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Infections in the eye are widespread and should not be taken lightly. There are many kinds of diseases and infections that can affect one’s eye and in order to do away with them precaution should be sought. One of the pervasive ones’s being subconjunctival hemorrhage, and before we explain what this really is – our article is going to highlight on – subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home.

Definition of subconjunctival hemorrhage

Before we provide subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home, let us discuss what this infection really is. This infection basically causes bleeding underneath the conjunctiva.  In terms of how it appears many people call it redness in the eye.  This infection may not cause harm initially; even then one should take this seriously and apply immediate remedies to sort it out.

red eye

There can be many reasons as to why subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home is beneficial.  Apart from that there are also a plenty reasons as to why this infection can occur: some being due to eye trauma, an increase in the blood pressure as a result of heavy lifting, coughing, sneezing or even due to laughing too much. Eye surgeries like LASIK and cataract surgery can also lead the eye to become red.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage Symptoms

Going further into subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment, let us unearth what the symptoms of this infection are.  The very common and the first symptom is a red patch on the white part of the eye. Even though the eye appears to be red – it is not necessary that one will face a problem with the vision, or pain in the eye. One, however, can feel scratchy in the eye.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Hence, if one does fall prey to the above symptoms then the article should be read attentively as we are going to focus on subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage home treatment

Warm compress

warm compress

Take a towel and dip it in hot water, however, make sure that the water is not very hot as the eyes are a sensitive area of the body. Keep the warm towel on the eye for some minutes. This will be very helpful to soothe the eye, and increase the blood flow to the area.

Cool compress

If the heat doesn’t work, then one can apply a cold towel on the eye. This will definitely lead to short term relief to the itchiness and redness in the eye. However, as mentioned earlier the towel should not be too cold or too hot as the eyes are a sensitive region in the body

Artificial tears

Tears are essential as they help to keep the eye clean. With tears the bacteria and the germs are thrown out and hence one should make use of artificial tears. Even though this is a remedy that is not useful for long term – it can be suitable for short term!

Change your contacts

change contacts

One can also get this infection due to the eyewear. Hence, one of the good subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home include changing the lenses. There are times when the material does not end up suiting the eyes, and can increase the scope of infection. Thus, if one is facing redness in the eye, then maybe one should change their contacts or not use the chemicals that they are using in the eye.

Look after your diet

The very first thing to keep in mind is to drink lots and lots of water. This will help to remove the redness from the eyes. Apart from that one should try cutting on inflammatory foods, processed foods, dairy products and those food items that can lead to inflammation. Research and study has proven that food items that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help to do away with inflammation.

Hence, a check on the diet along with avoiding eating foods that are not good and not healthy for the red eye.


cucumber on eyes

Nevertheless, one of the vital subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment at home includes applying cucumbers. We all know that cucumber as a remedy works wonders since it reduces inflammation, itchiness, and redness. Thus, one should crucially apply cucumber in the eye for the infection to heal!

Tea bags

tea bags

A very good way to get rid of red eye is by refrigerating used tea bags and then applying them on the eye. These contain tannins that help to reduce the redness and the eye swelling. The tea bags that are best for the eyes are the chamomile tea bags!

Salt water

The above is a beneficial remedy. Take some water, add some salt in it and then wash the eyes off with the mixture. This mixture should be used a couple of times every day for it to have an impact.



Ofcourse, when it comes to potatoes there are various ways by which it can be helpful. One can either grate the potato, chill it and then apply directly on to the eyes. Another way is by consuming the potatoes. Eating potatoes is very good for the eyes as it contains Vitamin C which helps to keep away infections and other bacteria from the eyes. Thus, potatoes in both forms are very helpful

Chilled spoons

Like cucumbers, chilled spoons also do the trick. They need to be put on the eyes for a couple of minutes. Once that is done, the eyes start to feel cool and chilled. Thus, applying chilled spoons is a very good and fast way to get rid of the redness and itchiness.


Hence, the above home remedies genuinely work wonders for subconjunctival hemorrhage or the redness in the eye. The methods that are laid down are easy and very cost effective. Apart from being readily available, they work 90% of the time. However, there may come a time when the above methods do not imply and in such cases, one needs to visit their doctor.


Thus, any infection in the eye should not be taken lightly and hence if the remedies do not work – then visiting your doctor is the best option and should be done immediately. We hope the article has been able to provide one with adequate information on subconjunctival hemorrhage and one has gained knowledge about the remedies that should be utilised to do away with redness in the eye!

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