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Snoring causes and home remedies that help finding relief and good sleep

Snoring causes and home remedies that help finding relief and good sleep

picture showing snoring

Snoring at night is common and many people have a disturbed sleep due to it. To make it clear, it’s not the person snoring but the person sleeping with the snorer who faces sleepless nights. Today we are going to put light upon snoring causes and home remedies that help prevent it. Although, snoring during sleep is ordinary – snoring from the nose, or snoring from the mouth – but we will try to make a stop to it by focusing on snoring causes and home remedies in this article.

It has been proven that snoring among men is more common as compared to women. We are going to stress on snoring effects, causes of snoring, and how to activate snoring control. As per understanding snoring causes and home remedies, snoring occurs when the air through the mouth and nose is obstructed.

Causes behind snoring

In short reasons behind one’s snoring is because of obstructed nasal airways, poor muscles in the throat and tongue, bulky throat tissue, and some more. Here we are going to focus on snoring causes and home remedies and how to prevent one from having sleepless nights, due to their partner snoring!

image showing a man snore

Home remedies that prevent people from snoring

Lose weight

picture showing weight

First, and foremost if one desires to stop snoring then living a healthy lifestyle is required. It is necessary to reduce excess weight. Snoring can occur when fatty tissues and poor muscle tone around the neck causes the throat to narrow, hence leading to snoring. Losing excess weight can help one in shrinking their neck size – leading to a reduction in snoring.

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Eat smaller meals

picture showing small meals

It is suggested that to reduce snoring one should have small meals and also avoid having dairy products before going to sleep. Having a full stomach before sleep has an effect on the breathing leading you to snore the night away! As far as dairy products go, they leave a layer of mucus in one’s mouth and throat – resulting in blocking the airways and causing one to snore.

Use essential oils

picture showing oils

One good focus on snoring causes and home remedies is to use essential oils in order to reduce snoring.  These essential oils tend to have healing properties which help break up mucus and leads to better breathing. Hence, if one wants to stop snoring then apply essential oils like – eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and clove.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

picture showing no to alcohol

To understand snoring causes and home remedies, one needs to realize that they need to change their lifestyle. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle – not only to quit snoring, but also to prevent themselves from any other health issues.

It has been said that alcohol and smoking should be avoided right before going to bed. Alcohol relaxes throat muscles, thus having more chances for airway obstruction. Apart from that smoking also hampers one’s breathing and causes one to snore. Smoking causes congestion in the nasal passages and lungs!


Hence, snoring causes and home remedies is a vast topic. In order for one to stop snoring, they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and become cautious of their weight and drinking habits. Lifestyle plays a major role in most health problems. Thus, the first thing to do is lose excess weight, eat healthily and stop drinking and smoking.

Visit a doctor if –

In case, the above home remedies do not work and one is tired of snoring and causing sleepless nights for their partner – then pay a visit to your doctor. He may come up with a remedy which is not prescribed above!

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