Stevia Benefits in Diabetic and intermittent fasting


In today’s age and day everyone and anyone is suffering from a certain disease or infection – be it cancer, something mild like a migraine, appendicitis or the very popular diabetes. Thus, we are going to shine a light on certain supplements and things to consume to keep away cancer. The main focus of this article is – stevia benefits in diabetes. Before we delve further let us explain and inform one about what stevia really is:

What is stevia?

Stevia in short and in lay man’s word is a sugar substitute which is derived from a plant. Hence, many diabetic people consume this plant encountered stevia. This particular substitute for sugar has absolutely no calories and is considered 200 times way sweeter than the actual sugar.


Many people ask about stevia benefits and risk. The answer to which we will provide below:


It has been said that stevia benefits in diabetes is that it has properties that contain antioxidants and that help to fight all sorts of infections. Thus, people who are diabetic will surely benefit from this!

Controls blood sugar

This sugar deprived of plants helps to moderate and control blood sugar, both when one is fasting or after meals

Removes fatigue

Stevia benefits in diabetes is that it tends to reduce one’s appetite and hunger later in the day  and makes one way more energetic

Looks after the liver and kidney

liver and kidney

Stevia also looks after the liver and kidney and makes sure they function properly

Reduces certain things

Finally, stevia reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which is very good for people who are diabetic!

Now that we have laid light on the benefits of stevia let us bring about the side effects of it:

People have figured that stevia is not harmful until the time it is consumed in moderate amounts. However, do read below the side effects that it can have. Some stevia products may contain compounds that can lead to –

Bloating, one facing nausea and vomiting, stomach pain and cramping, and other digestive issues. Thus, one needs to take care to not overdo with these plant-derived sugar tablets, as anything and everything that is consumed too much can be very harmful!

Stevia plant for diabetes

stevia plant

As mentioned above stevia is a popular sugar substitute that contains very few calories, in fact, many people with diabetes have figured the stevia benefits in diabetes, and use this plant to deal with it. This particular plant helps people who have diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels.

When asked as to where this natural sweetener comes from, the answer is that it comes from a shrub that is native to North and South America.

In terms of how it is sweeter than sugar is because it contains compounds called steviol glycosides that are 150-300 times sweeter than sugar. Even though that is the case, stevia is very low in calories. Even though the glycosides are sweet, they can leave behind a bitter taste and thus stevia products contain other products to counteract this!

Apart from what is stevia, the benefits, and side effects, people have asked various other questions as well. Those will be laid down below:

Will stevia raise your blood sugar

blood sugar

There is just no question that using stevia will save one from a large number of calories. Though it is way sweeter, it has no calories and hence one should use this plant substitute. But people have raised concerns that some type of stevia preparations may affect the blood sugar levels way different than the other.

There isn’t much to worry as stevia won’t raise the blood sugar levels, in fact this sweetener may lower the blood sugar levels. Hence, this plant extracted sugar, which is way sweeter than the natural sugar, and containing absolutely no calories is very good for people with diabetes! Thus, stevia benefits in diabetes are unquestionable!

Does stevia spike insulin

Stevia has been used by people who are diabetic for centuries. Refined stevia is actually 250-300 times way sweeter than sugar and it doesn’t tend to increase the blood sugar levels. However, the sweet taste may not be the only benefit this plant has to give since stevia is said to increase insulin production and improve the insulin action in people who are diabetic.  Limited research has proved that, but one needs to do larger studies on humans to actually prove how stevia affects insulin!

Stevia and intermittent fasting

There are some certain 7 things about fasting that one should know and follow. First and foremost, if you have been fasting for 18 hours, and then go gobble down a large cheese pizza – this is a no no!

Second, don’t make food your new hobby. Yes, while fasting it gets difficult to not think about food, however, try and be occupied with thoughts other than food!

Maintain cortisol levels. During fasting, one can see an up down of cortisol levels, and hence one should maintain them. One can also indulge in yoga, meditation, and other such activities

One should also stop relying on coffee. This is the best thing to take when one is fasting, however, it is not a good thing to become solely independent on it. If that does become the case then try drinking green tea instead.

During fasting times one should skip dinner and not breakfast



Thus, we hope the above topic has provided ample information on stevia benefits in diabetes. It is quite important to consume stevia, especially when one is diabetic. It is natural, taken from a plant and has many health benefits to it. The main one being that it is very low in calories. However, like with anything and everything – too much consumption of anything leads to not a good result. Hence, one should try controlling the amount of stevia one consumes. Apart from that everything is good, and people with diabetes will see a rather good result by consuming stevia!

Thus indulge in stevia, and forsee a change in one’s lifestyle. The change for people who have diabetes will be evident and will surely help one by in taking this sugar extracted from plants

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