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Staph Infection Causes and Symptoms with Natural treatment Home remedies. Check FAQ and Pictures of Kids suffering from Staph Infection

Staphylococcus (staph) is a group of bacteria which causes infections of many types, including skin infections. If you see a localized infection such as pus in a boil or abscess, it can be considered as a Staph infection. The area will be tender to touch. It may also be swollen and reddened.

staph infection
staph infection

Staph Infection Causes

Staph bacteria are all around us, and typically they are harmless. They create trouble when they enter the body through a fractured skin or a cut. Depending upon the area they afflict the problem can range from trivial to grave.

Staph bacteria spread when you come across a contaminated area. It spreads by people to people contact. It spreads when people share personal items like bed linens, towels etc. Common symptoms are boils and oozing blisters. It can also cause food poisoning leading to nausea and vomiting. The infection can become dangerous if it inspects the bloodstream. In that case, it may cause fever joint and muscular pain.

One of the major concerns in dealing with Staph bacteria is that some of its strains have developed immunity to antibiotics and are called MRSA. Overuse of anti-biotic and availability of antibacterial soaps etc. have contributed to this phenomenon.  

Is Staph Infection Contagious

Staph Infection Symptoms
Staph Infection Symptoms

 Most of the common skin ailments caused by the staph bacteria would go of its own without antibiotics. However, at times bacteria inhibit the bloodstream, urinary tract, or lungs, causing severe infection. In that case, they may cause serious illness. This will need proper medical attention.

How Staph Infection removed

If they infect the blisters or boils on the skin, the infection tends to go away once the pus is drained out. Once the infection enters the bloodstream, it becomes severe and can cause sepsis or even attack the heart muscle causing endocarditis. Doctors typically treat the condition with strong antibiotics.

Staph Infection home remedies

Some common Home Remedies

Essential oils
Tea Tree Oil

Are oils that have their origin in plants. Since ages, they have been used as formulations for combating a host of disease. Most of them have anti-germ properties, and if synthesized with other oils can effectively resolve the bacterial problem. They have an advantage over traditional antibiotics in combating MRSA.


It is used in a host of conditions ranging from cold and cough to immune disorders. It can be applied topically to the infected portion

Lavender oil

It has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. It again should be applied topically to combat bacterial infection.

Tea tree oil

Native to Australia has been useful in a large number of ailments, has excellent anti-microbial properties.

Sage, Thyme, oregano, Frankincense, cypress and Ylang Ylang are set of oils that can be applied to the infected area.

Topical Probiotics

Their advantages are not confined merely to guts. They can be applied topically to combat Staph infection. Our modern lifestyle has ensured that we lose lots of good bacteria on our skin. These bacteria’s naturally fortify our skin against invading pathogens. There are products available which may replace bacteria lost by modern hygiene.

Sida Acuta

Considered to be an invasive weed the plant is belonging to the mallow family. It is a powerful treatment against skin infections. Rubbed topically it is said to cure various diseases including staph infection.

Cryptolepis salve

A plant native to Africa is a frequently used to combat malaria. However it’s a balm, ointment or cream can be used to combat against a large number of microbes including MRSA.

CBD oil

Cannabis is a plant whose medicinal benefits are now being accepted wildly. Cannabinoids can be used to treat difficult pathogens like MRSA. It may also lead to enhancing skin immunity against the host of other pathogens.

Staph Infection Honey Remedy

Honey is the natural antimicrobial force

Manuka Honey is a special type of honey found in New Zealand. It is produced when bees pollinate Manuka bush. It is one of the most powerful anti-microbial features. It inhibits bacteria that reside on the skin, including MRSA.  

When using Manuka honey for the medicinal purpose, the ones graded above UMF 10 + is highly recommended. 

Staph Infection on Kids

Staph Infection can be found in Kids. It starts with a small infection but if ignored than spread to multiple parts of body. As we know staph bacteria can cause toxins inside your body. The most common symptoms of kids are rashes, fever and blisters.

Soon as the blisters burst , the rashes passes on to the upper skin layer and skin surface goes red like burn mark. So, its highly recommended to visit a doctor if you found such symptoms in a kid’s skin.

When Should I Call the Kid’s Doctor?

Visit a doctor if,

  • Sometimes the infection passes to the person nearby. This means the infection on highly contagious state.
  • If the child is hurt and has higher chances of infection.
  • If the stye doesn’t go away in few days.
  • If the symptoms told above are seen like Fever and rashes and the area is found reddish and burned.


Staph infections can be cured with home remedies. A Doctor’s advice is required when the infection attacks the innards of the body.

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