Remember that grey hair reversal success stories are true.

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