Six Yoga Poses for Weight Loss , Reduce Belly Fat

Six Yoga Asana or Poses for reducing weight , belly fat and increase core body strength. Check Expert Yoga Gurus Opinions, reviews and testimonials

How to lose weight with Yoga Asanas

Weight loss is a very common problem with modern people. Those who are doing desk jobs and do not get enough time to exercise lead to weight gain. Sometimes , this went too much and a person’s daily life starts getting affected.

So if you are one of those who are seeing a sudden increase in your weight or you are already overweight, then you must read this article. 

All of us are not made to do heavy exercises or weight lifting to stay in shape. So here we have gathered the information for the books of yoga which provide us some Yoga poses (asana) to stay in shape. 

What is Yoga 

Yoga is an ancient form of staying healthy in terms of body and mind. The body movements done in yoga are done in respect to help the body and mind. Yoga is a hindi word which means to sum up. Here it refers to sum the consciousness of body , mind and soul. 

We are not going to work on the soul level, but we are going to provide you six Yoga Asanas for weight loss

What Experts Says about Yoga 

Those who are practicing yoga from years says that Yoga should not be bounded under religion. All the humans who are having a problem with their body or mind can be helped by yoga. 

Weight loss is a very basic application for Yoga practitioners. It can be used to cure or atleast control many dangerous diseases in the world. 

Weight Loss by Yoga reviews

As people with less physical activities and sticking to their smartphones have reduced health levels and created imbalances in hormones secretion, metabolic rates. 

People who gives equal importance to health as compared to other things tends to fall less ill. But if by any reason , you have created an imbalance in the body, yoga can help in a very simplest way. 

As reviewed by a person who benefits from Yoga. 

“In my opinion, Yoga is comprised of simple set of exercises which instruct to stick to some positions for a few seconds and helps you in gaining the health levels you want. But those few seconds of your life helps you in gaining a better body and health in both aspects i.e. mind and health”.

In few days , the body starts experiencing sudden change of improvement. It is a very good option for those who don’t want to do hard form of exercises and shred fats in the gyms. All of us are not made to do such exercises in the world. I was the person who believes in gym and shred sweat to lose some kilos. Soon after I came under Yoga influence, I saw the desired waist size of my body can be achieved by the simple yoga poses. After understanding yoga , it gave me an enlightening, affirmative and gratifying feel. 

Yoga for Weight Loss

Weight gain isn’t something that can happen in a few days. It happens because to very limited physical activities or overeating, But these are the point we all know. Here we are going to provide you some points which you should know about weight gain. 

Before losing weight , you must know the exact reason by which you start gaining. Some of these are 

  1. Limited Physical Activity 
  2. Over Eating 
  3. Not Eating healthy food
  4. Hormone Imbalance.
  5. Metabolic Rate 

Yoga is comprised of various breathing and positions which helps in creating a balance in your body. It also helps in regulating heart rate and helps in mental recovery too. 

What Yoga does to body

  1. Cleans inner mechanism
  2. Increases core strength and stamina
  3. Improves metabolic rate
  4. Increase flexibility 

Yoga Asanas which helps in losing weight 

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a very simple technique which is basically bowing to sun. This is done in twelve variations for the various parts of the body. Surya namaskar is a very good way to start , if you have put on too much weight and you can’t do much movements. 

The Surya Namaskar is very beneficial to the human body and it involves a total of 12 poses

  1. Basic prayer pose
  2. Forward bend 
  3. Bhujangasana

Surya Namaskar is a very good way to keep your body flexibility and create a movement in all body parts. It increases the core body strength and helps in stress and anxiety

Triangular pose or Trikonasana

Trikonasana is done with widening legs and turing the right foot out. Stretch the arms now and wide open the right side of waistline over the right leg and slow it down while facing downwards with a flat back. 

Keep the right palm on the ground on block with your left arm stretched. This should be repeated for the other side 

Affected Areas :- This asana is helpful for the arms, thighs and feet. 

Veerabhadra Asana

Veerbhadra Asana or warrior’s pose is to pose like a mountain and stretching one leg back and other leg in a lung like pose with you knee at a 90 degree angle with your hands stretched above your head. 

Veerbhadra Asana 2 

If you started doing the first stage properly , then you can go to another level after this. In Virabhadrasana 2, just bring your hands in front of your chest and straighten your legs , pointing it out while the other leg is still in same position. Both your arms should be strecthed wide apart. 

Veerbhadra asana is helpful for better blood circulations. It is also effective for the legs, thighs, back and arms. 

Upward plank or Purvottan Asana

If you have done planks in gym, then it is not the same thing. PurvottanAsana is little difficult fir beginners but it can show you visible results in a few days. It helps in losing fat from the back, shoulders, arms, spine and wrists. 

During this all, it helps in regulating the breathing system and increase core body strength of legs, inner thighs and hips. 

Affected Area :- PurvottanAsana is very helpful in shoulders, arms and spine of doer.  

Kashti or Boat Pose 

Kashti is hindi name for a boat. As the name suggests, in this pose , you need to pose like a boat. In simpler ways, you have to make a V shape on you body. 

Just lie down on your back and make a V shape of your body with respect to your back and legs. This pose is very effective to those people who complains about stubborn belly fat. 

Start doing this for a few seconds, and then you can increase time, day by day. 

Setu Asana or Bridge Pose 

Setu or bridge asana is based on a bridge.

  • Lie on you back and stretch your hands on sides. 
  • Now fold your knees and raise your body from the pelvic joint.
  • Support the position with your hands and hold it for a few seconds. 

Affected Area :- It helps in reducing fat from hips, thighs, stomach as well as back.

So here we have completed the yoga poses helpful in losing weight. Another aspect of yoga that you need to know is that, eating good and healthy diet is all you need to have.Without healthy diet, no exercise of yoga can help you get desired results. 

Yoga recommends satvic diet 

Satvic diet is defined as diet which helps you gain health of body and incarves your positive side from it. These are following which comes under stavic diet. 

  1. Do not eat too much spicy food. 
  2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, 
  3. Avoid outside eatables and start eating homemade food. 

When you start following all these instructions, then also start watching how many calories you are consuming per day. Keep a strict check on your diet plan.  

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