Health Benefits and Side Effects of Quail Eggs

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Quail Eggs. How these small eggs can treat cancer agents, blood sugar balance and Hair problems in you.

What are Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are going popular and slowly replacing the chicken eggs from the diet. The taste of Quail eggs is similar to chicken eggs. They are creamy shells with brown splotches and deep yellow yolks. 

Quail eggs are healthy and provide many nutrients to the body. So here we are detailing how to eat quail eggs. Make sure you do not have any egg allergy if you are thinking of eating them. 

Nutrition found in Quail Eggs 

Quail eggs are small in size, actually four quail eggs are nearly equal to a single chicken egg. One quail egg has many forms of nutrition. See the details in the table below. 

Calories14 g 
Protein 2 g
Choline 3% of daily need
Riboflavin7% of daily need
Folate2% of daily need
Pantothenic acid3% of daily need
Vitamin A1% of daily need
Vitamin B126%  

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs

Eating them isn’t common, but you can get some health benefits, if you start eating them. Some of them are written below to see.

Improves Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate helps in better digestion and controls weight. If the balance goes wrong, then the body may have to bear many problems like indigestion, obesity etc.  

Quail eggs help in improving the digestion process and show good effects on the body. Eating habits has to keep in control, if you need to control your metabolic rate. A high metabolism helps in burning calories, weight loss

Bone Strength

Quail eggs provide calcium and Amino Acid to the body that promotes strong bones to kids and adults. An amino Acid called lysine provides strength to the bones in the long term. Due to high bone friendly nutrients in these quail eggs, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis in adults. 

Controls Dandruff

Dandruff is a sign of unhealthy scalp. Dandruff may cause hair damage and sometimes permanent hair loss. Eating quail eggs provides a natural cure on your dry scalp that can be helpful in keep your hairs healthy.  

Reduce Hair Loss

Eating quail eggs helps in denser hairs on the head if consumed regularly. It helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body that brings oxygen to the follicles and makes hairs stronger. Sulphur also helps in providing strength to the hairs that lets you maintain your hairs healthier.  

Keeps Nails Shiny

Quail eggs are also used as a beauty product. Eating it helps in providing fatty acid, proteins which keeps your nails shiny and makes them strong enough to break easily.  

Treat Acne

Teenagers who suffer from acne can get some benefit by eating quail eggs. Main reason for acne is hormonal dysfunction, stress and few toxins which are trapped in the skin pores. 

A face mask made up of quail eggs reduces acne and clean the skin pores. Actually the antioxidants that are present in the skin helps in reducing the excess oil secretion. Due to this, the acne inside reduces and results in glowing skin. 

Protein-Based Diet

Gym people and athletes who are doing intense practice need more and more protein rich food in their diet. As a fact, quail eggs provide more protein than chicken eggs. During workout, body needs a balanced diet to  keep a healthy balance of nutrients. 

Quail eggs provide more energy than chicken eggs. Actually the amount of Vitamin B provided by Quail eggs is 70% more than chicken eggs.  

Reduce risks of Lungs Disease

Air Pollution and stress can result in various lung diseases. Many of us are suffering from asthma and bronchitis.  

Quail eggs are rich in free radicals that help in reducing the risk of such diseases. If you eat it daily, then you will see some quick results and those improvements can be seen in longer run.  

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

People who take more sugar and fat rich food are seen with irregular sugar levels in the blood. This shows weight gain in an abnormal way plus creates indigestion in the stomach.  

Quail eggs help in regulating the sugar levels as it has low glycemic levels.  It is proved that the amino acid in it helps the patients to reduce adverse effects of diabetes.  

Helps in depression relief 

Quail eggs help people with depression. People with depression and anxiety can be helped by eating quail eggs. 

Eating them produces a large amount of Hormone H that reduces the effect of depression.  In the case of women, it helps in menopause syndrome and stress related to it.  

Body Detox

Quail eggs helps in removing the toxins inside the body that produces the free radicals in our body. The effect of free radicals can be very harmful to the body and quail egg provides antioxidants which helps in reversing the effects of free radicals. 

Another fact, this egg is 60% water which helps in bowel movements. That means it helps in removing all the toxins out of the body.

Reduces the Risk Of Heart Diseases

Quail eggs are based on 60% of fats and HDL with good cholesterol. These nutrients help in reducing the bad high cholesterol which can clog the arteries and cause atherosclerosis. 

Eggs help in keeping your heart healthy and reducing heart disease risk.  

Prevent Cancer

The toxins which are inside the body may have cancer causing free radicals that increase the risk of cancer.  Free radicals can mutate the DNA and cause cancer in them. A compound known as lecithin is found in quail egg. This helps in repairing the cells and reducing cellular damage. Another cancer reducing agent called ovomucoid helps in reducing growth of tumors.  

Treat Allergies

Quail eggs can treat various type of allergies An enzyme called trypsin helps in soothing all the factors that cures the food allergies. 

It inhibit the activity of transcription that soothes the neural pathways that are responsible to inflame the esophagus 

Side Effects of Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs do not have much side effects but eating them in excess can show some adverse effects on health.

Too Much Antioxidants are bad for health 

As the increased free radicals causes various health risks in the body and antioxidants helps in reducing the risk of such free radicals. But what if you eat too many Quail eggs? Then your body will be having a lot of antioxidants in you. If the antioxidants in your body become more , then they can increase the risk of many types of cancer.

Increase The Risk of Hypoglycemia

As explained above, the high glycemic level in the quail eggs helps in reducing the blood sugar levels in your body. It actually reduces the secretion of sugar in blood, but eating too much will increase the blood sugar and can affect a person with diabetes. 

Eating too much quail eggs can increase the risk of hypoglycemia. The symptoms of it are 

  1. Nausea
  2. Tingling Lips 
  3. Excessive Thirst 
  4. Excess sweat and anxiety.  

Final Words

Quail eggs are not not eaten commonly as chicken’s. So if you are eating chicken eggs , then you can replace some days with quail eggs. Before eating them, find out whether it is legal to get them or not. Do not eat the chemically treated quail eggs and find a local farmer to get some organic ones. 

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