Health Benefits of Spirulina: Side Effects and Dosage

Spirulina Benefits and side effects. Also read to eat it properly with your normal diet and select a healthy spirulina. Bad one can effect your health

Spirulina is an algae which is a very fine protein source of vegetarians.Here we are writing some of the health benefits which Spirulina has for all. 

Spirulina is a good source of Vitamin B, beta-carotene and Vitamin E.  

What is Spirulina 

Spirulina is an organism which is grown in water. It can be seen in fresh water as well as salt water. Spirulina is a single cellular microbes which are found in blue and green color.  It is a mass of blue and green algae which is consumed by humans and animals. These two algaes are Arthrospira platensis and A. maxima.

It is cultivated to provide a good supplement for vegetarian people. It is the most common food for fishes and hens. 

Health Benefits

Spirulina is helpful in various diseases and helps in living a healthy life. The most common problems cured by Spirulina are hyperactivity disorder, cancer, fatigue, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and viral infections.

As it was discovered that Spirulina is beneficial in various diseases. This article will let you know about the benefits of Spirulina. 

Spirulina is high source of Nutrients 

Spirulina is an organism which grows in water. It is basically an algae which grows by sunlight energy. It grows with the help of sunlight to create the energy inside just like photosynthesis. 

Spirulina is consumed from ancient times of Aztecs but was forgotten by the modern world. Soon NASA found it as a great alternative of food for space travellers. 

This algae is rich in many nutrients. Seven grams of dry spirulina powder contains 

Protein4 gm
Vitamin B1 (thiamine):11% of the RDA
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)15% of the RDA
Copper21% of the RDA
Iron11% of the RDA

Small fractions of magnesium, potassium and manganese are also found in Spirulina. Spirulina is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It has only 20 calories and 2 grams of carbs. 

If you are a vegan, then you can easily find this nutritious food in your diet. People who eat eggs for the protein can shift to this for better nutrition.  

Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Free radicals are harmful for your body. Those people who get into chronic inflammation can be seen with various cancers and other diseases.  Spirulina is a great source of antioxidants that prevents us from various harmful free radicals. 

Due to its phycocyanin, spirulina helps us in getting its blue and green color. This phycocyanin helps in removing free radicals and reduces inflammation.  

Blood Sugar Control

Many researchers have shown that spirulina can help in lowering the blood sugar in the body. Many diabetes drugs were expelled from the comparison with Spirulina.  Spirulina has shown good effects in the human sugar levels too. 

A study has shown that 25 people with type 2 diabetes were given 2 gm of spirulina for 15 days. After 15 days , these people’s sugar levels were compared with the 15 days before. 

It was seen than people have shown 8 to 9% of decrease (HbA1c) in the sugar levels. Now the most interesting thing to talk about. 1% of decrease can lower the risk of diabetic attack upto 21%. 

As the studies are still not widely acceptable due to the less duration of experiment. Now it is being conducted for the longer time duration to make them accept widely. 

May Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance

Spirulina consumption can help in various types of muscle health. After exercise, the athlete muscle induces oxidation, which leads to muscle fatigue. Using this algae based food, athletes can yield more stamina and strength in muscles. 

Helps in  Anemia

Anemia’s most common form is lack of iron deficiency which in result reduces the RBC and hemoglobin in the blood. This is very common in middle age people i.e. over 40 years. Spirulina can help in increase of RBC and better immune system in adults. 

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is caused by inflammation in the nasal pathways. It triggers with various surrounding pollen and animal hair. Spirulina is helpful in reducing the risk of Allergic Rhinitis 

Allergic Rhinitis
Allergic Rhinitis

The symptoms of Rhinitis are reduced by the spirulina. The most common symptoms reduced by spirulina are nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching.

Regulates Blood Pressure 

Blood pressure can cause various other heart diseases. The most common friends of High BP are heart attacks, strokes and chronic kidney disease.

One small dose of spirulina is helpful in regulating the BP and helps you in controlling the BP for longer time. Eating spirulina helps in creation of a molecule i.e. Nitric oxide which helps in relaxing the blood vessels.  

May Have Anti-Cancer Properties

Spirulina can help in reducing cancer risks.  A study done of animals with spirulina can help in reducing cancer risks and tumor growth.  

Spirulina has been proven to reduce the mouth cancer caused by various products. People were asked to eat spirulina one year daily. Those people were diagnosed with 45% of less lesions.  

Those who didn’t take spirulina for the whole year were seen with lesions in the same state and even growth has been observed. 

Prevents bad Cholesterol from oxidizing 

Fats in the body are initial for the oxidative damage.  This can cause you lipid peroxidation which leads to many serious diseases.  Heart disease are generally caused by the bad LDL cholesterol.  

The antioxidants present in the spirulina helps in reducing the lipid oxidation for humans and animals. Eating eight grams of spirulina decrease the oxidative damage to 50%. In the blood.  

Side Effects of Spirulina

As we knew about so many health benefits, now let’s see the side effects caused by the Spirulina. These adverse effects are 

Spirulina can cause you headaches, allergies , muscle pain and sweating. Even insomnia is also a side effect. Those who are allergic to seafood should avoid spirulina. 

People with thyroid problems , kidney stones, PKU(phenylketonuria) or pregnant women are adviced no to take this before asking from your doctor. Eating in all these conditions can cause severe effects on health. 

Wild Spirulina 

Spirulina grown in the wild areas can be toxic to people. These type of spirulina can be poison to the health. It is because it can absorb toxins from the water like microcystins, polluted water and heavy metals from industry waste. It is recommended to eat the professionally grown spirulina. 

Many people who are having supplements for the performance in sports must consult their doctor. So if you are a person taking supplements and spirulina both, it can cause a reaction in the stomach and make you ill. 

Dosage – How to take Spirulina Dose

No scientific recommendation is given for the dose of spirulina , but standards has been set up by the people who eat it regularly. 

One to three grams are advised as standard , while upto 10 grams can be taken for mass nutrition. 

  1.  People who are trying to lower the cholesterol must intake one to eight grams of spirulina daily for 4 to 6 months.
  2. If you are eating to reduce hypertension, then you can eat 4 to 5 grams of spirulina for six weeks. 
  3. One gram is recommended for the patients of Type 2 Diabetes for two times daily for a month. 

The most accurate dose can’t be told for everyone. As the person’s age , gender and medical conditions decide a dosage. So before you follow any of these dosage standard, you must consult your doctor.  

Which Form of Spirulina must be taken

Spirulina is sold in many forms. You can see it as a capsule, tablet and juices. Even some manufacturers have built smoothies of it. 

Before you buy a spirulina pack, you must check the nutrient compound on it. As the blue-green algae is the most common type , but some spirulina are rich in Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Spirulina maxima too. 

A label of you pack can tell you the difference of the same. All the active ingredients and nutrients can be seen in the pack’s label. 

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