How to make simple broccoli and stilton soup and have a tasty meal

There is no surprise regarding the benefits of broccoli. Hence, It is one of the main vegetables that one is asked to consume on a daily basis. Eating broccoli means staying healthy and being devoid of health benefits. Today our main focus is to stay and remain healthy with simple broccoli and stilton soup! There are many questions raised when talked about broccoli such as – how to relieve stomach pain from broccoli?

Simple broccoli and stilton soup recipe

Nevertheless, before we delve further into the nutritional qualities, let us understand how to make simple broccoli and stilton soup

1)    As far as the ingredients are concerned they are simple and can be bought anywhere

2)    To make the tasty soup one is required to place broccoli into a glass bowl

3)   in addition, Cover the bowl and place it in the microwave

broccoli and stilton soup

4)    While this is happening, make sure to heat a frying pan on the side and add spring onions to it

5)    The broccoli will be cooked. Once that is done add spring onions, stilton and cream to the mixture, make sure to blend it well.

6)    Once the mixture is blended well, put it in a pan and let it simmer gently

7)   Ofcourse, One can also season the soup with salt, black pepper or even some nutmegs

8)    And the broccoli and stilton soup is ready!

Broccoli and stilton soup health benefits

This soup is very healthy, and mainly because it contains broccoli which is very rich good food. Some also question if too much broccoli causes stomach pain and broccoli stomach pain relief

Prevents cancer

prevents cancer

Hence, broccoli is very good to prevent cancer. Hence, simple broccoli and stilton soup is going to be very healthy.  Broccoli is good to cure cancer because it contains properties that reduce estrogen hormone – which is the main culprit behind cancer.

Reduces cholesterol

The soup that contains broccoli is very good to reduce cholesterol. This is done so because the fibre in broccoli binds with the bile acids in the digestive tract. This leads to the flushing down of cholesterol. Thus, simple broccoli and stilton soup is a very good recipe to make one healthy and functional!

Good for detoxification

good for detoxification

Simple broccoli and stilton soup is also very good for flushing out the toxins from the body. Broccoli, as we all know, is very rich in fibre – thus it aids in getting rid of toxins through the digestive tract. By sipping into this soup one will find themselves rid of any unwanted objects in the body. This is the best recipe to undergo detoxification

Skin care


This simple broccoli and stilton soup is very good for the skin. Apart from just taking care of the glow, it prevents the skin from attaining any infections. This recipe also helps in keeping a natural glow to the face. It is very rich in vitamin k, amino acids, and folates – which help in maintaining the immunity of the skin.

Treats stomach disorders

Broccoli and stilton soup also helps in treating stomach disorders. Being extremely rich in fibre, it helps to cure constipation. Apart from just this, the recipe also contains magnesium and vitamins. This helps to do away with acidity. Thus, simple broccoli and stilton soup is essential to deal with stomach disorders!

Improves bone and teeth health

Broccoli makes sure that the bones and teeth are strong. Hence, this simple soup recipe does wonders! This ingredient is rich in vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Thus, people who suffer from weak bones should ideally drink this soup everyday.

Helps in pregnancy

Pregnant women are asked to drink a lot of this simple broccoli and stilton soup. This is so because this simple recipe is absorbed with nutrients that a pregnant woman needs. It also helps to rid of constipation, which most pregnant women undergo. Thus, this is a very beneficial recipe.

Broccoli and stilton soup low calorie

broccoli soup

This soup is meant to not only boost one’s immunity but also helps in reducing weight and is good for people who are obese, overweight or just somebody trying to shed some pounds. This soup may not be in much demand by meat eaters, as this is pure vegetarian. Apart from being made out of the greens, it is also glutton free and very low in calories. The taste is yummy and has a tinge of a cheesy element to it. When one sips into this soup, its taste will make them forget how healthy and low in calories it actually is. Yes, that’s how tasty and delectable this soup is said to be!

can babies have broccoli and stilton soup

Although many parents question whether it is okay to serve their babies broccoli and stilton soup. As per most people who have been questioned this – they say it is totally fine till the time the soup is cooked properly. In fact, when doing my research a lot of parents said that their baby eats anything and everything they eat! There is not much to distinguish. Thus, it can be safe to say that babies can eat simple broccoli and stilton soup!


Thus, the simple broccoli and stilton soup can be very delicious and have various health benefits. This recipe is very beneficial for one’s health and makes one stronger and helps to fight low immunity. This soup is especially good for people with stomach disorders, and pregnant women who undergo constipation. Thus, the recipe is simple and this soup can be made in just a matter of minutes! Do drink this soup every day if you want to attain a healthy lifestyle. Not only does this prevent skin infections but also makes sure that your body is rich and absorbed with proteins and nutrients. Thus , drinking this soup everyday will lead to very good results. Also, do remember – Broccoli and stilton soup is actually quite delicious and suit the taste palate of many. We hope this article came to use, and helped to throw light on the simple broccoli and stilton soup!

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